Sunday, July 27, 2008

Commenting Feature

Hello everyone,
How are you all doing? I hope you’re enjoying the project. The commenting feature is now working. I made a test comment under Veronicah’s last post (hi, Veronicah!).
So, at last, we can all comment on each other’s posts.

Have a lovely Monday,

Posted by Ore on 07/27 at 06:13 PM
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Monday, July 21, 2008

My country

I am proud to be a Kenyan. My country is Kenya and i like it so much
This country is at the Equator and it consist all types of climate.It has
a conducive environment for people animals and plants It also has a wide
range of wildlife which makes it so attractive for foreigners who visits it. 
Kenya is also a site of tourist and a wide range of tourist come to Kenya for
pleasure and that is one of it’s trading activity.
In Kenya we have different types of people belonging to different tribes and
cultures. This helps them to interact with each other and exchanging cultures
The official language is English and Swahili and this makes their interaction
easier.This makes me proud to be a Kenyan.

Posted by Veronicah Wanjiru on 07/21 at 08:09 AM
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My country is lovely and spacious for everyone it has everything one could want to see and friendly people the name is KENYA ,one can visit various places wild animals mountains ,forests and also has politics.kenya have different tribes but they are all kenyans .many tourist visit kenyans a friendly country with big hotels various towns and also many masaai which make my country beautiful.mount kenya is very big although its very cold but sometimes its sunny also beaches are nice places to go and relax,in kenya u get everything when you come u cant leave one country one country

Posted by Loise Nyambura on 07/21 at 07:36 AM
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My Country

Hey I’m Felisters, I’m a Kenyan and I’m proud of it.When I think of Kenya I think of the beautiful things we have in our coutry that is the beautiful beaches that attract many tourists ,we also have the ‘big five’ in our country that also attract many tourists on the other hand the climate of the country is very favourable we have a cool warm climate this has greatly contributted to the evergreen vegetations in the country .Not forgeting the seventh wonder of the world that occurs in Kenya at Maasai Mara, that is the migration of thousands and thousands of wildbeasts about the politics you just enjoy listening to them.So if I may say Kenya is a great country with great people I think I may be very right and that’s why I’m proud to be Kenyan

Posted by Felisters Wanjiru on 07/21 at 07:11 AM
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my country

my country i like the sound of that let me start by saying how proud i am to be a Kenyan because it has almost everything that i look in a country let me start with the site wow it has a very beautiful site in a way you can go in a place and wonder is this really kenya, let me go to it’s politics well am not into politics so much but i can say the country like’s politics alot, then let’s go to entertainment wow in that side it’s really topping with all the groups, artists,games espessially athletics and all those dancing groups. then the beach side trust me once you are there you won’t want to come out from there as they say [mombasa raha], then the parks they are all great with full of so beautifull animals and beautiful trees and and birds on them making all that beutifull sound by that i mean in the morning, then the hotel’s here are very well made both out side and inside and also the service is so great then let’s go to the peaple leaving here there are all so beautifull and hansome if i would been asked i will alweys say east or west kenya is always the best dem i LOVE MY COUNTRY and am so proud to be a

Posted by Rose Mumbua on 07/21 at 07:08 AM
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10 reasons for loving kenya

Hey everyone,
Its is yet another week for us to come together and blog.This week we shall say something about our country, Kenya.Its is indeed a great country.I know that some of us have some great sentiments to share to share but it would be better if we just talked about why we love our country,what and why we are proud to be Kenyan.
Personally I am proud to be Kenyan because:

We have the cutest flag on the continent,no actually,the globe
When they thought they were only seven world wonders,we had a surprise for them
A country with over forty nationalities living together-beautiful
Have you been to the coast?Breath taking
First Woman in Africa to receive a Noble peace price is from Yes yes Kenya
Great weather all year round
The music made here is amazing-- we are indeed talented
When Kenya sneezes the rest of East Africa feels the impact
Everyone in the globe wants to speak Kiswahili-we speak it already
Have you seen the number of tourists that visit this country and those dying to visit? --Amazing
You can actually name your child Kenya and pull it off!!!! Think about it.

Well, I know ten or eleven rather is way too few because well I could think of a million important
but not necessary reasons to love kenya but I would end up making you guys so happy
you will never want to leave and if you are a tourist know.
Once you go Kenyanese you never want to turn back.

Posted by Sandy on 07/21 at 07:07 AM
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Kenya, my home

A few years back,I watched a movie where there was an actress by the name Kenya...After that I was always keen on changing my name from Nicole to Kenya. Well it never happened. Its funny how sometimes we never look into things and forget where we are from and the good things we have at home. It took the post election violence for me to realize and appreciate the peace that we have in our country.Until then, I took for granted shopping, strolling in the streets and other things that I thought I would always have.

As I blog today, I ask myself why do I consider myself a Kenyan and what it means to me. I am a Kenyan because I come from this rich, beautiful country that still has a lot of potential yet to be tapped. I am a Kenyan because I look at the fashion trends and laugh at the mistakes we often make in the name of being nsyc and I am a Kenyan because to some of our neighboring countries we are the rudest women....and we play “too hard to get”. As I write this I’m smiling because often I have done all of the above.

I want to do great things for our country and see I have made an impact in my own way....I think this entitles me to be PROUDLY KENYAN..Oh yeah and the fact that I haven’t been arrested yet!

Ladies please share some of the things you appreciate about our country and some that you dont as young Kenyan women......I’m looking forward to reading what you have to say!


Posted by Nicole on 07/21 at 06:52 AM
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my country

Being Kenyan is one thing one can afford not to be proud about.the politics,its sporting nature,the world’s wonders that Kenya boasts of, beaches, the luxury resorts to mention a few.
Just when everyone thought or rather expected that Kenya will become a war zone after the controversial 2007 general elections,the unexpected happened,a coalition Government was formed and peace is at its toes.the only coalition Government in the whole world.
Sportsmen and women are nations ambassadors and our Kenyan athletes are representing us well,they constantly break records,win medals,and they even become world champions.the sporty nature of Kenya makes it an outstanding nation in the world.
July is the wilder beast migration period,this migration is rated the 7th wonder of the world and it happens in Kenya,the snow capped mount Kenya is also another wonder,the hot springs,the national parks and animals,the white sand beaches and the luxury resorts along the coastal region. and being the only country that has a national park in its capital city Nairobi,Kenya is simply an amazing nation.
Being an African woman is a great thing,and being Kenyan woman specifically is the best thing,why? because i feel like i can air my views freely and that is one thing i enjoy doing my

Posted by Carol on 07/21 at 06:17 AM
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Monday, July 14, 2008

Youth and entertainment

In day today youths are carried a lot by entertainment this is by either positively or negatively .Music being one of the entertainments has carried a lot away most but all in different ways some like staying at home and listening to the music others going out with their friends others like enjoying it with their families and relatives.But all in all entertainment is good for fun. 

Posted by Felisters Wanjiru on 07/14 at 01:10 PM
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Youths are the ones who enjoys exposing themselves to entertainment .They seem to enjoy every bit of leisure...For instance if there is a certain celebrity coming in the country 98% of the audience are the youth . WHAT REAL INFLUENCES YOUTH TO ENTERTAINMENT ? I THINK peer pressure influence them . Due to entertainment bad thing tend to happen like fight , damage of properties and even death .I think youth should be very careful when indulging themselves to some ceremonies.

Posted by Fidelis Kariuki on 07/14 at 12:40 PM
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Kenyan Youth and Entertainment

In kenya today, the youth have found vast ways of entertaining themselves. I think that the most popular way is clubbing on Friday and Saturday night. I enjoy a good night out but I get upet by irresponsible drinking. There is always so much drama at around 11.30 when everyone has alcohol in their systems...So often a wonderful night out turns sour!!!Either way I love the fact that phones don’t go through on Friday and Saturday night and there is crazy traffic as everyone is heading out to have a good night out.!

Posted by Nicole on 07/14 at 12:39 PM
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youth and entertainment

Most youths like to be entertained and this makes their lives enjoyable and interestinng. Nowadys youths like dancing and playing games that is part of spending their leissure time.Eg playing football and break dancing. I always believe each and every youth need some entertainment in order to relax his or her mind after a tireless day work.

Posted by Veronicah Wanjiru on 07/14 at 12:27 PM
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youth and entertainment

you know what they say that you better enjoy life when you are still a youth i think it’s true. in every country you will go you will find that they are the one’s that are many, for that i think they should all engage themselves in something constructive and entertaining to avoid idleness by that i mean;modeling,forming certain educative groups; and enjoying all those youth activities

Posted by Rose Mumbua on 07/14 at 12:19 PM
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youth and enterteinmet

the most entertaining thing in my life is that i like watching entertaining comedies and movies music because i like singing my self to entertain people

Posted by Jania on 07/14 at 12:19 PM
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Youths love enjoying themselves going out for movies,dancing but they should take great care when entertaing themselves .entertainment is good for youths because they learn alot one gets to meet friends travel and socialize ,entertainment makes youth to meet celebrities like musicians actors.

Posted by Loise Nyambura on 07/14 at 12:16 PM
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