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It’s been great to read all your posts and comments in the last few weeks, though I have not been able to participate much. Last week, my organisation hosted a technology camp for high school girls and although technology was a major focus and I spent a good part of my day in the computer lab, I did not have much time to check email and go online.

Anyway, this is a great time to talk about women and sports, with the Olympics going on and us seeing so many fine examples of women in sports. I have never been very good at any sports though I love walking and going to the gym.

The benefits cannot be over-emphasised. Sports help teach the value of teamwork and hard work. And of course, you feel and look great afterwards. The ironic thing is that many young girls I know (and even women) do not really like sports. For some, their reasons are that it messes up their hair and makes them get all sweaty. Many even think that fitness is something to be indulged in only when trying to lose weight. These ideas tend to be easily passed from mothers to daughters.

Along with doing sports or participating in fitness, should be the attention to a healthy diet. This is another big problem, especially here in Nigeria as starchy and oily foods are among the most common. These unhealthy diets are also passed on from one generation to the next. Women have a big role to play in creating healthier ideas about diet and fitness.

I admire sports people, as I think their determination, hard work and sense of purpose is something to be emulated. 

Posted by Ore on 08/18 at 05:18 PM

Hey Ore,
great to hear from you.I am one of those women who believes that one should indulge in sports only when trying to lose weight.Now I know better.Thanks

Posted by  on  08/20  at  05:35 PM
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