Turn right or left who do you see people ,my friends my age mate my fellow Kenyan. If there are no people around us how could it be ?People who are close to us play a big role .If i have a problem they are the one who help me to solve it .In case something happens to me they friends are there to help me .IF i want something and i do not have it i will just go to a friend and borrow .What if i do not have a friend?I could easily die of stress for i do not have someone around to solve problems with . Actually for people to live together harmoniously all that is needed is care, love, trust ,togetherness and company.

Posted by on 08/04 at 07:03 AM

Thanks for your post fidelis,
There is one thing that we all know for sure.People like you and me often are the cause of problems and more often than not we are the solution to problems.I think we should just learn that nobody can be truly perfect,we have strengths and weaknesses and this makes us human.We should also think of ourselves as being around people who affect others lives,its not only we who are affected.

Posted by  on  08/04  at  08:00 AM

a friend in need is a friend indeed,love and always care for them they help alot.

Posted by  on  08/04  at  08:04 AM

is a great thing that you can actually look around you and find all those friends that are there for you coz that’s all friends are for

Posted by  on  08/04  at  08:10 AM

We all need one another in life we need someone who we can lean on when need be.

Posted by  on  08/04  at  09:00 AM

If there is such a boring enviroment,its enviroment without people.They are all what we need.Friend,age mates tolk of them all.
We all need them

Posted by  on  08/04  at  04:11 PM
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