Young Women and Safety

When I think of this topic it kinda scares me because then I have to think of how many times as a young woman I am vulnerable. Especially in this day and age. Once 8pm reaches I need to find someone to accompany me home. Even during the day young women in Kenya are not safe. Take for instance when you wake up n decide what you wanna have to think twice may be because of where you are going. Sometimes even if you are “well dressed"(I think this is relative) men have nasty comments to throw at you. When you want to go out dancing most of the time you need to make sure you have a guy friend with you just to make sure you feel safer.

The police who are “Matumizi Kwa Wote” also play a major role when I think of my safety. I always think twice before I ask for assistance because they are also perpetrators of violence. I would really like to hear some of your experiences and thoughts around insecurity for young women. We can also share some tips on making our lives safer!

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what one wears really matters alot ladies should be careful not to expose themselves they bodies are the temples of holy spirit.

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its a pity since men can wear whatever they fill like unlike we ladies cant that do suck alot
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I think we should be empowered enough to understand that sometimes you are not under attack because of what you are wearing, how you are walking or where you are walking but because you are a woman and somewhere someone feels you are powerless.

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