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La verite cover La vérité aux puissants
Une sélection de cartes postales panafricaines

Tajudeen Abdul-Raheem

La mort prématurée du Dr Tajudeen Abdul-Raheem, le jour de la commémoration de la Libération de l'Afrique 2009, a frappé de stupeur le monde panafricain. Cette sélection de cartes postales panafricaines montre quel brillant orfèvre des mots il fut.

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Food Rebellions! Food Rebellions! Crisis and the hunger for justice Eric Holt-Giménez & Raj Patel.

Food Rebellions! takes a deep look at the world food crisis and its impact on the global South and under-served communities in the industrial North. While most governments and multilateral organisations offer short-term solutions based on proximate causes, authors Eric Holt-Giménez and Raj Patel unpack the planet's environmentally and economically vulnerable food systems to reveal the root causes of the crisis.

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Petition signatories

So far we have collected 3851 signatures! (468 via SMS)

Lauren Melch Kenya    
Yassine Yacouti Morocco    
Remy Koolschijn Indonesia    
Alexandra Bonner United Kingdom    
george jacob Ireland    
Charlie C Canada    
Greg Cameron Canada    
Kaiisha Rosendahl Australia    
Melanie John United Kingdom    
carol soiato Kenya ogiek women development consort   
stephanie bonner Ireland    
Nicole Bullut Kenya    
Brian Onyango United States of America    
Rachel Stoddard United States of America    
nagina new Pakistan easy phone   
Dr. Premraj Pushpakaran, 62/103, pranavam, kottecanal rd, koch India Pranavam Research   
steven gr3odnik United States of America    
Christine Achieng Odhiambo Kenya AFEW (K) Ltd   
Bonnie Keller Germany independent   
Sarah Rank Congo, Dem. Rep. of  ( Zaire) GOAL International   
Denis Cheney Portugal    
isabel nunes Portugal seres   
Matilde Chiné Spain    
Abby Muricho Kenya Ripe for Harvest Inc.   
smita pendharkar United States of America WUNRN   
Nyaradzai Gumbonzvanda Zimbabwe Rozaria Memorial Trust   
Rene Claude NIYONKURU Burundi Association pour la Paix et les Droits de l'Homme, APDH   
ZEKPA Apoté Tovinyéawu Togolese Republic CILSIDA   
SIENI OULAI Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)    
jazzmin samuels United States of America    
Kavinya Makau Kenya Urgent Action Fund-Africa   
Alyxandra Gomes Brazil Pambazuka   
Rosie MASENGU Congo, Dem. Rep. of  ( Zaire)    
Anthony Kinyua United States of America JCA ministries   
Aideen Roche Ireland Irish Centre for Human Rights   
Tujilane Chizumila Malawi Women In Partnership   
Njoya Hilary Tikum United States of America African Services Committee   
Laurel Watson United States of America    
Horejah Bala-Gaye Netherlands    
Miguel Carpio United Kingdom LEUGIM   
lahmare hocine Algeria 123456   
Daniel Haubrich Thomson United States of America IFE Endowment Trust   
Mirella KANEZA STEFANI Kenya none   
Ana Marta Portugal    
Teresiah Wanjiku Kenya Equality Now  I join the rest of the African Women in asking the African leaders to ratify the protocal on the rights of women in Africa.Thankyou
adrian jannetta United Kingdom    
Ulla Mahaka Canada    
kate tilley Australia    
komala frame Australia    
pam charnock Australia    
Keguro Macharia United States of America    
Sarah Nash United Kingdom    
Tim Tim Geyer Kenya    
Bernadette Irwin Australia    
Alex Lusiola Kenya    
Sam Jamenya Kenya    
David Dix United States of America    
Francesca Cerri Italy    
atif elhajami Morocco association merssultan   
Kimasha Ericus Tanzania HITCL  Keep me posted!
Frank Frank Johnson United States of America    
Lolem Ngong United States of America    
Tunde Kareem-Onagun Nigeria Lifeline for Widows (LIFOW)  I am a widow, signing on behalf of our orgn, and I confirm that the issues covered in this Charter are crucial to alleviating/eradicating the extremely obnoxious widowhood rites practised in Africa, and especially in Nigeria
Kathryn Stark United States of America Amnisty International/AFSO  These are issues that must be addressed,please add these items to any and every adgenda that comes up
Fisseha Mekonnen Ethiopia International Institute of Rural reconstrution-Ethiopia Country Office   
Kathleen Bright United Kingdom    
Norin Arshed United Kingdom    
Amy Niang Japan Young African Women Network   
Dawne Smith Canada   Thank you for all the work you have done and will continue to do. Keep the pressure on!
shephard pondiwa Zimbabwe   the world willbe a better place if women are not abused
Lopie Ekal Kenya UNHCR  Women of all races and walks of life are subjected to all kinds of injustices daily. The fight for recognition of Women Rights must continue as no woman is safe until all are.
James Njuguna Kenya Kenya Programmes for Sustainable Dev.   
gerrit woudstra Netherlands    
Amel Ibrahim Sudan Nasaq journalism Centre  all my petition for african women rights because am one of them if w garaneed oue rights we are going to leave abtter life
Tim Tim Geyer Kenya    
Zarah Martz Canada    
Elizabeth Limagur Kenya Education Development Center, Inc  Yes, it is a high time african Women enjoy their rights because it is God given. If African Governments respect women rights, it will be obvious that they will respect other human rights including childrens rights. It is a true road to development. I call upon the Government of Kenya to ensure that more women are elected to be members of the National Assembly in the next General Elections. And also give them more ministerial positions.
Revai Mtengwa Zimbabwe Mash East Sport For All Project  I am working for the rights of women and the girl child in the rural areas such that they access information, sport and other development information which they are not currently accessing. I really loved reading the information on the protocol and pertition on human rights and the rights of women.
darren li Canada baby   
stacey peach United Kingdom    
Lucy Wanyika Kenya    
KIZITOS CHARLOZ Kenya UNHCR  Am the Sexual and Gender Based Violence Lawyer for UNHCR Kakuma and support the adoption of this protocol without reservations and limmitations in whatsoever way.
Pham Bao Vietnam aaaaa   
said ahmed Kenya sudents   
Aisha Taplin United Kingdom    
quandrika bell United States of America   I love what you are doing for all women in Africa. I am only 16 years old,but I believe women should stand up and fight to have the same freedoms and rights as men.
Carol Achieng Omondi United States of America    
Nomalanga Moyo Zimbabwe individual   
Obonwe Rakhudu South Africa Competition Commission   
zahra ziza Morocco zazi   
dorica phiri Malawi university of malawi   
Nyamadzawo Essie Sibanda United Kingdom Student BSc Women's Health Studies   
C Agbor Cameroon    
Mutule Kilonzo Kenya New Lifestyle Resource Centre  I Petition for the Ratification of the Protocol on the Rights of Women in Africa
jalisca mannaert Netherlands    
Mia Schenaarts Netherlands    
Ann Muthoni Kenya    
Teresa Cunha Portugal Action for Justice and Peace  I'm an African woman and I'm totally in favour that my own country will sign the Protocol and ratify it for the sake of it and all women, men and children.
anita schraauwen Netherlands hand to hand   
Carolien Afslag Belgium   This is an initiative that deserves the support and attention of the whole world!
Timisha Melton United States of America    
HANSJE H.TE A. HAUBRICH Netherlands    
Anja Heij Netherlands    
wietse van bergen Netherlands    
Omar Basawad Yemen    
Donna Martin Canada Care2   
Mrs.Linda M. Toma United States of America N/a   
Sara Sass United States of America    
Sandra Ujpetery Switzerland    
Sharon Murekio Kenya    
Amel Gorani Sudan    
Rachel Kitchener Australia    
Emily Nyariki Kenya Mwafrika Institute of Development   
Phil Reid United Kingdom    
jes smith Canada Blueprint for Action on Women and HIV/AIDS   
Nseng Mbia Laurence Cameroon Rencontres Théatrales Internationales du Cameroun   
Benoit DM kamuene Congo, Dem. Rep. ofé ( Zaire) Congo Reform Network  We need equality between all human beings.
Tumaini Silaa Tanzania Tanzania Women Lawyers Association  Every country should ratify the protocol
Sharon Makoriwa Kenya    
Mary Kessi Tanzania Tanzania Women Lawyers Association  It is a right time let us put our hands together for Womens Roights in Africa
Leslie Boyd United States of America    
Maha Syed United States of America    
Ezrom Serame Canada Easy Consulting Services  African countries should be Human Rights Advocates.
sharon wilson United States of America    
Anke Weisheit Uganda Mbarara University   
Halimah Miftah Australia    
Francis Muli Canada    
Senovia Welman South Africa UFS Library  Long live the strong women of AFRICA!!!
Nomvuselelo Elizabeth South Africa Department of Health   
mate mamabolo South Africa Lab Epitomy   
winfred Gaceri Kenya n/a   
Stefan Deacon United Kingdom none   
Alexandra O'Brien United Kingdom    
Line Begby Norway Amnesty International Norway   
Wendy Woynillowicz Canada    
misa krenceyova Slovak Republic    
mary njeri Kenya    
Linda Forsberg Sweden Uppsala University   
Natalie Grubman United States of America    
jacob laden United States of America american academy of diplomacy   
yown ngenge Myanmar student   
AKPAWU Yawo Dagbevi Togolese Republic TERRE NOUVELLE/ LTDH   
TRAN Phu Vietnam Vietnam   
Naude vd Merwe South Africa PNA   
dung luu Vietnam    
Brandon Tedrow United States of America    
Iysha Givens United States of America    
Desiree Kopp Canada    
Lori Garcia United States of America   I know of a family in Uganda that is part of the Haraka Rural Women's Center near (or in) Kasese. This issue is new to me for women in Africa but I'd like to have information sent to my e-mail address, if possible. Thanks! Lori Garcia
MARIA NAKITTO Uganda MAKERERE UNIVERSITY  i had about fahamu from a member who came from canada and visited our university that is Miss Alezandra and i felt i had a task to look at your web and see what you do. and i have been pleased
Roberta Ronchi Italy Amnesty International Group Italy 157  Dear sisters, we support your struggle! Thank you for what you are doing for all humanity - because every human rights defender is fighting for my own rights and liberties too. I will diffuse information about this campaign in my country. Thank you! Roberta Ronchi member of Amnesty International Group Italy 157
Eddie Mandhry United States of America    
Adebayo solomon Nigeria    
alfrred jhhaed Burkina Faso   it's very important
Raosaheb Patil India VSNL  Just Watch & See
mahmoud mahmoud Syria    
Ojung Longdare Tanzania EMT  The ratification of the protocol is already long overdue
J-M Rogez France    
Mukete Itoe Tahle Cameroon Global Network for Good Governance(GNGG)  I call for total debt cancellation in Africa; these are 'odious debts'
Carrie Prentice United States of America    
Dr Miriam Urasa Tanzania MUCHS-Havard collaborative research projects   
Lois Martino United States of America    
michael costa United States of America    
katelyn russell United States of America    
N'DIAYE Héléne Mali Republic WILDAF  un homme = une femme
chinwe joy Nigeria ANPPCAN  Am delighted to join
cecilia mussa Malawi gender support programme  As one of the gender activist in africa Iendose my signature to this cause.
CLAUDIA MANJATE Mozambique MULEIDE  I can't understand why is so difficult to get part on this protocol. women are vulnerable groups and cultural issues in relation with HIV/AIDS make them more vulnerable. If a state wants to ensure the life of its citzen why is so difficcult to take party on it. In Mozambique is the same, we have laws to protect women but no one observe it and women still vitim of abuse, domestic violation, don't have a rigt to land. But in our constitution we promote equality. Is so sad.
GLADYS MHLANGA Zimbabwe SAWIMA  l strongly feel the situation in Zimbabwe has to come to an end ,people should not suffer because of one heartless human being.
Angeline Wanjiru Kenya None  I hope Kenya will ratify soon
Fernando Acosta Canada    
faur Anne France    
mannasseh chekwe Zambia secondary school   
Shelley Cooper-Stephenson Canada Women's Human Rights   
Sammy Mwakio Kenya   I love and respect women and oppose any mistreatment of a woman.
Nicole Rosen United States of America studentq   
Abigail Kellogg United States of America    
Abigail Patricia United States of America Women  Women are the vessel of Evolution.
John Bailey United Kingdom    
Joel NANA Cameroon MYGAYPAL   
fotemogoban fotemogoban Mali Republic association   
Keita Fatimata Mali Republic A.M.D.H   
Linda Andrews United States of America    
James Jackson United Kingdom   The world is watching.
stephen axwesso Tanzania udsm human right  struggle till end
Niki Gillin-Corbett United States of America University Wisconsin-Whitewater, Student   
Mawutodzi Abissath Ghana Individual  This is a viable petion that must be ractified by all countries that believe in the freedom of women
Lina Chan Hong Kong    
Barbra Kohlo Zimbabwe Housing people Of Zimbabwe   
Lauren Bridges United States of America    
Josephine Enright United Kingdom    
Suraya Asmal South Africa UNA-SA Rhodes Chapter   
Oluwakemi Bello Nigeria    
Maziko Matemba Malawi Gender Support Programme   
Anu Kuusisto United Kingdom    
Peter Harrington United Kingdom    
Orla Sullivan Ireland    
Meagan Chevalier United States of America    
Miriam Hollis United Kingdom    
Siobhan Cronin United Kingdom The Sick Childrens Trust   
andrea savage United States of America    
Steven Maschmeyer Steven Maschmeyer Canada    
Rosaline Spencer United Kingdom    
ADDISU ABEBE South Africa    
Lara Barker Canada Women's International League for Peace and Freedom   
Jean-Guy Marmen Canada    
Aikeem Cooper United States of America   All countries need to sign this document.
ALBIMANY PEMBA Tanzania http://www.zanzibarwatch.org/  Support Zanzibar people for sign this petition to support Democracy in Zanzibar
Béatrice Gorez Belgium CFFA   
Melissa Rappaport United States of America    
Netsanet Demissie Ethiopia Organization for Social Justice in Ethiopia   
jacqueline mukoshi Kenya fida-kenya  i am crossing my fingers kenya ratifies the protocol because then it will be a huge step for woen in kenya and beyond
Valeri Probert-Baker Kenya    
Hudson Etemesi Kenya Elida Tours & Safaris   
Matshwene Edwin Moshia United States of America Colorado State University  Lets put hands together and speak with one voice.
Emmanuelle Herman Netherlands    
Sinereh Soleimani Canada University of Toronto   
Yvonne Cornejo United Kingdom    
ramli salmee Malaysia    
Muhammed Zailani Nigeria    
zanko yasa Iraq akj   
Fredrick Wachiaya Sweden University of Gävle   
Mabvuto Munthali Malawi YOCAIT   
Martha Lyimo Tanzania Arusha Women Legal Aid and Human Rights Centre (AWLAHURIC)   
charles ondieki Kenya university of nairobi, law faculty  time is ripe that women rights were given a human rights face.
Julie Cameron United States of America    
michele DECASTER France Association Française d'Amitié et de Solidarité avec les Peuples d'Afrique  Aujourd'hui il y a 13 pays qui ont ratifié, encore un effort et on arrivera à 15 !
Abebe Zewge Ethiopia ActionAid Ethiopia   
etemesi james Kenya J. Thongori Advocates  The time is nigh!
taco sarovski Macedonia (Former Yugoslav Rep of.) tele   
Daniel Bekele Ethiopia Action Aid Ethiopia   
saran djéné kaba Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) RADDHO   
Mwikali Wambua Kenya Oxfam Kenya Programme   
Felicia Lindsey Egypt N/A   
Semeneh Ayalew Ethiopia ActionAid Ethiopia  This is an encouraging act to ensure the rights of womewn in Africa
Madame Wassassya Fifi Congo, Dem. Rep. of  ( Zaire) CONGOLESE ACTION FOR PEACE AND DEMOCRACY   
assam marwane Morocco qiloz  merci beaucoub
cecilia oye owusu Ghana society for walfare of the rural peopel (sworp)   
Ranadive NK Bahrain ARY Speedremit   
Nitsuh Mekonnen Ethiopia ANPPCAN   
Abebe Opeyemi Nigeria OXFAM   
Fredinah Namatovu Uganda Rakai Health Sciences Program  Iam in full support of my country ratifing to this charter so that women's rights can fully be respecte and not be treated like a mere previledge.
François Echalier France http://TElombre.book.fr   
danielle cornelissen Netherlands www.photowoman.nl  Go on go on!!
Imea Zahry Guinea    
Samantha Cox United Kingdom    
Geraldine Agbor United Kingdom ANSU UK   
Kitty Arendse - Netherlands no org.but as myself  Faith..is to breathe the flower in every seed,to see a star in every drop of dew,to await the promise of a rainbow despite the cloud.author unknown.may the organisation always keep looking for the rainbow.
Kamau Rono United States of America   Please Ratify the Protocol on Human and Peoples' Rights on the Rights of Women in Africa The world is waiting for Africans too be responsible for Africa
Philippa Shanks United Kingdom    
Mansi Deshpande United States of America    
Kristen Wick United States of America student   
Sarah Motha South Africa Education Rights Project   
Mian Zeshan Farooqi Pakistan Student   
stella chege Kenya    
Cheryl Reeves South Africa Self   
Hanifa Joshua Tanzania n/a  We womens, we need to stand up to show that we can!
Diane Babak South Africa SANGONeT   
Accarpio Manuela Kenya    
Melanie Kemunto Kenya O.O.K.O Advocates   
Khaita Sylla Senegal Personal   
Richard Innes New Zealand n/a   
driss wahid Morocco    
Grace Muhimpundu Burundi   Thank you for taking the initiative. Truly appreciated.
hardy schuerhoff Tanzania    
catherine perretti United States of America equalitynow   
elizabeth edwards United Kingdom    
Chad Dunbar United States of America Kentucky Divet Campaign   
Fanny Gomez Venezuela   Women's rights are the responsibility of all!
Bridget Mohlala South Africa IEC   
masum today Bangladesh ....   
Rosemary Ekosso Tanzania   via SMS
Roshnie Vittee South Africa IEC   
Elsabe During South Africa IEC   
Geraldene Chaplog-Louw South Africa Electoral Commission   
Megan Susan South Africa IEC   
Nomsa Masuku South Africa Electoral Commission  Our calls will be heard sooner rather later! We have to keep the faith!
mihoc cryy Romania no   
Oumi Coulibaly Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)    
Janet Alty United Kingdom one   
queen okorie Nigeria bizness org  have always wanted to contribute to the betterment of my country considering womens right in the society.will do anything to help
Margaret Kozak Burkina Faso    
Ahmed Gurnah United Kingdom BCLC   
Golden Munyaka Ph.D. Zimbabwe Munyaka Consulting Inc  My mother liberated me from ignorance by working on the land day and night to pay for my school fees. I sign this petition in honor of all the mothers who work so hard to encourage their sons to get quality education.
Erin Adamson United States of America none   
Lloyd Fikiasi Solomon Islands law student  Women and juvenile rights are signifant. However, in the male-dominated society, many women often experience social, cultural and economic rights abuses and political discrimination. This make women to be vulnerable to daily threats in the society. Their rights are often suppressed and undermine. In this situation, African women's rights cannot be postponed as any human rights cannot be postponed. In fact, African women rights (as well everyone women in this world) are equal to men rights. No rights is above the other.
Alice Govender South Africa TCHC  better communication between women will produce the results we need
MUNGLY Waheda Mauritius Media Watch Organisation  I would like to congratulate you for your wonderful work.
Dang bang Vietnam Suncom   
Clarissa mswaka United Kingdom    
Godfrey Kalagho Gladson Tanzania Tanzania Procurement Times  Lets commit ourselves to advocate for women's rights.
Mabvuto Munthali Malawi YCAIT   
F WARUI W United States of America    
yohannes Gebreegziabher Ethiopia DeutcscheWelle   
Jane Mutuku Kenya Oxfam  The world is missing alot on the opportunities on offer when the women protocal is ratified. Thus the end of the downward spiral that women in Africa, especially, have had.
Ashok Raja Ashok India Nothing   
mufleen mufthi Sri Lanka NGO   
Margaret Njoroge Kenya Citizen of Kenya  Thank you for the petition. Kenya needs to join ASAP.
Juliet Mukasa Uganda Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG)  Lesbian,Bisexual and Transgender(LBT) women are part of the women's movement and are therefore in support of this petition.
Sarah Njehu United Kingdom    
mustapha baba Nigeria    
maria paula meneses Mozambique CFJJ   
Susan Smith United Kingdom    
Vuong dang dinh Vietnam tma   
Vuong dang Vietnam tma   
Obonyo Tom Fred Uganda Agoro community development Association   
Simon Mahlabe South Africa Centre for the Community Development  Empowerment of women is a good move in the planet which will bear fruitful fruits in our society.
Amanda Black United Kingdom    
NICK VISCOS Greece   via SMS
Jacqueline Mgada South Africa   via SMS
kobenan kra hervé KOUADIO Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) Global Youth Welfare  je voudrais avoire des renseignements sur la conference qui se tiendra au quebec et en afrique concenant les travaux forcés sur les enfants
Jack Panozzo Canada    
hgdht dhgd Bosnia & Herzegovina    
mohamed Hashi Dorre Somali Democratic Republic ant-FGM organization in Somalia especially Galgadud region Guri-el District   
Emma Sydenham Netherlands    
Chengetai Madziwa Zimbabwe SARDC   
Ruth Makotsi Kenya   via SMS
Grace Delight Lauta Solomon Islands Public Servant  I really agree with this idea.
Louise Johnsson Zea United States of America    
dario dante Italy    
leonilde ciammetti Italy    
francesca farina Italy    
Liz Bullock United States of America Student   
Renay Pillay South Africa HSRC   
Omowumi Asubiaro Nigeria Network for Women's Studies in Nigeria  its high time!!!
Tashara Cooper United States of America Equality Now   
tasawar mirza Pakistan naturopathic society for human welfare   
Christina French United States of America Safe Passage INC   
Joshua Kim United States of America LLNL   
Linda Odhiambo Kenya Student  Lets make this a force for lobbying for all women
Floresse lembe United Kingdom   via SMS
floresse lembe United Kingdom kongolese centre (jemima project)   
Freida McCormack Sierra Leone    
Lizette Escamilla Mexico    
joshua kato Uganda MUNSA   
Jorge Parra Costa Rica    
Catalina Salguero Costa Rica    
beth claire Uganda    
Lucius Pendame Malawi Police Service  I am currently studying for a Masters in Women's law at the University of Zimbabwe and I am fully aware of the need for our heads of Governments and States who are members to the AU to quikly make up their mind to ratify this protocol. Colleagues, let us continue to lobby our leaders towards this end. We, in Malawi are very greatiful for having the protocol ratified recently. Urging other states to emulate this example.
Sonja Zivak United Kingdom   via SMS
Lauta Derek Solomon Islands   This protocol is absolutely an important stepping-stone to help women promote their human rights that has long been curtailed,
Nasiatu Moiba United Kingdom student   
Dr. Shanee Stepakoff Sierra Leone Special Court   
Cherry Stuckey United Kingdom    
Taryn MacLean Canada University of Guelph   
Sanjeev Santhosh India UNV,India   
Christine Michell Canada Unitarian Church of Calgary   
Yann Germain France Parti Communiste Français   
Nguyen To Thinh Vietnam    
Linda Moran South Africa   via SMS
Amer Saeed Yemen Mandal   
Rhonda Brown United States of America    
Mary Jo Canada    
shari starr United States of America    
Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai Sierra Leone Society for Democratic Initiative, Sierra LEone  This is wonderful for all us to add our voice to this campaign
Zachary Nicholls Canada Amnesty International Sarnia Action Circle #76   
Rene Herrera United States of America    
Melissa Wakeman United States of America    
Terry Palmer United States of America Safe Passage  All people, including women and children, deserve equal rights - human rights!
Chacha Wambura Tanzania Foundation HELP   
Sam Simon United States of America Vision Machine Film Project   
celia Alldridge Brazil Rural Landless Workers Movement   
Deborah Smith Canada    
Kimberly Conrad United States of America    
janet goeking United States of America    
Emmanuel Kandusi Tanzania Centre for Human Rights Promotion - CHRP  The Rights of Women are The rights for the Whole Community/ Society! Ratification of the Protocal is imperative!Tanzania ratify it NOW!
Esther Anne Julia Netherlands independent   
Thuku Njuguna Kenya PASHWA   
Ustinia Dolgopol Australia    
Susan Grant United States of America    
Chioma Agomo Nigeria Faculty of Law, University of Lagos   
Mandjouh Ousmane TOURE Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) CACU  Je soutien de toutes mes forces ce combat
Howard Leeming United Kingdom The truth plc  It is hard to realise that so many people are hurt by lack of knowledge and the mistrust of man. Please consider your decision at the highest level of your mind and you will truly see the answer has been there all the time. Bless You for the difference you can make.
Vera Mouradian United States of America    
Yaba Tamboura Mali Republic COFEM collectif des femmes du Mali  nous voulons que la charte soit ratifiée ça ne porte pas atteinte aux valeurs siciaux culturelles
Nsama Nkaka Chisaka Zimbabwe   via SMS
Irene Namatovu Uganda   I Wish you Luck
Armando Swenya Tanzania SAHRINGON TANZANIA CHAPTER  rights of women should be seen done as soon as possible.
Kelvin Banda Malawi YOCAIT   
Helen Olatunji United Kingdom    
Peggy Teagle Canada    
Abson Nyirenda Zambia Individual  keep up the good work you are doing for for our African continent.
Asia RUSSELL North America   via SMS
RASHID SESAY Sierra Leone   via SMS
Kyeretwie Opoku Ghana   via SMS
Carolin Plattner ésterreich    
meijke gommers Netherlands  
Astrid Perez Ireland    
AHM Bazlur Rahman Bangladesh Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication   
David Gazdag Hungary Astarte Foundation  The Astarte Foundation Women World Wide would like to join the camapaign. www.astartefoundation.net
Esther Ajayi Nigeria Freedom House  Happy that Nigeria has a green card,hoping all African nations get one soonest
Yvette Hochberg United States of America    
Jabulane Matsebula Swaziland People's United Democratic Movement of Swaziland   
irene n United States of America university of alabama at birmigham   
Josh Mukhopadhyay United States of America University of California, Los Angeles   
Martina Meijer Netherlands    
Donna Lamerson United States of America    
Lillian Prestegard Norway    
Joel Kalagho Tanzania SNV Netherlands Development Organization  Yes, let us tel the African Leaders to 'walk the talk' and reduce the 'Giraffe neck' (come down and really see that things are happening on the ground)!!!
Phyllis Orner South Africa    
Nasri Adam Kenya    
Stephen Wicken United States of America Yale University   
samuel yankey Ghana friends of women  the time has come for the african woman to be liberated from all masculine bondage.
Krystal Lloyd United States of America    
Maroushka Kanywani Canada    
Pieter Kersten Netherlands BOMA   
mupepe kwanza Congo, Dem. Rep. of  ( Zaire) union congolaise des femmes de medias   
Ales Skornsek-Ples Slovenia    
Avi & Clarence Klammer & Reese United States of America    
Katherine Baker United Kingdom    
Kristina Moore United States of America Harvard University   
Tim Tim Geyer Kenya    
Muhammad Shafiq Pakistan Tahir homoeo   
Yvonne Claudius United States of America    
Christopher Christopher Linge Kenya    
Tim Tim Geyer Kenya    
Grace Mulei Kenya Salvage Youth Potential Development  Kenya has legal laws and Human Right Policies, which are not practiced. Ideed women and children have been the victims.The country is leading in rape incidents,and the legislatures bend the law for selfish ends. There is need for Strengthening of legal statutes for the protection of human rights. Although Section 48 of the Kenya Constitution forbids parliament from making drastic changes that affect human kind,changes are approved in the parliament without any referendum consultation, to the benefit of the parliamenterians.When will Law become Law to everyone? Grace Kenya.
John Dey United States of America Harvard University   
Jillian Swencionis United States of America    
Stephanie Skier United States of America    
Mankpondji Cyrille YEDEDJI Benin WILDAF/Bénin   
Elizabeth Weinbloom United States of America    
Suzanne Bonfiglio United States of America    
Thomas McSorley United States of America Harvard   
Lee Stone South Africa Institute for Human Rights and Development in Africa, The Gambia   
Jane Onyango Kenya   via SMS
Christopher Christopher Linge Kenya    
Ezrom Serame Canada Easy Consulting Services   
linda fisher United Kingdom n/a   
diane hind United Kingdom n/a   
zandi zwane South Africa independant   
Valentina Stirling Spain    
melissa cobbler Cameroon    
George Seisay Kenya self   
jackson mvunganyi Rwandese Republic mvugymedia.com   
Ligia Kasanin United Kingdom    
Celestine Navigue Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) Femnet CI   
Maygende Bisika Congo, Dem. Rep. of  ( Zaire) OPDGL   
nducu ngugi Kenya Mercer university   
Genevieve Wadjo Benin WILDAF-Benin   
Emmanuel Akaka Nigeria Cleen Foundation   
kimandu gichohi Kenya klafg   
Utchay Okoli Nigeria Oasis resource Centre, Nigeria  I strongly support your approach to the promotion of Women's rights in Africa and will be willing to help drive this this vision until we can all well and truly shout "UHURU!"
Waithumbi Kenya   via SMS
Diane O'Flynn United States of America    
Danielle Dorris Canada    
David Mahoney United Kingdom Oxford University   
Chikosa Banda Malawi Law Faculty-University of Malawi   
Helder Malauene Mozambique FDC - Fundação para o Desenvolvimento da Comunidade   
Asenath Ninsiima Uganda   i support the petition. and the rights of the women.
anna-maria loiselle Canada    
Rikhard Pantilimon Romania HSUCN   
Rujuta Deshmukh India CSLRA   
Vinod Bhanu India CSLRA  in solidarity
Matt Lever United Kingdom    
Morgan Honeycutt United States of America    
Josée Painchaud Canada    
Katia Glazounov Canada    
Heather Lester-Hurl Canada    
Janick Leonard Canada    
Cassie Madden United States of America    
Candice Dandurand Canada    
angela agoawike Nigeria   via SMS
rashid thahim Pakistan netconstitution   
Deborah Schaffer United States of America    
ernest anayo anoliefo Kenya   via SMS
anna wedig Germany   via SMS
Dr Akubuike U Okara Nigeria Community Rights Initiative   
sherif Saudi Arabia   via SMS
James Manoochehri New Zealand   via SMS
ana teresa Portugal   via SMS
Jacky Oluoch Kenya   via SMS
jorge Portugal   via SMS
mohamed Egypt   via SMS
Miriam Zimbabwe   via SMS
Benard oyoo Kenya   via SMS
carol Kenya   via SMS
Len Matheka Kenya   via SMS
jess durman United Kingdom   via SMS
sepe Poland   via SMS
Nduta Kweheria Kenya Kenya   via SMS
Christopher Christopher Linge Kenya    
faith muchiri Kenya youth assembly   
Ringo W Tanzania Tenga   
gacukuzi annie stephanie Burundi    
Eva Cristofalo United States of America    
Benoit Raby Canada    
nadia ser Morocco    
Anne-Marie Woynillowicz-Kemp Canada   With best wishes for a speedy ratification of your request. Kindest regards. Anne-Marie Woynillowicz-Kemp Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Luc Lemaire Canada    
Olivier Dubois Canada    
Magalie Dubois Canada    
Luc Dubois Canada    
Elise Dubois Canada    
ANGELA SMALLWOOD United Kingdom    
Alison Thompson Canada    
stina hassel Norway    
Harriet Wezena Ghana    
Jessica Butler Canada    
Sulubika Sada Congo, Dem. Rep. of  ( Zaire)    
makda taddele Ethiopia mekelleuniversity  i want every women of Africa to make a pressure on her governmet to ratifay the protocol since it should be implemented so to say there is protection of their rights. African leaders should also take an intiative to adopt this protocol becouse there is no development if ther is not equal apportunity to every one .it is then that they can use the human resourse efficently. i feel happness to fill this petition. makdat
Amit Gadgil India ISI   
Azzam Sakka Israel    
Azzam Sakka Palestinian Settlements    
marye henrietta Nigeria   via SMS
Abbie Turiansky United States of America Amnesty International   
Kelly Curtis United States of America    
Mike Loutzenhiser United States of America    
Sarah Craft United States of America    
Natalie Branstetter United States of America    
Lene verland South Africa   via SMS
Camille Decker United States of America    
Michelle Lasnier United States of America    
Antoinette Semenya Canada    
Mi Maponga Kenya    
Megan Beavers United States of America    
Penelope Beasley United States of America    
Andrea Lujan United States of America    
Blanche Ndangha Cameroon   It is about time! African women have been abused for a very time. I have no idea how our women, moms, drts. feel anymore. Do their abusers think about the emotional, physical trumer they inflict on they. Bless their heart for being who they are and still being there for the family. Does anyone wonders why most are depressed??? Hmmm... I hope together we can change their situation.
cho albert Ngafor Cameroon Nacho Education Trust   
Kate Hanford United States of America    
Kie Riedel United States of America    
Gary Marx United States of America Amnesty International   
Shannon McCormick United States of America    
Yoshina Woods United States of America    
Christina LaRose United States of America Amnesty International   
Amanda Crosby United States of America    
alisa roadcup United States of America amnesty international   
Stacey Cornils United States of America    
Carole Branstetter United States of America    
Alison McBride United States of America    
Bruce Pulford United States of America    
Barbara Stahlhut United States of America    
SHANNA HURT United States of America    
Lisa Schechtman United States of America Amnesty International   
Verdiana Mushema Tanzania VerdiConsult  concerted efforts are needed in fostering development and women must at all times remember that they have the means to reach the decisions that will enable all social groupings despite their orientation live in a world of peace and justice. a world without any intended humiliation by the haves agaisbnts the havenots. where power is used for the purpose of human advancement and not the creation of hungry jacks. Now women are suffering because solutions to the problems have only dealt with symptoms and not root causes. Tarcing our histories and appreciating that we were born by chance not by choice matters alot albeit our new innovations. all will be okay as long as we accept each other as stakeholders and as needing one another. No more corner corner langauges about street children, prostitutes only women being overburdened and vulerable by taking more responsibilities than our counterparts who are our friends our associates let men be with us in this struggle women alone can not achieve the ends as the means are shared and controlled by few whom we need to advise. sincerely for rights to live and share what god has given us our potentials are for all of us. Verdi,
ashley eaton United States of America    
Claudia Espinosa United States of America    
Angela muetzel United States of America    
Ntomboxolo Tembani Maheneza South Africa Communication workers union  Forward with Women's struggle forward!
E.A. Smith United States of America    
Lisa Weilminster United States of America    
ravindra prabath Sri Lanka uom   
Zoie Nolan United Kingdom Preston Womens Collective  a victory for one group of women is a victory for all. we must keep fighting till we are ALL free. You have my full support and admiration
Amy DiMasi United States of America    
Mentor Rahimi United States of America    
John Felder United States of America    
Kristine Dyrsten United States of America    
Tufani Mayfield United States of America    
Ivan De Rossi Venezuela    
Sara Yoshida United States of America    
sajit greene United States of America    
Sarah McCormick United States of America    
Scott Garcia United States of America    
Sharif Amin United States of America Rocky Mountain Survivors Center   
Mallory Delany United States of America University of Denver   
Brenda Halverson United States of America    
Eva Maria United States of America Bonilla   
June Munala Kenya UNHCR   
Geoffrey Sewell United States of America    
Natalie Martinez United States of America University of Denver   
Janiece Grant United States of America BSA   
Danielle Felder United States of America University of Denver   
Laura Botello United States of America University of Denver   
Elizabeth Hoskinson United States of America University of Denver   
Abiola Balogun United States of America BSA-University of Denver   
Kelley Jackson United States of America BSA-University of Denver   
Patrick Tanner United States of America    
Rachel Roberts United States of America University of Denver   
Lisa Vandever United States of America    
Brittany Branscom United States of America    
Vanessa Devereaux United States of America    
Margaret F. Harding Sierra Leone Amazonian Initiative Movement   
Rugiatu Neneh Turay Sierra Leone Amazonian Initiative Movement   
nancy moontasri United States of America university of denver   
Olga Tunga United States of America    
Julie Raffety United States of America    
Carla Brenner United States of America    
Louise Doyle United States of America    
Caitlin Boulger United States of America    
Elaine Hooper Ireland Le Cheile  We are a tiny support group in a tiny place for a lot of African women who have come here seeking asylum. Their stories are deeply, deeply heartbreaking.
dang vu Vietnam kh   
Ian Milligan United States of America    
Ryan Hanschen United States of America University of Denver   
Maureen Mulligan United States of America    
Kabishanga Ruguuza Emmanuel Uganda New Horizpons, Women's Education Centre   
Joseph Peha United States of America    
Nicole VanVeen United States of America    
Miguel Barrera United States of America    
Elizabeth Mulligan United States of America    
Natalie Huls United States of America    
Rachel Witman United States of America University of Denver   
Lana Jefferson United States of America    
Abbey Vannoy United States of America University of Denver   
Jennifer Keenan United States of America    
Alhassane Maiga United States of America    
Mona Savard Canada    
Laurie Blanchette Canada Student   
Sonja Lind Korea (South)    
Hemali Munasinghe Sri Lanka Student   
Henry zakumumpa Uganda Makerere University  Wake up! stand up, for your rights!
Oretha Quaye Liberia Movement for the Promotion of Gender Equality in Liberia(MOPGEL)   
Sayida Vanenburg Netherlands    
edward ole okaro Tanzania TANIPE   
William Jones United States of America    
Robert Steele United Kingdom    
Megan Bower United States of America    
Claude Montambault Congo, Dem. Rep. of  ( Zaire)    
Thuli B. Makama Swaziland Yonge Nawe Environmental Action Group   
Mike Ole Mokoro Tanzania Ilkisongo Pastoralists Initiatives   
daniela morghenti Italy   I would like very much to work for the development of the human rights...the people must to respect the wimens and the children...peace and love in the word!
le manh quang Vietnam    
Tusantu Tongusalu Equatorial Guinea Columbia Law School   
Anne Kariithi United States of America Columbia Law School   
sarah-bibi namdarkhan United Kingdom    
Siyad Abdulahi Somali Democratic Republic SWO   
Mohamud Ahmed Somali Democratic Republic SWO   
Ochieng Seje Kenya Shades classics  Lets not look back.It is a worthy task.
Angela Kulemeka United Kingdom Great James Street Chambers   
Danielle Marsden United Kingdom    
Shelly Lorene United States of America    
mad maad Algeria    
RITA NJOGU Kenya Youth Assembly   
kathleen groshong United States of America    
Ole Solvang Norway    
Lauren Foster United States of America    
Joshua Salzman United States of America    
Florence Cairncross South Africa National Land Committee   
kathleen smith United States of America    
Maxim Mayer-Cesiano United States of America    
Evan Mayo-Wilson United States of America GLRU   
Heather Sonner United States of America WFM   
Angela Edman United States of America    
Sameera Nounou United States of America    
lisa hayes United States of America    
Margarita Mejia Mozambique WLSAMOÇ   
Staci M Alziebler North America   via SMS
Zeina Mohanna Lebanon Amel Association   
ngozichi okeoma Trinidad & Tobago Individual  it is women that will change the world
Monica Willard United States of America United Religions Initiative   
stella kithinji Kenya women for women  women's rights, then all will be free.
Heather Flowers United States of America    
Bertina Oliveira Mozambique    
Debbi Grenn United States of America    
Anne Allgyer United States of America    
Celena McIntyre United States of America Plenty International   
laura shed United States of America    
Annette Groth Germany ECOTERRA Intl.   
Ntailan Lolkoki Kenya ECOTERRA Kenya   
Gale trippsmith United States of America    
Gena Fleming United States of America    
Lara Chib Hong Kong Personal   
Kym Trippsmith United States of America Amazon Productions  Women are the livegivers and deserve to be honored, respected and protected from the injustices that result from war and the corporate exploitation of natural resources. Women are all one nation!
Mary Rose Kaczorowski United States of America    
Vicki Smith United States of America Sonoma Marin CodePink  I honor your work for all women....thank you!
Morgan Levy United States of America    
Sheryl Feldman United States of America    
Deborah Heimann United States of America    
Esti Tambay United States of America    
Francis O Oriokot (Dr) Uganda African Medical and Research Foundation  Am glad to be part of the struggle. FO Oriokot
andrew jones United Kingdom    
David Smith South Africa Coastal Networks   
Bornwell Mwewa Zambia OneWorld Africa   
Camille Downes South Africa Fahamu SA Trust   
Leontina Sarmento Mozambique    
Hagen Félicité Germany AFIA   
Anne muthoni ndungu Icj Kenya   via SMS
zulmira silva Mozambique Hospita G.Mavalane   
Ana Maria Mozambique    
Fatima Amade Mozambique   via SMS
Fatima Arthur Mozambique EdM   
Maria José Arthur Mozambique WLSA Mozambique   
Gabor Hegedus Canada Free The Children   
Oliver Wonekha Uganda Parliament of Uganda  This is a cause worth every support!
Gretchen Wallace United States of America Global Grassroots   
ximena andrade Mozambique women and law in southern africa research trust. Moz & Eduardo Mondlane University   
Ramona Balbuena United States of America NYU   
Helen Kezie-Nwoha Nigeria ABANTU for Development   
kayode ademuyiwa Nigeria non   
Olumide Olaniyan Nigeria    
Tiseke Kasambala United Kingdom Human Rights Watch   
Jennifer Frankola United States of America CUNY School of Law, NY   
Felicia Cammock United States of America    
Evah Wangui Kenya University of Guelph   
Helen Broadfoot Canada    
Kendra Hefti Hong Kong Amnesty International   
Jacquie Girouard Canada University of Alberta   
Alicia Stewart United States of America us government   
Christina Torres United States of America NYU   
Sanna Waseem United Kingdom    
Elizabeth Duby Canada Graduate Law Student, University of Ottawa   
Jolaina Nasseri Malaysia    
Patredge Ntakomwa Malawi Youth Care International Trust   
Lonjezo Ntaba Malawi Youth Care International Trust   
Angela Tuulaupua United States of America    
Violet Mtonga United Kingdom Ladbrokes, Uk  Women should have equal rights as they are at the moment eqaul partners in economic and developmental issues of the world
Hector Sikazwe United Kingdom TW Communications  Womens rights can only be realised when women themselves attract attention to this area by personal dignity and untoward search for personal emancipation from poverty and dependancy on the man.
Felix Daniel Tanzania Tanzania Wildlife Defenders  Its just a matter of time to create gender awareness and let it live. Keep it up!!!!
Michael Conteh Namibia Gender Training and Research programme ,University of Namibia  If not now, then when?
Lisa Brown Ireland    
Azra Abdul Cader Sri Lanka    
hajja kore Nigeria   via SMS
Mendi Njonjo United States of America FAWERS   
Sizani Ngubane South Africa Rural Women's Movement   
olivier ratei ouro-adohi Togolese Republic ltdh  Je suis content de lutter pour la justice dans lemonde
Marc Lemaitre Belgium http://users.skynet.be/ac.curieus   
Aideen Johnston United Kingdom    
Aisha kolo Nigeria   via SMS
Karen Fiechtl United States of America    
Mohammed Chidoub Canada Personal   
Luca Fabozzi Burkina Faso VSF-CICDA   
Jeff Unsicker United States of America School for International Training   
nastaan farahi Iran teacher   
Ode Belzile Canada    
Susan Badawi France    
adel majid Morocco libre  bonne continuation et que dieu glorifie tous ces efforts
nerry Corr Gambia ITC  I think the protocol for woman's right in Africa is a just course which should be persued to achieve total freedom and empowermen for women. I fully support the protocol
Connie Nawaigo Uganda HURINET Uganda   
Wadzanai Chaza Zimbabwe Grain Marketing Board Zimbabwe  i think women are the backbone of humanity and what you are doint for their plight is marvellous. keep up the good work.
Princess Olufemi-Kayode Nigeria Media Concern (MEDIACON) for Women & Children   
Adnane chidoub Morocco perso   
Janet Chambo Tanzania Tanzania Women Lawyers Association   
Edith Kabui Kenya IIRR Africa   
Mymoena Sharif South Africa City of Cape Town  This is long overdue.
omerfarukseker seker Turkey    
Zewdi Abadi United Kingdom    
Loloa Ibrahim United States of America The Sudan-Reach Women's Foundation   
kevin gevaert Belgium    
Ann-Sofie desaele Belgium    
Naomi Reid United Kingdom FORWARD (Foundation for Womens Health, Research & Development)   
Marijn Dewulf Belgium    
An Desomer Belgium    
Stock François Belgium    
Ineke Sleutjes Netherlands    
Nyambura Ngugi Kenya Feminist Circle  Stop the talk and ratify the Protocol today!
jess durman United Kingdom   via SMS
Amit Sangwan India AdAgency   
Khalda El-Hafiz United Kingdom Sudan Human Rights Organisation   
Loga Virahsawmy Mauritius Media Watch   
Rachel Koladis United States of America    
Gabrielle Misfeldt United States of America    
Joanna Loftin United States of America Student   
Sabina Khan United Kingdom    
Latifa Laghzaoui United Kingdom Amnesty International   
Luisa Handem Guinea-Bissau Freelance Writer  I strongly urge all African countries to help secure the ratification of the Protocol to the African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights on the Rights of Women in Africa. This measure will ensure that African women are not left behind in the 21st century, thus, helping to promote the advancement and well-being of all African people.
omar mohmad Sudan    
sharon bannister United Kingdom surestart   
Bassam Imam Canada N/A  Peoples, including women, have a GOD given right to be treated as full-fledged human beings, dignity, respect, fairly, justly, and without undue discrimination or prejudice.
Marianne Westerberg Sweden    
Enshrah Ahmed United Kingdom FORWARD  I urge the African governments to ratify the protocol now, as we African women have waited long enough for this moment to come. The ratification of the protocol is an invitation for both celebaration and hard work, as the battle has just begun.
Attiya Waris Kenya University of Nairobi  Sign and Ratify Now!
Titilope AKOSA Nigeria National Association Of Democratic Lawyers  I all persons who care about women and indeed thr future of Africa to sign this petition.
sue capstick United Kingdom    
Christina Smith United States of America    
gf n Congo    
Julianne Ofuono United Kingdom    
David Marsden United Kingdom    
Mulugeta Mengist Ethiopia Mekelle University, Law Faculty   
Eyoel Behailu Ethiopia Mekelle University   
Getaneh Agegn Ethiopia Mekelle University  I hope I will see my country's name in the ratification list very soon.
Imane Duwe Tanzania Tvz  as a woman , mother and tv producer i real apreciate for you advocacy, and i believe as wise say when you aducate woman you aducate families or society and if you aducate man you educate individual because the few number of women world wide and particular Africa who get the opportuning of schooling are fight alot for changing example in TAnzania Mailand there are active women Organization such as Tanzania Media Women Association now campaign for more women to stand in election as bunge memebers. please i would like to work with you and give my support where you ask . thank you
Emily Durling Canada    
Mekdes Libasie Ethiopia Mekelle university  I believe this protocol will change many lives in Africa in a lot of respects
Joanne Achieng Kenya    
sunil kumar India wipro-techonologies   
seydou MAHAMADOU Niger AFEV Paris  L'essort économique et social des etats africains passe indébutablement par le respect des droits de la femme.Quand les hommes l'auront compris, alors la société africaine aura évoluée!!!!!!!!!!
MARY MENDY Gambia G.C.A   
Esther Choi United States of America Green Party of Dallas County   
Maggie Dillow United States of America    
Diana Kindzred de Boaz United States of America De Paul University  Human Rights for all women of the world particularly in Africa & South America
Nesta Felthouse United Kingdom   The World Health Organization says gender-based violence accounts for more death and disability among women aged 15-44 years than cancer, malaria, traffic injuries and war combined.
Bia Bia Central African Republic Femme et Environnement  Mes commentaires c'est tout simplement m'adherer à cette initiative qui fera des femmes des persones respctées ayant leur droit de vivre. Merci
Joseph Chilengi Zambia Africa Internally Displaced Persons Voice(Africa IDP Voice)Hqs  60% of internally displaced persons(IDPs) in Africa are women and are most vulnerable and yet least protected of Africa's population.
Anchinesh Maheteme Ethiopia Addis Ababa University   
Nelson Juma Juma Kenya KEMRI  As woman as human and as human as woman!
Isaiah Adegbile Nigeria N/A   
Rachel Avery United Kingdom    
rommel yamzon Philippines philippine network of young professionals (pnyp)  continue the struggle!
Lillian M Byers Zambia Zambia   via SMS
LaVerne Butler United States of America Black Caucus of the Green Party US   
Stephanie Milton United States of America    
David Cobb United States of America 2004 Green Party Presidential Candidate   
Sundiata Tellem United States of America Green Party of the United States Black Caucus  This petition is 400 years over due. African women are our mothers, sisters, friends, and some of the most wise, and pretty women on the planet! Sundiata Xian Tellem Co-Chairman: Green Party of the United States Black Caucus Former Chairman: Green Party of Dallas County www.gpblackcaucus.us
Nicoletta Batsolaki France    
Kasozi Ibrahim Uganda Youth Development Forum (YODEFO) Uganda   
Amir Aryanpoor Iran naft   
Mary Frances Lukera Kenya    
Eleanor Pavey France    
'FRED . A AGWU Nigeria NEWSDAY NEWSPAPERS  i strongly support the gender equality for women after hearing the speakers at the just concluded A. U A SUMMIT AT ABUJA
mary Kenya   via SMS
martha cheo Nigeria gender researcher   
Esther Anderson Australia    
phan hung phuong Vietnam    
Matongo Maumbi Zambia Radio Chikuni  We need to support the convention on the rights of women and children because they are the people who are always ready baby-sit even the old and the sick. Why not empower them with this convetion, it is harmless but brings great joy to the loving mothers and children. My Zambia should ratify this convetion. Ndalumba kapati (thank you very much)
caitlin gliedman United States of America    
moha mohamed Morocco onda  thank you so much really i'm so happy thank you
Jeanbonheur Kongolo Kenya Africa Journalists Commission on Human Rights (CHARJ)  We need to support the convention for the rights of women and child because these categories are victims in many conflicts in Africa or out of continent. The world can have peace if the women and child live in peace.
Tiffany Liu Canada    
mohammad farooq United Kingdom    
Christophe NYAMBATSI Congo, Dem. Rep. of  ( Zaire) Groupe Martin Luther King asbl  Nous reservons une grande importance a cette petition
Fabiana Galiussi Italy    
Eleanor Carter United States of America    
Andrew Davies United Kingdom    
Dorcas Gacugia Kenya Oxfam   
Pam Takar United Kingdom Oxfam   
Joan Ndirangu Kenya    
Michael Moll Kenya    
Peter Moll Kenya    
M. Parooy Kenya    
W. Gakuo Kenya    
K. Barry United Kingdom    
C Barry Kenya    
Mundi Keega Kenya Exclamation Marketing   
Arpita Srivastara Kenya    
Lisa Chakravart United States of America    
Jared Banda Kenya Anicare   
Suhail Miyanji Kenya Anicare   
Charles Odera Kenya Anicare   
J. Kimeto Kenya PCK   
Ahmed El Daly Egypt    
Eva Heza Kenya    
Salome Oyier Kenya    
Agnes Wanjiku Kenya    
Grace Gaita Kenya    
Lee Wangari Kenya    
Teresia John Kenya    
Eunice Kimani Kenya    
Lucie Kimani Kenya    
Lucy Machumia Kenya    
Rebecca Wafula Kenya    
Rina Alluri United Kingdom Fahamu   
Patrick Makau Kenya    
Nassir Wazir Kenya    
Minerice Kenya    
Patrick Munyui Kenya    
M. Wanjora Kenya    
Judith Aswani Kenya    
Ruth Wanjiru Kenya    
Lucy Wangeci Kenya    
Jackie Kirobi Kenya    
Rita Kasyoka Kenya    
Alice Wambui Kenya    
William Mwangi Kenya    
Evilyn W. Kuria Kenya    
Esther Nyambura Kenya    
Cathy Kuria Kenya    
Mercy Mwangi Kenya    
Jyne Munene Kenya    
Sydney Kayo Kenya    
Janet Mbugua Kenya    
Catherine Wangari Kenya    
Kezziah Wambui Kenya    
Steve Muleloa Kenya    
Irene Mututa Kenya    
Pamellah Kantanu Kenya    
Caroline Wanjiku Kenya    
Monicah Mwende Kenya    
Sline Ndungu Kenya    
Joan Wambui Kenya    
Genet Yosef Ethiopia Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association   
Bethleheim Negash Ethiopia Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association   
Betelihem Fikle Fiji Islands Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association   
Mustaalat Bereda Ethiopia Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association   
Wubirst Bekele Ethiopia Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association   
Elsa Tnesele Ethiopia Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association   
Akwil Aweke Ethiopia Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association   
Seblewongel Tadesie Ethiopia Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association   
Kebinesh Mechessa Kenya Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association   
Yetnayet Andarge Ethiopia Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association   
Yalemzewo Bekele Ethiopia    
Genet Worku Ethiopia Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association   
Sin Sin Iran   Dear Friends Thank you for giving me a chance to be with you in this great endeavour. I am from Iran but living in Holland. Please tell me if I can help somehow. I am working on it. Best wishes to you all. Sin
Carmela DeLuca Canada University of Toronto   
medo lotfy Egypt pcc   
Amy Sampson Canada    
Samuel Gwora Ethiopia Ethiopian Women's Lawyers Association   
Hanna Haile Kenya Ethiopirna Women Rights Assoiaton   
Hannah Haile Kenya Ethiopian Women Lweyers Aoociation   
Edford Gandu Mutuma Kenya Lentswe la Rona Young Africans Adcoates for rights.   
Rita Amukhobu Ethiopia African Union   
Abdoiul R. Kouroma Ethiopia AU Commission   
Aghenebit Constance Asane Cameroon GRT&T   
AMon Niguessan Severin Céte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) APDH   
J. Flora Kayites Kenya Ligue des droite de la personne dans la region des grands lacs (LDGL)   
Elizabeth Okondozo Congo Association des femmes diplomees sans emploi   
Richard Shilimba Tanzania SHARINGON   
Toure Mama Campbell South Africa RAID   
Toure Clarek Beatrice Céte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) AWANA CI   
Baguy Landry Céte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) Association Ivoirienne pour la protection des droite de l'homme   
Innocent Balema United Kingdom Amnesty International/Africa Dept.   
Francis Dako Benin    
Jeanette Quarcropome Ghana Media Foundation for West Africa   
Kuwonu A. Kafui Togolese Republic WILDAF AO   
Maichosi Makhobalo Lesotho Ministry of Communication   
Kenneth Masiza Kenya    
Munene Hezreon Kenya    
Kimani Gachau Kenya    
Benson Kyalo Kenya    
Kyalo Kenya    
Joseph Osewe Kenya    
Anthony Muthoka Kenya    
Gladys Mwema Kenya    
Racheal Wangeci Kenya    
Mariah Mutua Kenya CPDA   
Sarah Ndukoh Kenya    
Clement Moturi Kenya    
Lydia W.M. Kenya    
Wilson Mwangi Kenya    
Liz Mukuhah Kenya    
Winnie Mbithia Kenya    
Rose Wairimu Kenya    
Margaret Kenya    
Terry Kamau Kenya    
Jeniffer Nduati Kenya    
Charles K.M. Kenya    
Raymond O.M. Kenya    
Edward M. Mwendwa Kenya    
Edwin Mukela Kenya    
Christopher Mungai Kenya    
Patrick Okoth Kenya AG's Chambers   
Chimhini S. B. Kenya SAHRIT   
Winluck Wahiu Kenya ICJ Kenya   
Judith Oder Kenya INTERIGHTS   
Ilundu B. Stephen Kenya PIDP-KIVU RDC   
Julius Ole Silakon Kenya Impact - Kenya   
Kamota Amedee Kenya CAURWA   
Odinkaw Anselm Chidi Kenya Open Society Justice Initiative   
Ndeye Ndiaya Ndoyo Kenya SOS Equilibre   
Ndeye Daro Fall Kenya ANAFA   
Jane Lindio Alao Sudan Sudan Organisation Against Torture   
ANN Kenya   via SMS
Ai'ssata Satigui Sy Mauritania AMDH-Mauritanie   
Faton Binbu Thioune Kenya CLUF   
Angela Khaminua Kenya    
Gahungu Laurent Burundi Association Burundaise Pour La Defense Des Prisonniers   
Nobuntu Mbelle Kenya Human Rights Watch   
Naomi Kipuri Kenya Arid Lands Institute   
Jacob Mafume Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights   
Gugulentu Moyo Kenya International Bar Association   
Primrose Matambanadzo Zimbabwe MEdia Monitroing Project Zimbabwe   
Wilbert P. Mandindf Kenya Media Institute of Southern Africa   
Soipan Tuya Kenya Manyato Pastoralist Integrated Development Organisation   
George Mukundi Kenya ACHPR   
Tafadzwa Mapfumo Kenya Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum   
Djamfa Raoul Kenya    
Mary Durbiu Kenya    
Hilda Gichuki Kenya    
Julius Chege Kenya    
Antony Macharia Kenya    
Kilonzo Chris Kenya    
Dorcas Wang'ang'a Kenya    
Frederick Obwaya Kenya    
Lydia Akinyi Kenya    
Kim Karanja Kenya    
Walter Kenya    
Elizabeth Mueke Kenya    
Gitau Kenya    
Anthony Muya Kenya    
Jane Ruguru Kenya    
Patra Ben Kenya    
Ben Mailles Kenya    
Carah Wakili Kenya    
Olive Otieno Kenya    
Gachanja Mwangi Kenya    
Eshiwani Tabitha Kenya    
Aisha Kaba Kenya    
Rachel Mutiso Kenya    
Mary Ngeru Kenya    
Fatma Kenya    
Lena Gatabaki Kenya    
Jackson Odero Kenya    
Rose Onguru Kenya    
Purity Karanja Kenya    
Berryl Keiza Kenya    
Rachael Mohamed Kenya    
Aidah Husia Kenya    
Joseph M. Kwangani Kenya    
Patrick M.K. Kenya    
Anthony Ndungu Kenya    
Pauline Njeri Kenya    
Grace Jane Kenya    
Irene Njeri Kenya    
Kigotho Kenya    
Mike Kenya    
Anthony Kimani Kenya    
Peter Kenya    
Hellen Kenya    
Jared Bichang'a Kenya    
Irene N. Muli Kenya Stardom Ltd.   
Elizabeth Nyambura Kenya    
Ford Kamau Kenya    
Eunice Opondo Kenya    
Jesama Kenya    
Beatrice Kenya    
Carol M Kenya    
Evelyne Awino Kenya    
Elizabeth Kenya    
Catherine Kenya    
Liz Mungai Kenya    
Mary Shiku Kenya    
Kimani Njoroge Kenya    
Robert Gikonyo Kenya    
Ann Waruguru Kenya    
Suzanne Cherif United Kingdom   The current treatment of many women and children is Africa is so wrong. In the name of humanity, please do everything you can to stop it happening.
Modupe OLAOGUN Canada York University   
karambu Ringera United States of America Peace Initiatives International-Africa  Women's Rights are Human Rights!! In Africa we need Women's Rights to be recognized as such. This is a battle that can only be won if women and men work together to protect the rights of each one of us for, 'together we become human; apart we fall short of our humanity.' Mother Theresa said: "If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten we belong to each other." People, we belong together. Let us make Women's Rights Human Rights, and together, build webs of well-being, peace, love and light for every child, woman and man on earth. Each one deserves a decent life.
Joy Yates United States of America    
Tracey Cotton South Africa Personal   
Ronnie Petersen South Africa Wings Of Love   
ibrahim zemihal Australia    
Francesca Zanutto Italy Student   
Bridget Okumu Kenya RATES   
Eunice Ngwawe Kenya Child Survival Initiative Group   
EKWERIKE NGOZI Nigeria CHILD-TO-CHILD NETWORK  I feel women have been punish for too long and we need to break the silience.also we women should also be careful how we treat our fellow women because when harm is being done on women they men aslo send the women.
Paola Compagno Italy    
Nekesa Wanjala France    
Mara Boehm Germany   My mother kept telling me, the health of a nation is reflected in the health of the nations women.
deena guzder United States of America Columbia University   
Emily Messigian Venezuela    
Dina Badri Sudan Ahfad University for Women  good luck to all african women who need all the support and blessings they can get.
Stephania Alofuokhai-Ghogomu Germany UDFN   
Alexandra Gray France    
jamshed maan Pakistan private   
Ali Mamina United States of America    
Sam Agyepong United States of America    
Amy Agyepong United States of America    
Burhan Ahmad Pakistan Mianjan   
hosam salama Egypt free bird   
mildred funsani Malawi evangelical lutheran development programme  if women's rights are not respected the possibility of a nation to develop are reduced. States should ratify this protocal and monitor the implementation of it.
Shogunro Babatunde Nigeria    
Elizabeth Liu United States of America    
Ingrid Tufvesson South Africa African Women Academics Worldwide  I would be tremendously eager to be kept informed about ANY possible conferences on the issues of African women academics and their experiences of marginalisation in the professional academia. This petition is one way to also have this important issue brought to the fore and to ensure that we Africans build networks with and strengthen academic ties across the world with African women academics who are supportive of progress in this arena. African Women Academics WorldWide is my brainchild, which I hope to found upon my return back home following the completion of my doctorate on the issues mentioned in this comment. Thanks tremendously for this on-line resource, it has stood me in good stead during a very gruelling time in a space where racialised women academics specific experiences of marginalisation in the professional academia are considered to be exaggerated. Ingrid Tufvesson Doctoral Candidate University of New South Wales School of Social Science & Policy and Women's and Gender Studies Program
Aida Beyene United States of America    
Mariam Nakisekka Uganda The Monitor newspaper  Anything related to protecting and promoting rights, I want be part of the struggle.
Ayishetu Mikey I Ghana A.D.D   
Amardeep Singh Canada    
Lucy Kamau Kenya    
Margrate Wanjiku Kenya    
Catherin Kikiru Kenya    
Jane Kimani Kenya    
Morris Mutwiri Kenya    
Sophy Kanana Kenya    
Faltu Syokau Kenya    
Alex Musyoka Kenya    
Abraham Malila Kenya    
Mary Muthoni Kenya    
Lucy Maina Kenya    
Judy Warukira Kenya    
Ernest Anayo Kenya    
Eric Ndirangu Kenya    
Rachel Gathoni Kenya    
Elizabeth Muthoni Kenya    
Bob Russel United States of America    
Patricia Russel United States of America    
Waltraud Rentken United States of America    
Harry Rentken United States of America    
Susanne Sterzer-Paull United States of America    
Michael Paull United States of America    
Bianca Herrling Germany    
Uri Boeckh-Detel Germany    
Ute Raff Germany    
Caroline Volkmar Germany    
Ferenc Szalay Germany    
Eva Spitzmueller Germany    
Bibiana Overlack Mexico Architect   
Gudrun Motzer Germany    
Torsten Luley Germany CEO social research   
Birgit Leimers Germany    
Gurun Kuenstler Germany    
Bettina Kroiss Germany    
Ingrid Keller Germany    
Evans Mose Kenya Ikonge Adventist Youth Group   
Kerstin Janser Germany    
Julia Jahn Germany    
Dani Hinteregger Germany    
Stefanie Enhardt Germany    
Heike Eberle Germany    
Martina Della Latta Germany    
Michael Dalaker Germany CEO Social Research   
Uschi Buehlweiler Germany    
Jana Biberbach Germany    
S. Kokoyo Kenya KAPC   
Wambui Kimathi Kenya Commission on Human Rights   
Antje Kilicle Kenya German School of Nairobi   
Canan Kilicle Kenya    
Ulli Helmstetter Kenya Deutsche Schule Nairobi   
Margret Gleiter Kenya Sozialpaedagogin   
Esther T. Wambui Kenya 13.Y.G.   
Tamara Miriam Kenya 13.Y.G.   
Lucy Wangari Kenya    
Milila Njeri Kenya    
Leomidah Omgayo Kenya    
Dorothy Omilloh Kenya    
Rizeke Pamela Kenya    
Elisabeth A. Okondza Congo, Dem. Rep. of ( Zaire) AJFDSE / BZV é CONGO   
Satish Boolell Mauritius Mauritius Council for Social Service   
Sowkhee Lovena Mauritius Barrister   
Lilian Nyanchoka Kenya Talents Theatre   
Carolyne Mugambi Kenya KAPC   
Celestinne Akinyi Kenya Dakahuma's Youth Group   
Judita Adhiambo Kenya NCCK   
Jackline Owala Kenya    
Suzzlynn Atieno Kenya KAPC   
Juliah Njeri Kenya Dakahuma's Youth Group   
Millicent Oloo Kenya Dakahuma's Youth Group   
Nympha N. Bwire Kenya Member of the Children's Cabinet   
Kerstin Hoecker Germany    
Frauke Hoecker Germany    
Helga Hansis Germany Pastor   
Rosl Stifl Germany Sozialpaedagogin   
Anne Lahnert Germany    
Tessa Pretorius South Africa Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust   
Mark Mwila Zambia Operation Young Vote   
Mitchol Matutu Zambia Operation Young Vote   
Sebastian Chilufya Zambia Operation Young Vote   
Emmanuel Nduwa Zambia CRC   
Priscilla Achakpa Nigeria Women Environmental Programme   
Evaristo Mwamba Zambia ZCEA   
Thabo Madihlaba South Africa EJNF   
Peter Sinkamba Zambia Citizen for Better Environment   
Mc Henry Makwelero Malawi MHRYN   
Lackson Kapita Malawi MEJN   
Rabia Abdelkrim Senegal Africa Forum of Women for a world with economic solidarity   
Evelyn Chilungulo Malawi Society for Advancement of Women   
Gathii Mweru Kenya People for Economic & Cultural Right   
Sarah Longwe Zambia FEMNET   
Fatma Alloo Tanzania FEMNET/Dawn   
Dr. James R. Watson United States of America Loyola University   
Jean Lanz United States of America    
Mukoma Ngugi Kenya UW-Madison   
Shamsa Hassan Said Netherlands FSAN/Federation of Somali Association in Netherlands ' womens groep''   
sam taiwo Kenya teacher  i will be happy if me request is granted thanks
Brittani Head United States of America    
Ana Pereira Portugal ESTI g MA   
Florence Mailago Kenya Ndome Wutesia Aids group   
Mwamachi Ngewe Kenya COVAW   
Kutoma J. Zambia Coventry University   
Miles Larmer South Africa University of Pretoria   
Hilda Mwatela Kenya COVAW   
Hilda Mwatela Kenya COVAW   
Alice Kambui Kenya COVAW   
Charity Wakesho Mwakudu Kenya COVAW   
Sophiana Mwaniki Kenya COVAW   
Righa Mwabili Kenya COVAW   
Simeon K. Mwakazi Kenya COVAW   
Amanda Alexander South Africa Centre for Civil Society we write   
Sibusisiwe Moyo Zimbabwe Zimababwe Amalgamated Railway Union   
Simeon K. Mwakazi Kenya COVAW   
Musa Maimbo Jombo Kenya    
Christine Mwamboga Kenya COVAW   
Binta Sidibe Gambia Association for Promoting Girls and Women   
Christine Mwamboga Kenya COVAW   
Pamella Wakho Kenya COVAW   
Haimanot Bekele Ethiopia CRDA   
Lydia K. Joseph Kenya COVAW   
Tambo Mwandisha Kenya    
F. Mwakandho Kenya COVAW   
Kitawa Mashombo Kenya COVAW   
Rita Nyampinga Zimbabwe Caution on Debt and Development   
Festina Mkayo Kenya    
Pamela Lango Kenya    
Sofia Mtoto Kenya COVAW   
Michael Mwatibo Kenya COVAW   
Benson Mwamsogha Kenya COVAW   
Jemimah Mkonya Kenya COVAW   
Regina Dumba Zimbabwe Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe   
Ruth Mwemsa Kenya COVAW   
Martha Kalaghu Kenya COVAW   
Mathew Kirangi Kenya    
Johnson Mwandamaso Kenya    
Michael Mwakulomba Kenya    
Elizabeth W. Mwashote Kenya COVAW   
Veronica Chisemphere Malawi MEJN   
Benson Mwalimo Kenya COVAW   
Saum Wanjala Mwalenga Kenya COVAW   
Fanny Chirisa Zimbabwe Women in Politics Support Unit   
leila Rlim Morocco Association Democalique ola femmes fe morocco   
Doreen Mghai Kenya COVAW   
Aagrey JM Kilonzo Kenya COVAW   
Iren Kamanthe Ngundi Kenya COVAW   
Velentina A. Mbajo Kenya COVAW   
Abdelhakim Chafiat Morocco Association Morocaine es Droits Humains (AMDH)   
Wayua Nzioka Kenya COVAW   
Rachel Silberstein United States of America    
Christine Coleman United States of America Tides   
Fatoumata Amadou Niger World Vision  Nous estimons qu'il est grand temps de prendre en compte Tous les Aspects des Droits de la Femme si reellement notre Engagement a les Integrer au Processus de Developpement est Total.
Carol Mbutura Kenya One World  Lets support one another.
Jenni Netto South Africa Rape Crisis   
Emma Harvey South Africa International Human Rights Exchange   
Florence Wayua Nzioka Kenya COVAW   
Jane Wanjala Mwanyumba Kenya COVAW   
Jimbisa Kombo Kenya COVAW   
Gilbert Muthoka Kenya COVAW   
Mary C. Manyonyi Kenya COVAW   
Elpinah Hannington Kenya Maungu   
Emily Chari Kenya Maunga   
Alice Malemba Mwango Kenya COVAW   
Ethel Mwayane Kenya COVAW   
Rose Talu Kenya COVAW   
Ethel Mwayane Kenya COVAW   
Vigilance W. Mwanyalo Kenya COVAW   
Flora Mwachofi Kenya COVAW   
Christine Righa Kenya COVAW   
Phoebe Mwazigme Kenya COVAW   
Sara Mwaisama Kenya COVAW   
Maria Mashimba Kenya COVAW   
Wambuga Ishmael Kenya COVAW   
Wambua Mbuvi Kenya COVAW   
Martha Goodman Italy AMREF Italy   
Ekuam D.E. Kenya CEMIRIDE   
Micheal Muchilwa Kenya IFAT   
D. Kiprop Kenya Stete House   
J. Pauow Kenya AMREF   
Malim Kenya AMREF   
Esther Migogo Kenya Flying Doctors Society of Africa   
Delope N Kenya SMA   
Mary Aguyo Kenya AMREF   
Rosemary Juma Kenya AMREF   
Joy Nyirandegeya Rwandese Republic AU   
Diana Karangwa Uganda AMREF   
Stephanie Nduba Kenya AMREF   
Patrick Angoya Kenya AMREF   
Hellen Kuloba Kenya    
Carolyn Nduba Kenya AMREF   
Willy Mutuku Kenya AMREF   
Kironde Robert Rwandese Republic IMVAHO Kigali   
Wahu Kaara Kenya All African Conference of Churches   
Bekele Tefera Ethiopia Save the Children UK   
Emmanuel Adinew Ethiopia Ethiopian Embassy   
Said Omar Said Handoo Comoros PNAC   
Michael Chesire Kenya OOP   
Alphonse Muta Tanzania Kuleana   
Olive Luena Tanzania Tanzania Gatsby Trust   
Francesca Prospero Italy AMREF Italy   
Silvanos Yokoju Sudan Sudan Mirror   
Alex Wamanzi Rwandese Republic PSI Rwanda   
George Wachira Kenya NPI Africa   
Florence Benstrong Seychelles Republic Liaison Unit for NGOs   
Dan Kamenju Kenya SRIC   
Serwina Mathew Seychelles Republic Centre for Rights and Development   
Ochieng Patrick Kenya Ujamaa Centre   
Carren J. Agara Kenya    
Alfred Kombudo Kenya NEPAD   
Ochieno Awour Kenya Ministry of Foreign Affairs   
Bofale Kussia Ethiopia    
Harun Musyoki Kenya Ambercrombie and Kent   
Betty Gatebi Kenya Flying Doctors Society of Africa   
Mette Kjaer Kenya AMREF   
Nuhiu Alphonse Rwandese Republic CAU RWA   
Patrick Mpedisi Zimbabwe African Youth Foundation   
Gerald W. Mbuthia Djibouti IGAD-Djibouti   
Sebastian Maina Wambugu Kenya YARD Kenya   
Tegeso Alemu Ethiopia CORHA   
Michael Chelogoy Kenya Ufadhili Trust   
Donald Deya Tanzania East African Law Society   
Patience Alidri Sudan Save the Children UK   
Hanna Haile Ethiopia EWLA   
Odendo Lumumba Kenya KLA   
Macharia Munene Kenya USIU   
Ken Opala Kenya African Investigative News   
Solomon Abate Ethiopia Sustainable Land Use Forum (SLUF)   
Honorable Sheila Kawamara Mishambi Uganda EALA   
Rutijanwa M Rwandese Republic Member of Parliament   
Ukundi Mmochi Tanzania Homeward Bound Trust   
Mohamed Amir Tanzania Kilimanjaro Crown Birds   
Godwin Josiali Tanzania Zanzibar Insurance Corporation   
Godwin Josiali Tanzania Zanzibar Insurance Corporation   
Deogratius Mushi Tanzania Zanzibar Insurance Corporation   
Yohana Tramongoi Tanzania Secretariat General Maasai Advancement Association   
Ursula Biermann Tanzania German TV journalist   
Sybille Biermann Tanzania Nafgem student   
Honorable Freeman Mbowe Tanzania Chairman Chadema Party   
Eunice Materu Tanzania Tanganyika Farmers Association   
Nsiande Urasa Tanzania Old Arusha Clinic   
Victoria Swai Tanzania Regional Chairperson CCM Kilimanjaro   
Nancy Tesha Tanzania Mwalimu Nyerere Foundation   
Anthony Ngowi Tanzania Village Chairperson   
Blassius F. Ngowi Tanzania Church Elder   
Didas N. Temba Tanzania Village Chairman   
Prosper E. Temba Tanzania Village Councilor   
Ndeni Muro Tanzania Homeward Bound Trust   
Peter M. Renyu Tanzania United Bible Society Tanzania   
Rodrick Mashayo Tanzania Homeward Bound Trust Tanzania   
Sara Urasa Tanzania KCMC Consultant Hospital   
T Karumuna Tanzania Retired Officers   
Anita K. Urasa Tanzania Christian Social Services Commission   
David Urasa Tanzania Selian Lutheran Hospital   
Miriam Urasa Tanzania KCMC Consultant Hospital   
WEECE Tanzania Women Education and Economic Centre   
Qoheleth Foundation Tanzania    
Martha Rimoy Tanzania Ministry of Health, DSM   
Sauda Simba Kilumanga Tanzania Tanzania Breweries   
Bassilla Renju Urasa Tanzania Network Against Female Genital Mutilation (Nafgem)   
Honorable Gertrude Mongella Tanzania African Parliament President   
Salome Mbatia Tanzania Member of Parliament   
Salome Mbatia Tanzania Member of Parliament   
Cynthia Hilda Hgoye Tanzania Regional Commissioner Kilimanjaro   
hellen Toroitich Kenya   via SMS
cara tivey United Kingdom    
Asinah macharia Kenya   via SMS
kirsten prestin Germany   via SMS
Karimi Kinoti Kenya   via SMS
Helen Gilbert New Zealand Desert Nomad Ltd   
Eddy KISOKA Belgium Medical Doctor  La femme est l'avenir de l'homme...(Luis Aragon). Puisses-tu être mère, soeur et fille dans ta plénitude, je fais le serment de contribuer à ton épanouissement et à ton bonheur sur cette Terre.
deivis jonas Lithuania sms   
Atif Mushtaq Pakistan HAM   
Afshar Bakshloo Ali Reza France humanitaire  Les femmes sont exposées aux violations de leurs droits fondamentaux à double titre: victimes de discrimination en raison de leur sexe, elles risquent autant que les hommes, si ce n’est plus, de faire l’objet de violations des droits de la personne humaines. Nous avons libéré la parole et brisé la loi du silence pour qu’aujourd’hui plus personne ne puisse dire : on ne savait pas !
Miguelangel Decarpio Venezuela Leugim,ca  HOLA VEREMOS COMO ES ESTO
Deddah Mohammed Tanzania Sahiba Sisters Foundation   
ali reza afshar bakshloo Kenya humanitaire  Les femmes sont exposées aux violations de leurs droits fondamentaux à double titre: victimes de discrimination en raison de leur sexe, elles risquent autant que les hommes, si ce n’est plus, de faire l’objet de violations des droits de la personne humaines.
souad kassim United Arab Emirates    
Claudia Belloni Italy Amnesty International   
National Union of Eritrean Youth and Students NUEYS Eritrea NUEYS  The National Union of Eritrean Youth and Students mainly concerned on women epoerment ,and women rights related activites in general,and Gender inequality issues in particular.the main activites also include combating harmful traditional practices such as Female Genital Mutilatin and others.On this golden Opportunity NUEYS would like to call all African countries to sign the protocol of the rights of women in Africa urgently.
shakhawat salauddin Bangladesh   good site
Olaide Gbadamosi Nigeria Network for Justice and Democracy  This calrion call for emnacipation of women must be intensified
Joseph Ochogwu Nigeria Institute for Peace & Conflict Resolution  I support and sign the petition
makena guantai United Kingdom na   
abdo reffaf Morocco arabe  salut ca va ?
Laurence Edwards Kenya Rural Amenities   
ELIZABETH OMBIJA Kenya ICFTU-AFRO  I am glad to be associated with Pambazuka. Keep up the fight!
Gwen Ashcroft Gambia    
Marianne Bruins Netherlands    
Salma Maulidi Tanzania Sahiba and Sisters Foundation   
Sharon Ronen United States of America    
Alcinda Abreu Mozambique Instituto GEDLIDE  Please send me information about the petition via email
Khalid Haris Afghanistan WVI  Khalid Ahmad Haris
Dianne Markee Dianne Whittaker-Markee United States of America    
elly omondi Kenya ufadhili   
Ranjith Suriyakula Sri Lanka Researcher  All human on the earch and other hemishperes are same and have the same rights, previladges and responsibilities. No one should screfise for due to any conditions, except that he or she has acted upon. Let evcery person realise the value of being a human and enjoy the humanity. Encougare the smile and justice.
Dona Van Bloemen United States of America    
todd phillips Micronesia, (Federal States of) dude  i love guys
chabane oubadi Algeria université  Pétition en faveur de la ratification du Protocol relatif aux droits des femmes en Afrique
Trina Henry United States of America    
Amy Messigian United States of America Georgetown Law School   
Mazin Al-Rasheed Canada McGill University   
Tilder Kumichii Ndichia Cameroon   via SMS
karin steffensen Kenya   via SMS
Marlo Saalmink Germany ICFTU-Global Unions HIV/AIDS   
Alastair Roderick United Kingdom Justice Africa   
Ruth N/A Kenya Parliament   
Yasmin Gregory United Kingdom    
margaret kathemba Zimbabwe ministry of agriculture   
Clint Hough United Kingdom none   
zemetawerk teffera United Kingdom non   
Jessica Lindner Germany    
Wanjiru Karanja Kenya    
Abebe Shibru Ethiopia IntraHealth International   
Laban Mwaniki Kenya TESTIMONY   
Gideon Ng'ang'a Kenya The ARK   
Manasee Mwirigi Kenya Kenya Airways   
Anastacia M Kiome Kenya COVAW   
Antony Karau Kenya Kenpak Colour Printers   
Mary Mukami Kenya    
Philip Okello Kenya Kenpak Printers   
Eunice Emali Kenya COVAW   
Florence Anyango Kenya COVAW   
Louiza Kabiru Kenya People Against Torture   
Martin Oluoch Kenya Human Rights House   
Nancy Mwaura Kenya Kenya Human Rights Commission   
Agnes Njoki Kamau Kenya Release Political Prisoners   
Josephine Muchiri Kenya COVAW   
Joyce M Kiruki Kenya Lavington United Church   
Grace Mbugua Kenya COVAW   
Mary Wairimu Mwangi Kenya P.C.E.A   
Josephine Omwenga Kenya COVAW   
Nelly Alumasi Kenya Reformed Church Of East Africa   
Jane Ngugi Kenya FAMEC   
Christine Wandera Kenya O L V Catholic   
Harriet Mbutura Kenya C N C   
Rachael N Riungu Kenya FAMEC   
Joy Mbaabu Kenya FAMEC   
Dorah Nyanja Kenya Parklands Baptist Church   
Gathoni Jacqueline Kenya CJPC   
Teresa Cordes Kenya COMBONI   
Pauline Makwaka Kenya Senior Women Citizen For Change   
Lucy W Kiama Kenya Nairobi Women's Hospital   
Grace Wangechi Kenya COVAW   
Mercilyne Nafula Kenya V C O   
Toepista Nabusoba Kenya Association Of Media Women In Kenya   
Mary Kamore Kenya COVAW   
Bilha Masiza Kenya COVAW   
Marion W Mwangi Kenya COVAW   
Gim Nakhayo Kenya WE-PET   
Mariam Abdula Kenya Stora Self help   
Mary Muthini Kenya Stara-Kicak School   
Muchai Ndungéu Kenya ECWD   
Esther Njeri Kahonge Kenya Langata Development Programme   
Fatuma Dullo Kenya COVAW   
Joyce Maria Wanjiru Kenya COVAW   
Carol Muthoni Kenya COVAW   
Christen Asuna Kenya COVAW   
Faith Kasiva Kenya COVAW   
Caroline Lintari-Kamau Kenya COVAW   
Armstrong O'Brian Ongera Kenya Capital Youth Caucus Association   
Stephen Cheboi Kenya Media Educational & Development initiative   
Israel Kodiaga Kenya Shades Classics   
Sally Githere Kenya Githere investments   
Ann Ikiara Kenya Nairobits   
Hilba A. Orimba Kenya Wewes widows   
Julie. K. Maranya Kenya Juliekei international women and youth affair   
Wanjiku Mwotia Kenya Femnet   
Rachel Freeman Namibia Sisters Namibia   
Dr. George Rae Kenya VALID   
Kerline Joseph Canada   Etant très concernée par la condition féminine et ayant travaillé comme Adjointe à la Rapporteure spéciale, je ne peux que me joindre à tous ceux qui luttent pour l'amélioration de la situation des femmes africaines.
Stefan Truesdell United States of America    
Catherine Ochola Kenya AMREF   
arpan jha India    
dee atkin United Kingdom    
ROSWITHA SCHMID Germany   I hope the day comes that all african states sign and keep the petition
ongvictoirecameroun Cameroon   i want to learn our news letter
Annika Wehrle Germany    
Marko Divac Malawi H.R.C.C.   
Christine Guchu Katee Kenya   via SMS
Cecilia Kihara Kenya   via SMS
Jumba Lyne Kenya Student   
ERIC AMTALLA Tanzania   via SMS
deborah Hornstra North America   via SMS
patrick m wandugi Kenya   via SMS
Ronny Mwenge Kenya Student   
James Wjuguwia Kenya Student   
Josephus Gakinya Kenya Student   
Peter Ngonde Kenya Student   
Nyamold Dickence Kenya Student   
Moses Edemba Kenya Student   
Kiiprotich Langat Kenya Student   
Alice Mbogo Kenya Student   
John K. Ngicho Kenya Medical Representative   
Mbaluku Clinton Kenya Student   
Rukia Kadidi Kenya Beads for Education   
Patrick Papatiti Kenya Student   
Mabel Isolio Kenya Kenya Private Sector Alliance   
Kevin Mifoundou Congo Maternaplus  Nine months to bear human beings in their wombs. A priviledge to give life and teach the basics. Women deserve respect.
Janet Zintambila Kenya HCC  Women are important citizens and their needs and contributions to the development of the world need to be considered!!!!!!!!!!!
Emmanuel Kanisius Tanzania Baritire Food Products LTD  This petition is a worthwile endeavour.I congratulate all those who have given time and effort to this cause which will benefit the weaker gender.We are ready to axe out the long lived paternalising,patronising sillness.
elizabeth kimani Kenya nhif  women rights are human rights!, and all women of the world should be 'deprogrammed' from accepting their assumed position as third class citizens of this world!
Ulrich Hoecker Germany    
Ellynita Hazlina Malaysia   The power in acknowledging the equality of the minds should never be underestimated!
Lina Rasheed Switzerland    
Ilga Grusheva Latvia EYHR-Net   
SUCAMI CARLOS GOMES N'GONDI Angola ACÇÃO PARA O DESENVOLVIMENTO, PESQUISA E COOPERAÇÃO INTERNACIONAL (ADPCI)  Je suis très ravi de me joindre à votre équipe et j'assume le compromis de distribuer les exemplaires de vos publications à tous mes amis. La recommendation que je voudrai faire et que vous puissiez aussi publier vos articles en portugais, d'ailleurs, je peux aider si possible. A la prochaine !
Cheryl Richardson Uganda Ahead, Ltd.   
baiba kine Latvia EYHR-Net   
Houssaine Mohamed Djibouti Association Atuyoofan   
Houssaine Abdoulkadir Djibouti Association Atuyoofan   
Kadidja Ali Helem Djibouti Association Atuyoofan   
Fatouma Mohamed Kamil Djibouti infimiere Diplome Etat   
Fatouma Abdallah Djibouti Emplye du Bureau   
Madina Mohamed Robleh Djibouti Inspectrice   
Aisha Houmed Batio Djibouti Employee de Bureau   
Fazia Farah Ahmed Djibouti Employee de Bureau   
Reinab Ali Djibouti Employee de Bureau   
Saida Yacin Yonis Djibouti Insitutrice   
Amina Ahmed Demlil Djibouti Comptable   
Nouma Ibrahim Ali Djibouti Employe de Bureau   
Mandek Houssein Djibouti LIC   
Deka Houssein Djibouti LIC   
Fatouma Kassim Djibouti PUD   
Saava Mohamed Sanalasse Djibouti PUD   
Aicha Mokbel Ahmed Djibouti LIC   
Gafa Aden Allale Djibouti PUD   
Saava Mohamed Sanalasse Djibouti PUD   
Fatouma Kassim Djibouti PUD   
Zahra Mahamade Djibouti Association Atuyoofan   
Mouimina Houmed B. Djibouti PUD   
Madina Loita Ali Djibouti Associate Femmes   
Maricuu Mohamed Kaiuil Djibouti Ministere de Sante   
Aicha Youssouf M. Djibouti Fontionnaire   
Zahra Salem Djibouti Fonctionnaire   
Sakia Ahmed Egueh Djibouti Commercante   
Alcha Mohamed Robleh Djibouti Deputee   
Hasner Hassan Ali Djibouti Deputee   
Hidouma Idriss Abdullahi Djibouti Ministere de la Justice   
Saada Idriss Abdullah Djibouti Ministere de l'Education Conseillere Pedagogique   
ZeinabAhmed Aouled Djibouti AGS-KAMAJ   
SahariaHassan Ali Djibouti UNFD   
Dalsia Hassan Youssouf Djibouti Dabissa   
Fatouma Mohamed Robleh Djibouti Atuyoofan   
Roda Ahmed Doualeh Djibouti ONTD   
Filsane Souleiman Djibouti AED   
Xiis Abedlkader Waberi Djibouti Shell Djibouti   
Aicha Assoweh Bouh Djibouti Assouinhm Ali Sabouh   
Saadia Osnan Nande Djibouti Assouinhm Ali Sabouh   
M Koran Ahmed Awled Djibouti Potaire   
Saussane Souleinan South Africa Sodhet SA   
Amal Abdourahman Djibouti Ambassade D'Arabie Saoudite   
Mane Mohamed Djama Djibouti Societe Civile   
Nadia Iskandan Djibouti ONED   
Kadiga Halloytee Djibouti ONED   
Saida Ibrahim Djibouti ONED   
Badni Abdillah Djibouti ONED   
Fathia Offel Nido Djibouti ONED   
Fathya Elmi Cheick Djibouti ONED   
Aicha Hoch Egueh Djibouti ONED   
Madina Ismail Aden Djibouti ONED   
Idil Mohamed Farah Djibouti ONED   
Fatoum Mohamed Habih Djibouti ONED   
Adwa Abdou Djibouti CERD   
Fatouma Said Djibouti PORT   
Hodeen Moheunelf Djibouti EDD   
Hibo Mohamed Djibouti Chomeose   
Habima Mahmoud Djibouti    
Samia Othnan Djibouti Enseignant   
Rakia Houssein Djibouti Banque Indojub   
Nourah Jihansakeh Djibouti ETS Sanon RCES   
Ibtihal Salem Djibouti Minitere de l'equipement   
Nadia Koubati ETS Djibouti    
Mabassem Houssein ETS Marill Djibouti    
Itimad Mohamed Ali Charfer Djibouti Directrice de Maz Ministere de Beaute pour dames   
Nasine Moustafa Mohamed Djibouti Directrice Ministrie de la Mer Rouge   
Sabrine Kassim Ali Djibouti Gerante Station Cheval Rouge   
Amina Abdi Djibouti    
Sara Houssein Djibouti    
Buyha Mohamed Ahmed Djibouti    
Aicha Mohamed Djibouti FFDI   
Shreem Aden Kenya    
Fatouma Abdi Djibouti UNFD   
Fatouma Zahra Abdullah Djibouti UNFD   
Issa Mbdullahahmed Kenya Enseignant   
Fathia Moussa Djibouti UNFD   
Degro Mohamed Djibouti UNFD   
Zeinab Ahmed Djibouti UNFD   
Rida Fatouma Djibouti UNFD   
Fatomu Houssein Djibouti UNFD   
Khadidja Djama Youssuf Djibouti UNFD   
Amina Mbriey Djibouti UNFD   
Amina Ismael Djibouti    
Fatouma Ali Djibouti Commercant   
Fatouma Mbdullah Ham Djibouti UNFD   
Houda Med Djibouti UNFD   
Suado Ismaeil Djibouti UNFD   
Mohamed Mbdi Djibouti UNFD   
Anissa Mohamed Hallilleh Djibouti UNFD   
Fathiya Aboubaker Djibouti MAECI   
Zam-Zam Ali Houssein Djibouti MAECI (Stagiaire)   
Hadan Youssouf Nour Djibouti MAECI (Stagiaire)   
Zahar Aolen Ali Djibouti ENP   
Hadasa Djama Ahmed Djibouti MAECI   
Nima Mahamoud Ismael Djibouti MAECI   
Madina Zouda Ali Djibouti MAECI   
Ka didja Med Moussa Djibouti Enseignante   
Saida Chehem Ahmed Djibouti MAECI   
Hibo Mohamed Ahmed Djibouti MAECI   
Dahabo Omar Hassan Djibouti MAECI   
Zeinah Youssouf Djibouti MAECI   
Djima Djama Rollid Djibouti MAECI   
Zahra Hassan Cheik Djibouti MAECI   
Fozia Ismael Nour Djibouti MAECI   
Neima Doualeh Djibouti MAECI   
Hamda Mohamed Aroun Djibouti Femme au foyer   
Nisma Ahmed Med Djibouti MAECI   
Avan Abdi Houssein Djibouti MESY   
Nima Ismael Cher Djibouti Femme au foyer   
Ansam Ahmed Med Djibouti Femme au foyer   
Souna Gamil Sai Djibouti Femme au Foyer   
Maguida Sanek Djibouti BIS   
Fatouma Abdo Djibouti Banque Indosuez Mer Rouge   
Nima Hassan Djibouti Banque Indosuez Mer Rouge   
Chafika Abdoulkader Djibouti Banque Indosuez Mer Rouge   
Souna Salah Addin Djibouti BIS   
Wahlia Ahmed Hi Djibouti BIS   
Tohro Issa Mohamed Djibouti BIS   
Tarbiba Askar Djibouti BIS   
Nagatte Nenman Djibouti BTS   
Hawa Djama Djibouti MESN   
Soredo Djamo Hachi Djibouti ANPI   
Sossone Ali Djibouti ANPI   
Oubah Moussa Ahmed Djibouti ANPI   
Acha-roun Souleiman Djibouti CCD   
Oticha Moussa Djibouti CCD   
Fazia Salem Said Djibouti CCD   
Moumina Ali Abdou Djibouti PAFIP   
Kozna Omar Med Djibouti CCD   
Saada Ahmed Djibouti CCD   
Maha Mohamed Mahyab Djibouti CCD   
Nazli Abdullah Kamil Djibouti CCD   
Hibo Djama Abdi Kenya CCD   
Hibo Osman Ahmed Djibouti CCD   
Nyaradzai Gumbonzvanda Kenya UNIFEM   
Maina Mwangi Nigeria CGIAR   
Ruth Allen Kenya    
Douglas Payne Kenya    
Albert Munting Netherlands   Herewith I call upon African governments to ratify the African Union's Protocol on the Rights of Women in Africa, which offers significant guarantees to the rights of women. I have understood that so far five countries (The Comoros, Lesotho, Libya, Rwanda and Namibia) have ratified. I hope that all other African governments will follow to sign the protocol. African women are strong and deserve it very much that their governments sign this protocol. Yours sincerely, Ir. Albert Munting
Tiara Buchanan United States of America    
Frances Fortune Kenya SFCG   
Tommy Hayden Kenya    
Isaria Mwende Tanzania    
Kelvin Pakaree South Africa Consumer Credit   
John Vaughn South Africa University of KwaZulu-Natal   
Sue Tilley South Africa    
Barbara Lopi South Africa SARDC   
Busisiwe Dhlamini South Africa Stop Woman Abuse Helpline Project Co-ordinator   
Auxillia Piringondo Kenya    
Keallan Bantham South Africa   I pledge my 110% support for all women in Africa.
Christy-Aurore Masamba Congo, Dem. Rep. of ( Zaire)   I'm from Democratic Republic of Congo, in my country we support many war and during this war the women et the girls was rape. Is not finish in our eastern country but in God we trust and I think that with this kind of petition we will be able to go complain about the international trial one day... my e-mail address is christymasamba@yahoo.fr I encourage you!!!
John Cammack United Kingdom Financial Management for Development   
Faustace Namushani Chirwa Malawi National Women's Lobby & Rights Group   
Verity Mundy Zimbabwe SAFDEM  I would like to support the petition for African Governments to ratify the protocol on the rights of women and thereby demonstrate their committement to protecting women in their countries.
Bruce Oom Kenya    
Arthur Eidsaunet Norway Redd Barna Save the Children Norway   
Thembekile Dube South Africa    
Harriet Pedersen Sweden Foreign Ministry   
K Ahenkora Kenya    
Percy Kasavel South Africa    
Esther Obaikol Uganda Associates for Development (AfD)   
Beth Peterson South Africa    
Gail Wannenburg South Africa    
Jenny Ibbotson South Africa Future Sense   
Matias Capapelo Angola Angola 2000   
Susanne Paul United States of America Global Action on Aging   
Melanie Taylor United States of America    
Margaret Finlay Kenya    
Elizabeth-Merry Condon Kenya    
Sarisha Baboolal South Africa    
Cheron Baboolal South Africa    
Jack Sabiiti Uganda Member of Parliament  I fully support the petition.I apeal to every person born by a woman to support his or her mother.These good women deserve better. Jack Sabiiti (Member of Parliament in Uganda)
Heather Scholtz South Africa    
Philomena Wamuthiani Kenya    
Perpetual Sichikwenkwe Zambia    
Yuyo Nachali=Kambikambi Zambia    
Irene Banda Kenya    
Beryl Nicholsom United Kingdom    
Lucy Bateman Kenya lbateman@esatclear.ie   
Kevin Teopista Akoyi United Kingdom    
Natalie Mc Askill South Africa    
Ali Ar Rasheed United States of America   Peace Through Justice For All!
Adrian Luncke Germany    
Emilie Petrovic France    
Luciana Mucage Angola    
Ramatu Umar Kenya    
Audrey Mboweni South Africa    
Nick Swan Kenya    
Louis Eke Nigeria    
Kayode Ogunmunmi Nigeria    
Atuki Turner Uganda    
Joseph Peter Ochogwu United Kingdom    
Grant Kankhulungo Malawi   I am one of the people that would like to see that women in Africa have their rights protected and promoted to the fullest.
Lucy J.C. Myame Nigeria Women's President United Methodis Church in Nigeria Area   
Melissa Andrews South Africa    
WLDCN Nigeria Nigeria WLDCN  The Women Law and Development Center Nigeria(WLDCN) strongly support the petition by the Forum for social justice in Africa to all African Government in the AU to ratfy the protocol on the rights of women in Africa.We urge the Nigeria Government in particular as the current leader of the AU to hasten the process.Womens Rights are Human Rights!!
Betty Chepkoech Bundotich Kenya    
Sonia Polack South Africa MCCA Women   
Phoebe Maenzanise Kenya    
Bridget Sheath Kenya    
Martha Tholanah Zimbabwe Galz Health Department   
Rebecca Nyandiwa Kenya   I fully support this protocol of womenés rights. They should be left to exercise their rights as much as men do. We are tired of women being sidelined when ités time to handle some issues such as power and education. In Kenya, women, young girls and even babies are experiencing the problem of rape. Please, activate this protocol as quickly as possible because we donét know the next victim. It might be you or me. Bye and may Lord answer our prayers
Pauline Magawi Kenya    
Danelle du Plessis South Africa    
Yonathan Bokhre Abraha Kenya    
Samantha Nundy Kenya    
Helen North United Kingdom    
Semat Kenya SEMAT for Production & Distribution Co.  dear Messers; this is my signature for the petition of supporting women rights. hala galal
Marthe Muller South Africa   To whom it may concern: I hereby add my name and support to the petition to urge African governments to ratify the African Union's Protocol on the Rights of Women in Africa, which offers significant guarantees to the rights of women. I urge other African countries to join the five countries (The Comoros, Lesotho, Libya, Rwanda and Namibia) who have ratified so far.
Mayra F. Ruiz Castro United Kingdom    
iftikhar ahmed Pakistan sajjad   
Kadia Petricca Ethiopia UNDP   
Nyawira Muthiga Kenya WCS   
Chrischar Maasdorp United Kingdom Broomfield School  I am a young South Afrcan female working in London to gain some experience in teaching Media,Politics and Globalisation. I am hoping to return home soon and is honoured to sign your petition and get involved in raising awareness about your work and issues in my daily practice.
christy bragg South Africa University of cape town   
Katie Thomas Australia Centre for International Health   
Kathleen Flamm United States of America    
ILANA KESSLER Tanzania   via SMS
Ubah Hassan Kenya african women and child feature   
Hannah McFaull United Kingdom University of Essex   
Kevin McGahan United States of America University of Wisconsin   
Anna Drita Wedig Germany   via SMS
Jenny Muraya Kenya   via SMS
emily ronoh Kenya   via SMS
karin wedig Switzerland   via SMS
Apondi Nyangaya Nrb Kenya   via SMS
John Nkongoli Kenya   via SMS
nyambura gathumbi Kenya sisters beyond boundaries   
susan nyamu Kenya nairobi women's hospital   
anne m.k ngugi Kenya women's awareness programme   
wanjiru kariuki Kenya abantu for development  send me the update via email
mary wabuire Kenya nairobi women's hospital   
Ahmed Takow Hassan Somali Democratic Republic Agrovet  I urge all African States to ratify the Protocol immediately; because African women's rights cannot be postponed as any human rights cannot be postponed.
Hai Nguyen Xuan Vietnam    
Elaine Mohamed South Africa    
Hakima Abbas United Kingdom    
Lucy Harrison United Kingdom SPW   
Lilian Gisesa Kenya    
Uli Pottrick Uganda    
Jennifer Mohamed-Katerere South Africa    
Nona Koochin Canada individual   
Victoria Forster-Jones United Kingdom Individual   
Vanessa Barolsky South Africa University of the Witwatersrand   
Karen Hunt Australia    
Benjamim Castello Angola Liga Jubileu 2000 Angola - LiJuA   
Comfort Hassan Nigeria Nigerian Environmental Study/Action Team (NEST)   
Hellen Wanyika Mozambique Oxfam GB   
luba stoochnoff Canada    
michael hawes Canada n/a   
Rosa Neves-Åker Sweden UNIFEM   
Rosie Harford New Zealand    
Gunvor Ngarambe Sweden CEDAW Network   
Joseph Aryee Malawi Medical Rescue Services  Viva la femme! Where would we be without them. I pray they will remain more sensible than the men have been so far, particularly regarding greed and avarice, willingness to war over political differences, territorial claims,..etc, nepotism, apparent lack of concern for the poor and needy. I do wonder though if they will make a significant difference, as I see some already appointing their family into government positions(ilegally,) and awarding government scholarships to their children..eeehh!!
Sonia Naidu United Kingdom    
Alyda Merrick South Africa   via SMS
ALICE MUNALA for women with disabilities Kenya   via SMS
Annette Okello Kenya    
vicky karimi Kenya Urgent Action Fund -Africa  I fully support the campaign for the ratification of this protocol .
Yvonne Pefok United States of America None   
Odete Moises Kenya IPPFARO   
Marike Beyers South Africa NELM   
Haifang Liu China (PRC)    
Florence Florence Ashford United States of America Citizen   
Stefan Sanctuary United Kingdom LBHF   
Rosemary Enie Cameroon Women International Coalition Organisation (WICO)  I am very interested in the campaign
Barbara Müller-Frei Switzerland FEPA   
monica martin Spain save the children   
susan njambi Kenya ECWD   
BEATRICE MUTALI Kenya International Planned Parenthood Federation Africa Region  As an African woman, I urge all the governments in Africa that have not ratified the Protocol on the Rights of Women in Africa to do so.
Thada Bridget South Africa    
Marilyn Miller United States of America   Marilyn Miller
Rosemary Pirosko United States of America    
Chris Bragg Bahrain KMS Technology   
Rosaria Distefano Italy Private citizen   
Amie Bojang-Sissoho Gambia GAMCOTRAP   
Caroline NcuBE South Africa    
Fatema Rajabali Kenya n/a   
Hal Albert Smith United States of America student  PEOPLE BEFORE PROFITS
Chris Thompson Canada Rastafari  Africa = Man and Woman Empire
Mary Coupe United States of America    
Isabella Kenya   via SMS
Anne Nkutu Kenya   via SMS
Lydia Cole United Kingdom   via SMS
Jane Ngugi Kenya   via SMS
Saidi Jambuya Tanzania Mechanization Centre  I soport your efforts
Howard Drakes South Africa Rhodes University (student)  Keep up the good work! These types of initiatives do not always see the realisation of the sucessess they set out to but the journey serves to bring people together in networks and participation, they are a good mouthpiece for these agendas and let leaders know what popular opinion is and often have spin-off outcomes that far exceed the initiail goals.
Bernardo Carlos Angola    
Bets Mwingira Tanzania    
Cecilia Blight South Africa NELM   
Lynne Grant South Africa    
Carmen Henning South Africa    
Peter Kisopia Kenya Oxfam GB  I fully support Women's rights. This is an excellent initiaitve.
Chante Norton South Africa    
ALLEN MAGUGU Zimbabwe   via SMS
Crystal Warren South Africa NELM   
Joy Owen South Africa Rhodes University   
Saraha Akello Uganda Mifumi Project  I hope this protocol will go a long way in liberating the women of Africa. If only our states would ratify it without further delay.
Orla Houston-Jibo United Kingdom    
Jim Marshall United States of America Reggae Archives   
Betty Plewes Canada    
thomas prosser United Kingdom    
Women's Global Network for Reproductive Rights WGNRR Netherlands    
Chaklan Med Houssein Djibouti OPS   
Djamila Havan Bahdon Djibouti Ministere de l'Habitat   
Ahmed Robleh Djibouti Ministere de la Sante   
Mahdi Ali Djibouti Ministere de la Sante   
Sahid Hassan Djibouti    
Kodiga Bowlban Djibouti    
Youssour Norer Djibouti    
Maoulid Med Barkod Djibouti    
Ahmed Moumin Djibouti    
Moustapha Daher Djibouti    
Med Omar Achrir Djibouti    
Med El-Rachid Ali Djibouti    
Habiba Guirreli Djibouti    
Said Med Kamil Djibouti    
Florence Mamba Wazenga Djibouti    
Zahra Djama Djibouti    
Mouna Abdouraman Djibouti    
Ismael Farag D'Irie Djibouti    
Samham Ahmed Djibouti Femme au foyer   
Amina Abdi Djibouti Femme au foyer   
Aicha Mohammed Djibouti Secretaire FSD   
Nafissa Mohammed Djibouti Employee FNP   
Mirame Farah Djibouti Assistante FSD   
Ali Said Ethiopia ECCO/CIDA   
Loutou Hassan Djibouti Femme au foyer   
Fatouma Oman Djibouti Commercante   
Fatouma Hassan Djibouti Commercante   
Amissa Oman Djibouti Femme au Foyer   
Ivazli Oubadi Djibouti Etudiante   
Amissa Hassan Bahdam Djibouti Fonds Social   
Cola Ma D'Kail Djibouti Ministere de la Sante   
Maucuer Kaiwil Djibouti Ministere de la Sante   
Malimo Ibrahim Djibouti Ministere de la Sante   
Neina Okieh Djibouti Ministere de la Sante   
Fathia Ali Djibouti Ministere de la Sante   
Floria Said Djibouti Ministere de la Sante   
Neina Mouda Ali Djibouti Ministere de la Sante   
Hasna Ali Helen Djibouti Ministere de la Sante   
Saicha Douhour Ahmed Djibouti Ministere de la Sante   
Safia Aahamoud Hadsi Djibouti Ministere de la Sante   
Nadina Abdagutu Yaya Djibouti Ministere de Sante   
Amina Houssein Djibouti Ministere de Sante   
Evelyn Hebert Djibouti OPS   
Julien Grateau France SIAD Sans Frontieres   
Antony Wojcik France SIAD Sans Frontieres   
Laurent Gle France SIAD Sans Frontieres   
Jean-Franéois Delvot France SIAD Sans Frontieres   
Jonathan Vanhoq France SIAD Sans Frontieres   
Aden Mohamed Diliuta Djibouti Ministere de la Sante   
Zeinah Ahmed Djibouti Ministere de la Sante   
Loula Otban Djibouti Ministere de la Sante   
Ibado Aden Djibouti Ministere de la Sante   
Samoud Abdillah Djibouti Ministere de la Sante   
Kachiolje Ahmed Djibouti Ministere de la Sante   
Saiola Ali Djibouti Donbisie   
Riola Djaman Djibouti Ministere de la Sante   
Scwoke Abdumahmoun Djibouti Ministere de la Sante   
Kadidja Robleh Dabar Djibouti Ministere de la Sante   
Fouad Abdi Ali Djibouti Ministére de la Santé   
Mohamed Haroun Djibouti Ministére de la Santé   
Simane Ahmed Djibouti Ministére de la Santé   
Burcu Yesiladali Turkey    
Nima Robleh Ahmed Djibouti ADETIP   
Zam-Zam Zakaria Djibouti ADETIP   
Kaltoum Moussa Rayaleh Djibouti ADETIP   
Zahra Youssaf Djibouti ADETIP   
Ailah Abodulkader Djibouti Stagiaire ADETIP   
Awo Khalil Djibouti ADETIP   
Nima Isman Djibouti Education   
Fozia Aboli Osman Djibouti Ministére de Finances   
Mouna Moustapha Med Djibouti MS/Dinecken   
Mouna Osman Djibouti MS/DPHP   
Bahya Attorod Djibouti MS/CFPS   
Aicho Ibrahim Djawa Djibouti UNFPA   
Safia Elmz Djibrer Djibouti Hag SR/RS   
Mariam Aboli Ainaché Djibouti Secretariat Executif   
Ali Mohammed Ali Djibouti Secretariat Executif   
Mohamed Hassam Ismaél Djibouti Secretariat Executif   
Hasrel Houmed Djibouti Secretariat Executif   
Adoum Djibrine Djibouti Secretariat Executif   
Hasma Meike Djibouti Secretariat Executif   
Fatouma Robleh Djama Djibouti Secretariat Executif   
Yves-Pierre Alexandre Djibouti Secretariat Executif   
Marie Claude Beauchamp Djibouti Secretariat Executif   
Ahmed Nhalko Ahmed Kenya Secretariat Executif   
Hemeda Maohoumed Kenya Secretariat Executif   
Hassan Youda Said Kenya Secretariat Executif   
Abdalkoder Ismael Kenya Secretariat Executif   
Mohamad Ali Khan Kenya Secretariat Executif   
Fatma Ali Chireh Kenya Secretariat Executif   
Mouna Awaleh Djibouti Secretariat Executif   
Safia Houmed Houssein Djibouti Secretariat Executif   
Mariah Ahmed Abdullah Djibouti ONED   
Kadra Omar Kamil Djibouti Fonds Social de Développement (FSD)   
Assia Hachi Abdillahi Djibouti Fonds Social de Développement (FSD)   
Nadia Ismail Djibouti Fonds Social de Développement (FSD)   
Chafika Ahmed Djibouti Fonds Social de Développement (FSD)   
Youssouf Mirgan Barkat Djibouti ONED   
Fatouma Ali Diwi Djibouti Presidence   
Fardoussa Mahamoud Djibouti Presidence   
Fathia Hassan Med Djibouti Presidence   
Fatouma Yassaf Mohammed Djibouti Presidence   
Hibo Abollahi Djibouti Presidence   
Faiza Aloli Youthaif Djibouti    
Ifrah Ali Guedi Djibouti Presidence   
Leonard Mungai Kenya RAMS (K) Ltd  In todays world, there is need for women empowerment!!
Hibo Daher Osmarz Djibouti Presidence   
Hibo Daher Osmarz Djibouti Presidence   
Arafo Ismael Didar Djibouti Presidence   
Fataima Saleh Abdallah Djibouti Presidence   
Farha Yacin D'Sima Djibouti Presidence   
Ayanne Hassan Omar Djibouti Presidence   
Fariah Houssein Ali Djibouti Presidence   
Matia Houssein Ali Djibouti Presidence   
Yousra Abdo Djibouti Presidence   
Fatouma Med Djibouti Presidence   
Ismahan Ismaiel Djibouti Presidence   
Zeinab Kamil Ali Djibouti Membre du Comité des droits de l'homme   
Laila Macharia Kenya    
Hayat Solimen Salem Djibouti Présidence   
Kadra Mahmoud Haid Djibouti Premiére Dame   
Warutere Gicharu Kenya RAMS KENYA LIMITED  i believe this will help my mum wife daughter, my sisters and all women in general
Marieke Slootman Netherlands    
maria josep cascant sempere Spain    
Rahel Wubshet Ethiopia    
Carol Bower South Africa RAPCAN   
Denise McCabe United States of America    
Anthony Kuria Kenya Kenya Human Rights Commission  Kenya should urgently ratify and implement the Maputo Protocol as a way to demonstrate her commitment to gender empowerment and more so the elimination of harmful practices against women and girl children
Ronald Elly Wanda United Kingdom Pan African Society (UK)   
Perez Kenya   via SMS
Grant Kankhulungo Malawi   via SMS
Misty Heatherington Canada    
Atuki Turner Uganda   via SMS
Kimberly Swiss United States of America    
Soodhakur Ramlallah Mauritius Mauritius Union of Journalists   
Josephine Wambui Kenya   Its about time we took responsibility of what our governements are doing/should be doing!
SAFARI NSHUTI Rwandese Republic SUKISA Network  Peace & Development 4 All
Sally Gee United Kingdom    
nyaradzai mugaragumbo-gumbonzvanda Zimbabwe NG Development Agency   
Gordana Cvetkoska Macedonia (Former Yugoslav Rep of.)    
Peter Slough India Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative   
Lemba Goma Congo FFA  Il est incontestatbles que depuis 1995, à 20 ans des promesses de Nairobi (qui ont amené beijing), il y a comme un recul, et nous les femmes, dans les conférences on discutent de cela avec fermeté, mais les textes de fin de travail sont poli et neutres pour dire: nous allons mieux faire. Alors que les moyens sont de plus en plus réduits sur les actions véritablement en faveur des femmes et du féminisme. c'est dommage.
Jenny Loh United Kingdom    
Cynthia Akinsanya United Kingdom    
Kimberly Gibbons Canada Women Building Peace by Peace   
Unni Rustad Norway   via SMS
Wambui wa Ngatho United Kingdom   via SMS
Toyin Agbetu United Kingdom Ligali   
Maryam Ilahi United States of America    
Robin Smith Bermuda    
Rosemary Crawley United Kingdom    
Rea Robey United Kingdom    
Lucie Cluver United Kingdom    
Sow Fatou Senegal GREFELS   
Sheila Hare United Kingdom Expat Nework   
Jacqueline Fonteijn Netherlands Mama Cash   
Alice RWAMO Burundi Burundi Association of University Women  We are very privileged to be among signatories of this protocol for women's rights in Burundi are constantly violated especially through war ,genocide and other war-related crimes that cause so many problems for women.Women are the mostly victimised by a fire they have never opened.May this protocol be known by all women organisations.From now on we are going to endevour in this sense to make this protocol known by all Burundian women and have them sign it.Commitment is new power !!!
Jackie Balfour South Africa    
David Jamali Zimbabwe Self  This is a great intitiative and I give it my full and unreserved support. I will send it to all my networks to do the same
Lilith Quinlan United States of America Common Ground   
Mary Ryan United States of America Johns Hopkins University   
Christophe Barbey Switzerland APRED   
Tanja Messerer Germany    
Julian Osorio Colombia    
Jennifer Claughton United Kingdom None   
AleX cOLE United Kingdom    
Prisca Sakala Sandvik Norway    
ramathate South Africa   via SMS
Kainde manji United Kingdom   via SMS
craig castro South Africa   via SMS
Elsabe Smit United Kingdom   via SMS
Baturu SJ Camara Gambia GAMCOTRAP  Advancingthe course of women in Africa is paramount to any development strategies. The protocol considers all the issues that are of concerns to women and girls in the world at large but mostly experienced by African female fork. In the name of the protection of the rights of women and girls in Africa, I STAND UP AND SIGNED THIS PETITION. I will always be there for women regardless of colour, race, ethnicity, nationality, political affliation etc. And I don't mind to if my name is published for signing this. This is the most noble cause towards sociatal development in our regions. Finally I would like to salute every woman in Africa and all of us who are struggling to see to it that women's rights are not only given but retained. Baturu SJ CAMARA GAMBIAN (women activist)
Maria Lazarte Argentina    
Liron Mizrayi Israel    
Samantha Samantha Iyer United States of America    
ljubica nikolic Serbia and Montenegro    
Thomas Francis United States of America Anthrophotographer Inc.  Keep up the good work
Rebekah Skeddle United States of America    
Kinja Mulegwa Switzerland AFOA   
Amel Hamza Sudan Ahfad University for Women  we need strong well to get thing togther and let our government approve this.
patricia colenutt Canada   Only by embracing the truth that women and men are equal can Africa (and the rest of the world) start to turn toward renewal, hope and peace.
Janet Coster United States of America    
assumita chiremba Zimbabwe women's university in africa   
daniel cameron United Kingdom    
Rose Eckhardt United States of America    
Nana Tanko Senegal OSIWA   
Alice Ayuma Otiato Kenya International Medical Corps   
Raziya Mohamedali Kenya   We really do need to unite for our own good and sometimes we (us women), are our own worst enemies, unfortunately!
Catheryn Phipps Orive United States of America    
NICOLE yetundei United States of America    
Petrina Roberts South Africa THe Micro Enterprise Network of NGO's (MENNGOS)   
stacey martin United States of America Brandeis University   
Neema Mgana Tanzania African Regional Youth Initiative   
jason dalldorf United States of America    
John Dobard United States of America    
Sharon Longshaw United Kingdom    
Avi Brand-LeMond United States of America    
Herman Waetjen United States of America    
Danielle Brand-LeMond United States of America American University   
Frank Mnyulwa Zimbabwe Non  Women & children's rights particularly the girl child have to be safeguarded in as much as those of men
Dania Henry United States of America   Women need to have rights because we are the foundation of earth. We need to be protected because we are the ones thet bring forth the future.
Maaza Keber United Kingdom Roots Studio   
Gesa Wesseler Netherlands    
Ndubi Mvula Zambia Zambia Daily Mail Limited  As a journalists who is gender sensitive and having attended two courses on on Gender and Journalism, I feel fully fleged in the fight. I was previliged to have been tutored by one Gender activitis, the woman I have come adore and respect so much, Dr Patricia McFadden. She taught me twice and made me appreciate the rights of women and children. She is I must say my SHERO!!!. I am currently working for the Zambia Daily Mail Limited as a Bureau Chief (Chief Reporter) based in the tourist capital of Zambia, Livingstone. Am game when it comes to defending women's rights. I feel strongly that the courses that I attended by Dr McFadden contributed to my current status in the profession. I salute you all and remain yours. Ndubi
Carla Golden United States of America    
Askale Selassie United Kingdom Empress Menen Foundation  Give thanks for the opportunity to add the voice of this Foundation to this admirable cause that is very much apart of our mission statement of care in our world and specifically begginning with our nation, ourselves.
Gwenn Marie United States of America    
Katty Mejia United States of America    
Mary Butts United States of America Rowan University   
Wolete Gabreal Pauline Anderson United Kingdom The EWF, Inc., NN L3   
Tenkarra Makonnen Canada Empress Menen Liberation Front   
Zillah Eisenstein United States of America Code Pink,East/West Network,NARAL,NOW,Ithaca College   
Berhane'Alem Selassie United States of America    
Dean Williams United Kingdom Reggae Wales Ltd   
Seb Emina United Kingdom    
Naomi Reid United Kingdom FORWARD (Foundation for Women's Health, Research & Development)   
Kapakala Mwewa Thomas Zambia University Teaching Hospital  I really support the rights of the African woman... Mother of creation for a better African future.
Cathal Mooney Ireland Trinity College Dublin   
kate wamocho Kenya ministry of haelth  i have enjoyed your first pambazuka newsletter thats very informative.keep it up for it not only reveals social injustices done to the female but its also educative in the sense that in one way or another it provides solutions to these injustices.keep it up
Oliver Lindner Germany    
Colette Carter United Kingdom CC&DC Sound System   
nura Abdullahi Somali Democratic Republic Somali Young Women Activist  We are fully supporting this call for rafitication and it is a good higlight and signal of gender equality that women and men can and should enjoy equal rights in every aspect and responsibilities. This enjoyment, erdicates the long marginalization and inferirity towards the african women and in turn, will lead and realise benefits to the all african countries
Charles Ariko Uganda The New Vision Printing & Publishing Company   
Jeff Ra United States of America   Rights, Freedom and Love to the Daughters of the Creator and Mama Earth.
Sonja Dekker Netherlands Mama Cash  Sonja Dekker
Mariana SOUSA Angola ACORD   
Mary Holden United Kingdom    
Angelique YOHARI Congo, Dem. Rep. of  ( Zaire) Association des Jeunes Femmes du Maniema "AJFMa"   
hanne haaland Norway    
Carmen Rodrigues Mozambique JRS   
David Williams Canada    
Jo Green Australia    
Sébastien De Marre Canada    
Angela W United States of America    
Pamela Jennings United States of America    
Zinthiya Ganeshpanchan United Kingdom Womens Network for Peace and Freedom   
Elsie Carew Sierra Leone retired   
Nancy Mancilla United States of America    
Jennifer Price Australia    
richard brunner United Kingdom    
Ang Barras New Zealand    
Dana Sokolowska Canada woman   
Rev. Mother Katherine Mary Martin, CJ United States of America Our Lady of Peace Anglican Ministries   
Rosalind Petchesky United States of America Women's Environment & Development Organization  We send solidarity with our African sisters and hopes that all African governments will quickly ratify this important protocol.
Diane Cowel United States of America    
Vincent Odamtten United States of America    
Adore Davidson United States of America    
thelma Johnson United States of America WFMUCW   
michele ernsting Netherlands   Women who work hard to protect their families need laws which will work to protect them!
Christian schmidt Switzerland    
Harriet Lewis United States of America    
Rachel Naomi Dube South Africa People Opposing Women Abuse (POWA)   
Birgit Schneider Austria    
Julie Wold Peterson United States of America    
Jaison Ranchhod United Kingdom    
Adriana Gomez Chile LACWHN   
Phryne Willliams South Africa Capital Assignments   
Grete Vandvik Norway    
Melanie Boyer United States of America    
Uli Kyusa United Kingdom    
LILA CHABANE France   Take care of women than you can be in peace with all the society
Kirsten Meersschaert France    
M NGAIZA Tanzania   via SMS
Sarah Ellis Uganda   via SMS
Adelia Roberto Angola   via SMS
yvonne morgan South Africa   via SMS
Pontsho K Segwai South Africa   via SMS
Esther Obaikol Uganda   via SMS
Giselda Fernandes Switzerland    
Greetje van der Veer Italy World Federation of methodist and Uniting Church Women   
Kathrin Greve Germany    
valentina pellizzer Bosnia & Herzegovina Unimondo  go ahead
Alan Dickson United States of America    
Enrico Imolese Italy   free african women from slavery and ancient cultural mentalities!!!! 'coz they're mother of us all!!! Blessed Love
onyango wilson Kenya CAS CONSULTANTS/RESEARCH INTRENATIONAL  women are the most oppressed people in the world.
Brandi Good United States of America    
Mathieu Rioux Canada    
ittoo diana Mauritius    
wade clifton s. Mauritius institute for environmental & legal studies   
Matilda Lusiola Kenya Retractable Technologies Inc   
Loveness Mupfeka Zimbabwe Human Rights Trust of Southern Africa (SAHRIT)  I highly commend the strides being taken by this campaighn and would like to register my support to it. We African women need to be fully realise our rights and our governments must ratify the protocol to show their committment that we African women are not second class citizens but equal human beings.
karen allen Australia positive women   
Barry Matthew South Africa    
Rowena Connan Australia WFM&UCW   
amy blasen United States of America    
Maribel Colon Puerto Rico    
Camila Maturana United States of America    
Pauline Nyaga Kenya    
Molly Eichel United States of America    
mary griffin United States of America    
adriana garcia United States of America    
wanda denise Castro United States of America    
Marco Cape' Italy    
Barbara Shaw United States of America Women's Home & Overseas Missionary Society   
Dorothy Alvarado United States of America    
Janet Feldman United States of America KAIPPG/International   
donald kingsbury United States of America    
Zachary Morris United States of America    
Lori Sauers United States of America    
Holly Williams United States of America    
Percy Makombe Zimbabwe student   
Daniela David Italy    
kathryn mayberry Canada cfgb   
Gloria Gallant Canada GROOTS, Canada   
morton deutsch United States of America Columbia Univ.   
Cameron Clark Canada Canadian Baptist   
Wanda Foglia United States of America    
Adrienne sneed United States of America    
JOY C Kenya N/A   
Malaisha Hughes United States of America    
Cynthia Kammer United States of America    
Faith Salaash Kenya   Keep up the good work
Marjorie Morrris United States of America Rowan University   
Dorie Gilchrist United States of America Rowan University  I fully support this initiative in sisterhood with the women of Africa. They deserve these rights which have been denied them far too long.
Elizabeth Ball Canada woman   
Sunithi Kuruppu United States of America Columbia University   
Mutuma Ruteere United States of America University of Nebraska-Lincoln   
Ashlei Willis United States of America    
Cheryl Gallamore Canada United Steelworkers   
Mehrunissa Thomas United Kingdom    
Hachette Stephane Canada None   
cherryl stone South Africa free lancer   
Heidi Markgren United States of America    
Ana Maria Rodriguez Angola    
Judith Parker Canada    
Suzy Kim United States of America    
Meeli Tankler Estonia WFMUCW   
Mafaniso Hara South Africa PLAAS   
Nicole Williams United States of America    
Jeff Tackes United States of America    
Katri Kuikka Finland    
Elias Tibane South Africa    
Maureen Akintewe United Kingdom    
Athi majija South Africa PDC  forward , i fully support you.Thanks
Cecilie Høigård Norway University of Oslo, Norway   
Ceri Mollard United Kingdom    
Kathryn Wood United Kingdom    
Brenda Campbell United Kingdom Barrister   
Susan Cunningham Hungary    
William Ejalu Hungary ILRHMC  Step to the right direction
Chita R. Millan Chit Philippines World Federation of Methodist & Uniting Church Women   
Lulekwa Gqiba South Africa PLAAS  Keep it up!!!!!
Mafata Mogodi South Africa khanya College   
Barbara Tapela South Africa Programme for Land and Agrarian Studies   
Sarah Ingleby United Kingdom Tools for Self Reliance   
Pierino Martinelli Italy Unimondo   
Denise Woods United States of America    
Ahmed Egal Somali Democratic Republic    
raymond maboe Matlhogonolo South Africa    
kanza Meji Vincent Netherlands    
Alexa Rosenberg Senegal    
Janice M Clark United Kingdom World Federation of Methodist and Uniting Church Women   
gorana mlinarevic Bosnia & Herzegovina    
martin long United Kingdom    
Ingunn Ikdahl Norway    
Pamela Pam South Africa nisaa institute for womens development   
Rowena Christian South Africa PLAAS   
Ruth Hall South Africa Programme for Land & Agrarian Studies   
Astrid Dufborg Sweden Sida   
Everisto Mapedza United Kingdom LSE   
adisa jamenya Kenya WHO/HQ   
Mary Balikungeri Rwandese Republic Rwanda Women's Network   
Henry Pomeroy United Kingdom ADD   
Sarah Hiddleston United Kingdom    
Sarah Ball United Kingdom    
Laura Bellacicco Italy    
Edith Schnitzer Austria DKA Austria   
Lorenza Giangregorio Italy    
Pwana Duku Nigeria Africa Leadership Forum   
Gregory Haambote Zambia Kepa Zambia   
Otto Saki Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights   
Ellen Lammers Netherlands UvA   
Sue Padayachee South Africa Lawyers for Human Rights   
Fabio Antonelli Italy    
Maria del Mar Requena Angola UNFPA   
Henriette Elise BIKIE Cameroon Hope For African Children Initiative  Je soucris entierement a cette petition, dont l'objectif est reconnaitre les droits de la femme en tant que etre humain, qui a des droits et des devoirs dans la societe, nonobstant sa qualite de sexe faible
Mukundi Mutasa Zimbabwe    
Rowayda Halim South Africa Nisaa Institute   
Lark Jarvis United States of America    
Lydia Nyati-Ramahobo Botswana RETENG:The Multicultural Coaltion of Botswana   
Qasim Mogow Abdalla Somali Democratic Republic Isha human rights organization   
Vernie Chetty Henson South Africa CAFSA   
william woollam Canada social justice activist   
mohamed Sheikh Ali Somali Democratic Republic Isha human rights organization   
Muriel Catherine South Africa    
Fazlous Satter Bangladesh Global Network for the Prevention of Torture (GNPT)   
Tafadzwa Muropa Zimbabwe individual  I would like to be notified of any future petitions
Derek Hazelton South Africa    
Sharon Farrell South Africa    
Ashley Heslop South Africa UNAIDS   
Ubah Hasan Somali Democratic Republic Somali Youth Development Organization "SYDO"  We weil contact you every time and we need to support the african women.
Zarina Ishani Kenya Mazingira Institute   
Edina Kozma Angola UNOHCHR   
philip munyasia Kenya SRIC-NGO  women rights are human being rights. all women are equal.treat your partner as human being not a object munyasia
Hewan Degu Ethiopia student  we African need to stand and bring develeopemt which has to include the woman, lets educate our woman and our continent will change
J.V. Connors United States of America   Women's rights is the only way to erradicate poverty.
Andrew Fitzgibbon Tanzania    
Zula Solomon United States of America    
Elsa Sze United States of America    
Star Ibis United States of America None  The men have failed miserably overall in the east/west culture that dominates the planet at the moment..how much longer will human beings have to suffer from not allowing all of us the right to pursue a different and maybe better TRUTH to live Life by? We humans are on the verge of destroying the entire planet by doctrines that have been created under denial and fabrications of stories that do not follow the laws of Life that were installed in all created forms since the dance of Life began on the planet....and this dance could only happen with both male and female energies. And to live in balance requires both male and female energies....so what are you waiting for? Get the balance back in your nation!
Dorothee Royal-Hedinger United States of America University of Chicago   
Mallika Kaur United States of America    
Bart Rwezaura Tanzania Boona Baana Center for Children's Rights   
Laura Meek United States of America    
Maria (Consuelo) Spera Ireland Amnesty International   
Heidi Schaeffer Canada Developing Countries Farm Radio Network   
Nina Meigs United States of America University of Chicago   
Amy Dworsky United States of America University of Chicago   
Helen Tewelde United States of America    
Adam Lubin United States of America University of Chicago   
Nicole Bell United States of America    
Joe Sant United States of America   Please ratify the Protocol on the Rights of Women to protect the equal rights of all people.
Un Jung Lim United States of America Individual   
Frieda Groffy Belgium writer-poet  Too long the women of Africa have been bearing only the burden- NOW they should be entitled to have the RIGHTS!
Rebecca Stocchetti United States of America    
Isabel Turner United Kingdom    
Adrienne Beech United States of America University of Chicago   
James Matale Zambia Individual   
George Clark United Kingdom Caledonia Centre for Social Development   
Susan Levin United States of America Dialogue for Solutions  Good luck!
Sheena Panoor United States of America    
Eva Dadrian Egypt Arab African Affairs   
John Thorne United States of America University of Chicago   
Samantha Dovey United States of America    
Adolphus Chukwuka Canada Clergy   
Kellyann Wolfe United States of America    
Mowail Haile United States of America NA   
Gabriel Eickhoff United States of America The University of Chicago   
Chimwemwe Jere Alexander Malawi Humana People to People in South Africa   
Timothy Donaghy United States of America University of Chicago   
Roni Kay O'Dell United States of America University of Washingtom   
Jessica Mitchell United States of America    
Catherine Iles United Kingdom Migrant Helpline   
Sahro Mohamed Netherlands UNOY Peacebuilders   
Amrit Mehra United States of America    
Robert Wyrod United States of America    
Heather Pane United States of America University of Chicago   
Shannon Farrand-Bernardin United States of America Union Theological Seminary   
Hindol Goswami India Dhee Society for Human Resources  I have full support to the movement.
Carolyn Long United States of America --   
Melissa McGrane United States of America University of Chicago   
Lia Karadimou Greece    
William Gorman United States of America    
Charlie Wysong United States of America    
Rebekah Walter United States of America    
Jesse London United States of America    
Sigmund Dr de Janos Canada de Janos & Associates Consultants   
grant gordon United States of America    
Kerry Schnell United States of America    
Lorraine Bailey United States of America    
Laura Gluckman United States of America University of Chicago   
Romel Jacinto United States of America    
Casey Carr United States of America    
Johnny Symons United States of America    
Erica Onsager United States of America    
Maureen Loughnane United States of America University of Chicago   
Ranjit Mathews United States of America Union Theological Seminary   
Robtel Pailey Liberia    
Kathleen Beatty United States of America    
njuguna Kenya   via SMS
JGitari Nigeria   via SMS
Royce Truex United States of America    
Lori Pottinger United States of America IRN   
Lisa Basalla United States of America Women's Learning Partnership (WLP)   
Lorraine Thompson United States of America Pair of Docs   
Aaron deGrassi United Kingdom Institute of Development Studies   
Tominke Olaniyan Uganda PADEAP   
kim goodman South Africa self   
Carmen Teichgraber Canada    
Kirrily Pells United Kingdom    
Villia Jefremovas Canada Queen's Universoty   
Nazrawit Medhanie Sweden    
Angella Davis Uganda    
Wyanne Sandler Canada University of Guelph   
Danielle Pécore-Ugorji Canada Canadian Foodgrains Bank   
Blair Rutherford Canada Carleton University   
Rahel Shiferaw Ethiopia    
Jade Daniels Canada    
Hannah Telford Australia N/A   
Gillian Huyton United Kingdom Feminenza   
Rhianna Pierpoint Australia    
Karissa Purcell Australia    
Amanda Dean Australia Douglas Shire Community Servises   
Tym Ball Australia    
Jeni Walters Australia Griffith University, Brisbane   
Edith Adera United Kingdom   via SMS
Christine Leibach South Africa    
Muna Khugali Sudan Sudan National Women's Convention  The convention office is based in UK although most of the membership of the convention is inside Sudan. If you want visit justiceafrica.org website to read all about the convention telephone in UK IS +442073974252/MOBILE +447956417387
George Jambwa Zambia MISA-Zambia  We need to aggressively push for the ratification of this protocal for the good of our communities. You have my support for every petition that is well intended thankyou
Cisca de Bloois Germany Feminenza  Sending you warmth and wishing you a lot of strength in your endeavour, which contributes to the growth of real humanity on this planet! You are not alone and never will be...
Dennis McKenna United States of America Univeristy of Minnesota   
Ruth Cohen Netherlands    
Nienke de Vries Netherlands Saba Consultancy   
Joanna Yenga Netherlands Feminenza   
anke kuiper.a Netherlands hogeschool leiden   
Mujuni Makuba Benard Uganda Ministry of Gender labour and Social Development  A
Uzondu Jibuike Canada    
Sharon Lamwaka Uganda   via SMS
tsantiraki efi Greece   via SMS
MARY MUMBA Zambia   via SMS
Anja Bookelmann Norway Feminenza   
Miezne Evers Netherlands Feminenza   
Corrie van Kan Netherlands Feminenza   
Kimberly Jonsson Fiji Islands    
Lieneke vanderLinde Netherlands Feminenza   
louise bloem Netherlands Feminenza   
van schaik josina Netherlands feminenza   
hanna biesheuvel Netherlands Feminenza   
Ralph Mens Peru Feminenza   
Marion Verweij Netherlands Feminenza   
Jane Handina Murigwa Kanchense United States of America University of Nebraska Medical Center   
Donna Wallach United States of America Justice for Palestinians  How inspiring that Africa is creating a truly equal society for women, shining the light for the whole world to see and to follow.
Darlene Wallach United States of America Justice for Palestinians  This protocol should apply to every country on this planet, including the United States of America, and should be ratified by every country. To those that wrote this protocol - Thank You!
Jesper Sorensen Denmark    
Stella Mulama Kenya Universityof Nairobi  I beleive women rights are human rights and we need to put a stop to women in surbodination.
Tunu Mazora Tanzania    
Melanie Tomsons Canada   Fast tracking the ratification of the Protocal on the Rights of Women in Africa is integral to ensuring the sustainable livelihoods of all Africans. Please send me any pertinent information via email
Elizabeth Nankabirwa Uganda    
Paola Konge Canada    
Rachel Irura South Africa CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation   
lynn watson South Africa   via SMS
Tatjana Eres Uganda Law and Advocacy for Women in Uganda   
ladzekpo james Ghana niit   
Dusty Jackson South Africa    
MAWUVIVI JOAS MEDENOU MENO Benin   il faut des organisation ou institution qui soutienent les projet qui contribut audéveloppement des pays africain
Cherynne Carayan Lebanon    
Sokari Ekine Nigeria Niger Delta Women for Justice   
Mary King Costa Rica University for Peace   
fanis Greece   via SMS
Marie Memouna Shaba Tanzania   via SMS
Daniela Geloso Canada    
daniela morghenti Italy   via SMS
obasesam okoi Nigeria Heroes Foundation Network International  We shall work together
Anu Pillay Zambia African Women's Anti-War Coalition   
Blama Kanneh Liberia Youth for the Promotion Human Rights.   
Alexandros Greece   via SMS
Jaime Duzenta Mozambique OXFAM GB   
Linley Chiwona-Karltun Sweden Swedish Agricultural University   
Ihenjibuchi ugenyi United States of America    
domenico liuzzi Mozambique kulima   
Alice Banze Mozambique Oxfam GB   
Cardinal Uwishaka Mozambique Oxfam GB  A luta conyinua!
John Twigg United Kingdom    
Catherine Rigkou Greece   via SMS
Iheoma Obibi Nigeria Alliances for Africa  about time too.
Tessa Till United Kingdom L'Arche Overseas   
Helena Suarez Uruguay    
Timu Godfrey Uganda Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development  Rights of women should be reflected by both men and women b'se they affect both. For Example children can't study well when their mother has been butterd ther preveous night. Timu Godfrey
Emmanuel Bayeni Congo Centre des droits de l'homme et du développement (CDHD)   
Moustardas Petros Greece   via SMS
antonis lakidis Greece   via SMS
Caroline Nyakaro Mwaniki Kenya   via SMS
Mimidoo Achakpa Nigeria   via SMS
vivian Uganda   via SMS
Mbanza Lydia Uganda   via SMS
Thoko Matshe United Kingdom   via SMS
PAUL BLEZARD United Kingdom   via SMS
Ronaldley Miti Uganda OSH   
Catherine Irura Kenya Loreto Convent Valley Road  I'm supporting this,for as a young Kenyan girl, it hurts me to see others like me suffer, die,and be exploited cause of traditional practices in Kenya. Keep it up.
Mohaned Kaddam Sudan   put the protocol in diffrent language ( you may ask help from the diffrent member ), posters ,advocacy stratgies in the website to be used by every one in his state,
Nancy mulilo Nthenge Zambia Southgate Investments Limited  We have suffered enough and this is right time to change everything. We need our rights and its only us to make a change for the betterment of our girld child. Women, lets act now!.
wasim raza Pakistan islamabad server  n/a
Heidi Nordberg United States of America   With you in spirit.
Ireen Dubel Netherlands Hivos   
Helen Booth United Kingdom    
Thor Erik Maeder Switzerland Consultant, Democratic Governance   
Christine Candice South Africa Agenda   
Colin Burton United Kingdom    
steve onjoro Kenya    
Nkululeko Malinga South Africa UKZN-Howard College  I am in full support of women's rights
Omneya Farouk Egypt    
sibongile xuba South Africa   I would like to do anything to help but at the moment I am a student so I can't help financially for now.
Jay Moodley South Africa UKZN  I support this petition.
Beverley Haddad South Africa university of KwaZulu-Natal   
jason keefe United Kingdom independant   
Amanda Kinners South Africa Families in Crisis   
Thoko Rahlahane South Africa Electoral Commission of South Africa   
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Nada Ali United Kingdom African Health for Empowerment and Development  A Luta Continua
Lillian Ohuma Kenya FIDA-Kenya   
Joseph Mwahgi Kenya    
Stephen Cheboi Kapchila Kenya Marakwef Educational and Development Initiative   
Konyati Souf Guinea CPTAFE   
Joshua Dgumbi Kenya COVAW   
Evans Ombola Kenya Rosyl Communications   
Catherine L. Kamami Kenya AMREF KIBERA   
Josephine Omwenga Kenya CONAN   
Ruth Wambua Kenya    
Lilian Kimani Kenya Kimani Advocates   
Louiza Kabiru Kenya People Against Torture   
Peter Muindi Kenya Disabled Society   
Maike Hoecker Germany Equality Now   
Keziah Kamau Kenya Nmam Advocates   
Rahma Jillo Kenya ROTARACT   
Anastasia Kiome Kenya Covan (K)   
Monica Mbaru-Mwangi Kenya Legal Resources Management   
Nduta J. Kwehevia Kenya Legal Resources Foundation   
Geoffrey Otieno Kenya Rosyl Communications   
Kenneth Osikah Kenya Rosyl Communications   
Charles M. Amelo Kenya SPS-Kenya   
Moses Ofsieno Kenya FIDA-Kenya   
Paul Maina Mukengi Kenya City Square S.H.G.   
Wilfred Wambua Kenya Kenya Union of Commercial, Food and Allied Workers (KUCFAW)   
Gran Kairie Kenya Provide International   
Lydia Kamau Kenya CFG   
Aningina Bibiane TSHEFU Congo, Dem. Rep. of  ( Zaire) WOPPA/DRC =Women caucus representative in USA  Congratulations for this great initiative
Collins Omomdi Kenya HIPO Foundation   
Alice Nderitu Kenya Kenyan National Commission on Human Rights   
Carolyne Abing Kenya Kenyan National Commission on Human Rights   
Mary D.G. Michieka Business Professionals Women's Club Kenya    
Joshua Dgumbi Kenya COVAW   
Wesley K. Bill Kenya Cradle Africa International   
Rita Nancy Njogui Kenya KIWANIS and CAVI   
Thomas K. Ndungu Kenya KIWANIS   
Joyce Musoko Kenya Better Family Life Initiatives   
Bernard Marwandya Kenya Homeless Children Fund   
Susana Boro Kenya Volunteer PATA   
Njerl Boro Kenya Institution of Community Development   
Onyango Wilson Kenya Consumer-Insight   
Mary Okioma Kenya Volunteer PPA   
Marlene Omondi Kenya Volunteer PPA   
Natalie Jackson United States of America    
Simon Wachieni Kenya Volunteers for Change   
Paul Mwaura Kenya Volunteers for Change   
Bilham Mwemesi Kenya LIASOM   
Sarah Mukasa Uganda Akina Mama wa Afrika   
Kayode Fahemi Nigeria CBB   
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Evans A. Kangwana Kenya U.O.N.   
Machera Evans Kenya OKAO Bosire Advocates   
Mbekar Daniell Kenya Men for Gender Equality Now   
Janet Muwywoki Kenya Commuter Welfare Association (COWEA)   
Fred Mbaka Kenya Citizen Empowerment Int.   
Jack H. Oduor Kenya Pamoja Tujenge Society   
Lydia A. Ashioriow Kenya National Youth Organisation   
Wachira A. Wanjiw Kenya Ndonye & Associates Advocates   
Muthoni N. Kamau Kenya Ndonye Associates Advocates   
Solomon Palmer Gambia ACDHRS   
Beatrice Kalley Gambia ACDHRS   
Genevieve Boko Nadjo Benin WiLDAF-Benin   
Zeinab Kamil Ali Djibouti Human Rights Committee Djibouti   
Ngozi Jipreze Nigeria Federal Ministry of Women's Affairs   
aof universty Turkey    
Janine Moolman South Africa    
Heather Stitt United Kingdom    
NICK VISCOS Greece   via SMS
Nikos Greece   via SMS
Cecilia Osterman Nigeria    
Shirley Henderson Germany Institute for Women's Research and Gender Studies   
susan vermaak United Kingdom Anthropologist  If I can be of help in any way - please contact. I lived in Southern Africa for 32 years.
Leon Irish United States of America International Center for Civil Society Law   
Elisabeth Benga-De Senegal USAID   
SAMUEL N AGU Nigeria   via SMS
Thenjiwe Magwaza South Africa Gender Studies UKZN   
Maria-Teresa Roberto Senegal    
Lene Overland South Africa Independent Consultant   
Catherine Kilelu Canada    
Nana Afadzinu Ghana    
aisha rafeeq United States of America    
Cathy Newton United Kingdom    
Mina TAFNOUT Morocco    
Aso Balan South Africa    
Said Ghalib United Kingdom   Good initiative!
Zeinab Jama Kenya UNESCO   
Hodan Abdillahi A. Karani Kenya Norweigina Peoples' Aid   
Taina Bien-Aime United States of America Equality Now   
angela perletti Italy    
Kukubo Barasa Kenya University of Nairobi  We have to stop child motherhood.
John Obazee Nigeria    
Waithumbi Mutahi Kenya   via SMS
arnda aw Indonesia   i need mail to sms
Sidy Sissokho Senegal USAID/Senegal   
Eric Beach United States of America    
Mosope Fagbongbe Nigeria Women LAw and Development Center  I am working on the Protocol at the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canda and would like to follow up on events relating to the Protocol
Diane Gedeon Lebanon Surgderier   
Tamara Herman Canada    
Miriam Madziwa Zimbabwe   via SMS
Suraya Asmal South Africa    
Yolande Edwige Kabore Burkina Faso Centre Culturel Americain   
loice Bwambale South Africa   via SMS
MDOE STEPHEN Tanzania Radi Tanzania Newspaper  Although I'm male, but I woud like to attend some seminars, course and Training Programmes regarding Human rights for women and children, because as Journalist, I want to learn more about human rights.
Hussein M. Iman Moalim Somali Democratic Republic Mogadishu University   
Rabi Yahaya Ahmad Nigeria Bureau of Public Enerprises,#1 osun Crescent off Ibb Way Maitama   
Sekhou Camara United Kingdom www.africaservices.net  I think is time for people to consider the rights of women. They are the backbones of our societies.
Inge Fuchs South Africa    
David Omozuafoh Nigeria HSDi  Without respect for the rights of women, there is no development, NEPAD will be a waste of time and energy. Africa governments can only demonstrate their seriousness for development as expressed in NEPAD by signning this procol.Women are over half the population of Africa, ignoring their rights means under development for over half of Africa's population.
Anneke Bosman Netherlands   via SMS
Wainaina Mungai Kenya   via SMS
n Leon South Africa   via SMS
Gérard de Sélys Belgium   I am a belgian author.
joseph masanja Tanzania AMREF  no comments
Steven Plotkin Canada   a women should have the same rights as a man to realize her full potential.
Linke Marnewick South Africa    
Lea Boaventura Mozambique terre des hommes Germany   
Jas Vaghadia United Kingdom IDS   
Benjamin Black United Kingdom   Best wishes!
Nancy Peng United States of America ************   
Hannelie Van Wyk South Africa Companies & Intellectuak Property Registration Office   
Ngozi Obiageli Jipreze Nigeria   via SMS
Marlene Omondi Kenya   via SMS
anex wanjiru Kenya   via SMS
Gothataone Moeng Botswana    
wesley bii Kenya mogadishu university  Women rights are human rights
RITA NJOGU Kenya   via SMS
Dani C United States of America    
jaffer omolloh ouma Kenya   via SMS
lydia ashionoh Kenya   via SMS
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Julie McWilliam United Kingdom Institute of Development Studies   
kieron abbott United Kingdom    
PAMELA TAYLOR United Kingdom    
SALLY SMITH United Kingdom    
Lucila Garcia Argentina    
Linda Waldman United Kingdom Institute of Development Studies   
Cheryl Brown United Kingdom IDS   
Susan Jolly United Kingdom BRIDGE, Institute of Development Studies   
THERESE OMARI Congo, Dem. Rep. of  ( Zaire) FONDATION FEMME PLUS  je m'engange à souscrire à cette pétition car les droits des femmes doivent vraiment étre pratiques càd vécues par ces dernières comme nos frères, maris ou pères. bien que dans le texte rien n'est à réprocher dans le quotidien nous vivons des histoires qui ne sont pas dignes d'étre vues au 201ème siècle.dans notre organisatioon qui s'occupe des personnes vivant avec le vihsida, les conditions de contamination de ces femmes sont les mêmes mais ce qui choque, ce qu'il y a des femmes qui connaissent l'état sérologique de leur mari mais se savent pas disposer de leurs corps de peur de son mari et surtout si ce refus est mis sur la table, la communauté ne lui donnera pas raison
anne marie goetz United Kingdom Institute of Development Studies  What an excellent initiative! I support the Protocol whole-heartedly.
heather cooper Turkey    
Terese Gustafsson United States of America    
Terese Gustafsson Sweden    
roselys vencatachellum Mauritius   via SMS
EMBRENCHIA South Africa   via SMS
Maj Fiil-Flynn United States of America Public Citizen/Water for All   
Friederike Knabe Canada    
Rebecca Shah United Kingdom    
Henrietta Van Rooyen United Kingdom    
Bethel Terefe Ethiopia Panos Ethiopia   
Abraham Kumela Ethiopia Panos Ethiopia   
Catherine Burnett South Africa    
Michelle Grobbelaar South Africa    
Dapaah christopher Ghana Resource Link foundation   
christopher Dapaah Ghana Resource link Foundation  In our community in Ghana/Banda we are faced with FGM problems. Now Resource Link Foundation, a local NGO is looking for financial support addressing it. Any help is welcome. christopher/coordinator
Naureen Khan United Kingdom    
Hannelie Fleming United States of America    
Embrenchia Snyman South Africa KommerKoel CC   
Doreen Forbes Canada    
Ntomboxolo Maheneza South Africa   via SMS
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Roger G FRANCIS Liberia Ready Foundation Inc. (NGO)   
Laetitia Botha South Africa Pearson Education SA   
Mary Ralphs South Africa    
Alison Paulin South Africa Pearson Education South Africa   
Lisa Treffry-Goatley South Africa    
webster tafadzwa Zimbabwe mwengo   
Bev Russell South Africa Social Surveys   
marksta toyana South Africa   if we do not do it for ourselves, noone will do it for us. WOMEN RISE AND TAKE ACTION!!
sanne stroosnijder Netherlands rntc   
x x United States of America   All people are equal! Equal rights for all!
Irene Odera Kenya Netcom Information Systems  Its a high time women in Africa stepped forward to fight for their rights.
Manya Seisay Sweden    
miradije hodza Serbia and Montenegro university   
Dierdre Thomas United States of America   This is a Human Rights issue. It must succeed.
John Jatta United States of America Private   
Bridget Meehan Ireland University of Ulster   
Margaret Hanks United States of America    
Wang Shung Japan Global Issues  hiro moto sun
Betty Mudhune Kenya Interconnect Ltd   
Constance Katsouras South Africa The Women's Legal Centre   
Nikolett Hegedűs Hungary    
SANOGO Aïssetou Burkina Faso UNAFRI  Together to built a strong, democratic and human rights culture as a foundation for peace, stability, democracy and sustainable development !
Nicolette Van der Walt South Africa SAMGI   
Ernesto Vialva South Africa YDAP   
Vanessa Fredanus van Gelder South Africa POWA   
Judith Smith South Africa Southern African Media and Gender Institute (SAMGI)   
eegje schoo Netherlands    
Angelika Tanha Germany    
Ryan Shanahan United States of America    
Jacqueline Bruce South Africa    
Stephanie Shakur United States of America The Nommo Gathering   
Peggy Teagle Canada Agriteam Canada   
Diop Oumar Hamadi Netherlands Lyceum  La condition de vie des femmes de facon generale est difficile. L'egoisme des hommes et le poids des religions font que la femme est etre banal. Pour ameliorer la condition des femmes il faut insister au niveau de l'education et de la religion. Les moeurs, les coutumes, les religions constituent des facteurs d'oppression pour les femmes et surtout elles ne sont pas eduquees. Donc l'education est un facteur de changement pour une societe equilibee.
John Britton New Zealand    
Helen Leavenworth United States of America    
ron bowen United States of America    
Nathalie Fradin-Hood Kenya    
flora masoy Tanzania morogoro paralegal centre  none
Reginald Ndesika Tanzania Tanzania Broadcasting Services  African women's rights are human rights!
Ben Kioko Ethiopia AU   
Taghmeda Achmat South Africa Community Health Media Trust  T.Achmat
Vanina Broens Monaco    
Cherie Wood United States of America Grassroots Global Activism   
Philomene Luyindula South Africa    
GRACE FREDERICK Tanzania   I woul like to participate in different conferences and seminars concerning women issues , so please invite me when possible.
Elizabeth Barger United States of America PeaceRoots Alliance  If I had a cellphone I would give you the number. Women must be equal members of the human society. Ratification of this protocol will free half our population from cruel lifetime pain and punishment. Ratification will raise all Africans into world citizenship and power.
OYA KUTLU Turkey   via SMS
Margarida Mota Portugal    
Jill lloyd United States of America    
Njeri Mugo Kenya AFCME   
Mumbi Mugo Kenya New York Life Insurance Company   
Micere Githae Mugo Kenya Syracuse University and United Women of Africa Organization   
Gonzo Manyasi United Kingdom   Keep up the fight - for ALL your rights!
Ivana Pleša Croatia    
Elan Durham United States of America    
salia alhassan Ghana komfo anokye teaching hospital   
Bernard Mhando Tanzania   Naunga mkono Itifaki hii.
Caterina Muccio Italy    
R. Barker United States of America    
Doris Gordon Nigeria Policy and Development Center (PolDeC)  If anything, women in Africa can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that they have a legal instrument that protects them from what I call torture through harmful traditional practices such as FGM
Ndeye Ndiaya NDOYE Senegal SOS EQUILIBRE  le 26 aout avec plus de 400 femmes, SOS Equilibre a contribué à la vulgarisation et signé des pétitions pour le Président de la République
Cynthia Sloan United States of America   I will be more than happy to assist in any way possible.
Amanda Sullivan United States of America   Please ratify this most important Protocol to show your support for ending violence and discrimination against women and girls in Africa
Emmie Chanika Malawi CCivil Liberties Committee  I sign knowing without allocar resources to Legal Aid, victims will still suffer as they can not get redress.
Maxwell Matewere Malawi Eye of the Child   
MAVIS BOND United Kingdom GLOBAL TRAVEL CARD  May the rights that I have always enjoyed be given to all women in Africa, and soon!
Patience chiyangwa Zimbabwe   via SMS
Colleen Hollett South Africa    
Hakikazi Catalyst Tanzania Hakikazi Catalyst   
Joachim Ohia Nigeria Rights Protection Network [RIPRONET]  I have the hope that my girls will enjoy that freedom that life (nature) bestow on them. I am willing to collaborate further on this. Thank you for the sensitization efforts.
grace charles Tanzania freelance journalist   
Malinga Christine Switzerland    
Marcela de la Pena Belgium Le monde selon les femmes   
Bill Fischer Switzerland    
Dieter Gerhardt South Africa    
Eva Cox United States of America   I feel proud to sign this petition for the women of Africa.
la lange United States of America    
Caitlin Ba United States of America    
Patience Campbell United States of America    
Ursula Troche United Kingdom Culture-Net-Work   
J Rosenberg United States of America NA   
Alli Payne United States of America    
Natalie J. Heyden United States of America    
Germanus Joseph Tanzania    
Denise Savage United States of America   Louise Otto said, "The history of all times, and of today especially, teaches that ... women will be forgotten if they forget to think about themselves."
Amanda Nichols United States of America    
Barbara Boswell United States of America    
Bernard Duterme Belgium CETRI   
Michel Lanfrey Tanzania Virtual Communication   
mark rogerson United Kingdom   via SMS
CHI LANG LE Vietnam   via SMS
Claudine Drion Belize ONG Le monde selon les femmes  www.mondefemmes.org
John Heuzel Belgium Kruispunt   
Eric Singh South Africa freelance journalist  I wish youlots of success and if I can help to publize your efforts, please do not hesitate to contact me. My particulars. I am a member of the ANC South Africa and am resident in Germany
Roels Martina Belgium    
hassino ibrahim Niger na  i am realy happy to get this web site
Dr Paul KAHABI Tanzania sHINYANGA FOUNDATION FUND  The rts of women in Africa should be taken in marshall plan as the serious case to tackle
Venance George Tanzania Mwananchi Communications Limited  I will be ready to support women's effort to fight for their rights, please call me whenever my opinion is needed.
Dolores Ruiz Belgium European Parliament   
ADEFUNKE AKINYELE United Kingdom    
Margaret Urban South Africa    
Gina Heyrman Belgium ABVV-Scheldeland   
Montecchi Elena Italy   Keep on fighting.. you are wonderful!
Sarah Howard United Kingdom UNICEF UK   
Guido VAN HECKEN Belgium European Parliament   
Martha Chipo Mutisi Zimbabwe Africa University  Together, we will make the rights of women a reality.
Michael Challo Kenya    
consolata Godfrey Tanzania Wunderman   
Marko Gideon Tanzania MISA-Tanzania  Ratificaion of the protocal will promote good governance, democracy as well as development in Africa
naima chrafi Algeria avocate LADH   
Anneke Meerkotter South Africa AIDS Law Project   
Marlise Richter South Africa AIDS Law Project   
Disu Odette Congo, Dem. Rep. of  ( Zaire) ASSEMOKEN  je souhaite vraiment que vous recoltiez beaucoup de signature à cette pétition pour qu'enfin, ce protocole puisse être ratifié.
Patricia Kole Botswana Botswana Media Women Association   
Muletambo Brian Lingela Zambia MISA Zambia  We shall be there!
Modise Hastance Maphanyane Botswana MISA Botswana  We support equal treatment for all
Lungowe Matakala South Africa University of Pretoria  Thank you for sending me this message.
Paule Assogba Senegal WVI   
Rebecca Lathwood United Kingdom    
F Akiyode Nigeria WARDC - Women Advocates Research & Documentation Centre   
Luckson Chipare Namibia MISA   
Velenca Slovenia   via SMS
venia papa Cyprus   via SMS
philip burnett South Africa   via SMS
Lauri Kubuitsile Botswana Central Advertiser   
Rauna Nawa Namibia MISA   
Carmen Cupido Namibia MISA-Namibia   
agatha semeyian Kenya purchasing   
Jennifer Mufune Namibia MISA, Regional   
Anisa Abdi Somali Democratic Republic Gargaar Organization  on be half of Gargaar Organization let to keep the women rights together, come to stop FGM Anisa Abdi Gargaar Organization Somaliland
Prince Ukaegbu Nigeria Campaign for Democratic Culture in Nigeria   
Rachel Tyler United States of America    
Djibril Saidou Niger Alternative espaces citoyens  Je vous exhorte dans cet élan.
willie pronk Netherlands    
B Houbion United States of America   With much prayer and good work, this petition shall pass.
Fahreen Mawjee Canada    
amanya wafula Kenya    
Indivar Dutta-Gupta United States of America Amnesty International USA   
Louwrika Vaandrager South Africa Amnesty International   
Elena Valenciano Spain Erpean Parliament   
Gill Drury United Kingdom Students Partnership Worldwide   
Grace otor Nigeria WARDC   
wardc wardc Nigeria wardc   
women advocates res and doc center (WARDC) WARDC Nigeria WARDC   
oyeniji bolaji Nigeria WARDC   
deko jide Nigeria WARD   
Akiyode abiola Nigeria women advocates research and documentation center (WARDC, lagos  We are determined to put pressure on the government of Nigeira through our networks to see to Nigeria's ratification of same. Aluta continua WARDC
Gichinga Ndirangu Kenya Civil Society activist  It's time to challenge our governments to make women's rights count. The protocol will help provide an important basis for affirming the rights of women in Africa.
Joanne Kabiru Kenya    
NATHANIEL MOLEFE South Africa SOUTH AFRICAN STUDENT CONGRESS  It si good to see that there are peoople out who i dooing their best to help fight for the rights of women in the whole of Africa and this should not only end here it should also be takaen outside the boarders of Africa to countries were women are abused. But this should not only focuse on women alone it should also be done for the children as they are also abused and mistreated and these are our future leaders then we must respect them also. keep up the Good work you are doing guys!!! IN South Africa we say we PROUDLY SOUTH AfRICANS and I"M saying I AM ALSO PROUDLY AFRICAN.
Colleen Carey United States of America    
karen koslowsky United States of America    
wangui maina Kenya    
Debra Bucher Ghana Oxfam   
Sr. Silvia Palomo Kenya Missionary sisters of Our Lady of Africa   
Margret Derek Kenya MSOLA   
Betty Syanda Kenya   We may be diffrent in color and shape but we are all human. We all deserve an equal Chance.
Catt Baum United Kingdom    
Marcia Manong South Africa SANGOCO   
Michael Greenberg United States of America    
Joanna Collins United States of America    
Liz Mwambui Kenya    
CAROLINE Muthoni Kenya    
Katherine Bushman United States of America    
BAOBAB for Women's Human Rights BAOBAB for Women's Human Rights Nigeria    
ELINA LEYLA ARZAR Germany SOUTHPANAFRICAN INTERNATIONAL S P I  I am woman , i need every body to respect women rights is only way to get peace and resolve many problems who affect this world now specialy africa the men are lost every thing we need to get in top and bring hope for africa I am come from Kenia seek asylum in German working like Director for Advocatesforyouthspi Headqurters Lassallestr 14 21073 Hamburg Germany
patrick mutahi Kenya    
Leonard Hooks United States of America   May God bless your cause!
Emilio Santucci United Kingdom n/a  congratulation!about time somebody will do something for Women in Africa;never too let.ps:I know quite well Africa,I have spent nearly 40 years there,south,central,east&west.
Ngukwase Surma Nigeria Connecting Gender for development, Kaduna.  Good initiative. I think we need to begin to raise awareness of the protocol amoungst women's groups ,media and other interest groups within our countries. this may help put pressure on our governments to sign and ratify the protocol
de riz teresa Italy    
Ben Gales United States of America   This protocol must pass.
Gianmarco Accarpio Italy    
Nicole Peterson United States of America    
Kelda Remington United Kingdom    
orietta callegari Italy   go, women go!
Lee Albert United States of America    
sibanze simuchoba Zambia nkm&associates  iam absolutely keen on this
Manuela Davanzo Italy    
Margot Albert Kenya    
Jessica Srader United States of America    
MARIETTA AGYEIWAA Ghana AWLA  It's about time African Head of states took positive action to promote and enhance the rights of the people they govern. We entreat all heads of states to sign and ratify this protocol.
makaziwe mgobozi South Africa siyakhanyisa hiv/aids support group   
'Dejo Olowu Denmark Danish Institute for Human Rights  African leaders cannot afford to shy away from the plight of African women. The sooner all stakeholders begin to critically address the alleviation of the gender biases of our development agenda, the better for the preservation of the dignity of every African. Uhuru na Umoja!
Eugenia Date-Bah Switzerland ILO  The rights of women are a sine quanon for gender equality to be pursued in a serious manner
Faye Epstein South Africa individual   
Michelle Culverwell South Africa   via SMS
Ben Chessey United States of America    
Josephine Yanga United Kingdom DIASPORA (UK)   
Wanjira Gitau Kenya Association for Progressive Communications (APC)   
miriam mugalani Kenya securicor   
Tommy Hayden Ireland   via SMS
Lynnsey Skliros South Africa   via SMS
wahida badrodien South Africa   via SMS
Jutta Teigeler United Kingdom Oxfam GB   
Aggie Kalungu-Banda United Kingdom Oxfam GB   
Nadira Omarjee South Africa POWA  It is vital that the protocol be ratified in order to ensure the protection of women in conflicts on the continent and by ensuring the participation of women in policy formation.
sandy okkers South Africa AIDS Legal Network   
Tshipinare Marumo South Africa People Opposing Women Abuse (POWA)   
judith libaisi Kenya cheche   
Esther Lartey Ghana The Heritage  pls how can i apply to the Degree programmes and also the schorlaship? counting on your usual support. thants a lot bye then Esther
Sarah James United Kingdom    
Dinah Kayumba Zambia Individual   
Scholastica Phiri Sierra Leone United Nations Mission in SierraLeone   
Bernedette Muthien South Africa Engender   
Sara Maclagan Belgium Law firm   
Saihou Sanyang Gambia African Centre for Democracy and Human Rights Studies (ACDHRS)   
Rosemary Ekosso Tanzania   via SMS
Ted Donlan United States of America Publisher, ddjangoWIrE   
okwa morphy - enebeli Nigeria National Human Rights Commission   
Jannie Malan South Africa    
Nandini Patel    
Tony Karbo Sierra Leone    
Umurerwa Blondine Rwanda    
Muna Sikaulu Zambia   I urge you to ratify the protocol to enhance development by increasing the capacities and opportunities and protection of women.
Emebet Kebede Ethiopia    
Dr Bernadette Lahai Sierra Leone   Don't just ratify, ensure its domestication as well.
Shedrack Best Nigeria    
Martha Matusi Zimbabwe    
Connie Geerhart United States of America    
Babalwa Mantame South Africa Black Lawyers Association   
Michaël Picq Belgium none   
Mahdi Hauwa Sweden ---------------   
Anna Workman United States of America    
Edouard Kabazimya Congo, Dem. Rep. of  ( Zaire) Initiatives Femmes, Enfants et Developpement (IFED)   
Ingrid Ermanovics Canada    
Steven Cayford United States of America    
Nancy Stafford United States of America    
Oliver Wonekha Uganda   via SMS
Saa Blama Liberia LINCEFA  This is a genuine petition for peace in Africa becuase women are always the victims of conflict and are also marginalized.
lilette benayad-chérif Algeria rachda   
Eirini Charalambidou Greece    
Maria Stuttaford United Kingdom    
Chardiya Ahmad United Kingdom    
Asma'u Joda Nigeria Centre for Women and Adolescent Empowerment   
A H Kinabo Tanzania   via SMS
our org We support KIBORE M LUMONA secretary general box no 4114 dar es salaam tanzania E mail lumbe Tanzania   via SMS
Olive Ejang Cameroon Women and Development in Cameroon  We the women are calling on African Head of States to ratify the protocal, because women's rights are abused every day. In my country, a woman cannot be Divisional Officer, Senior Divisional Officer,Governor, Prime Minister and other top positions in the country. Gone are the days when women were second class citizens. Besides, women are victims of social abuses. our plea with the Head ofStates is that, if the ratification is made, then social ills and maginalisation will end, thus, development. "our rights are human rights.
Saija Ohtonen Finland    
Razia Parker South Africa    
wahida Badrodien Parker South Africa Black Lawyers Association   
Annette Gartland France    
Margaret Matthew South Africa    
Nasila Rembe South Africa UNESCO Chair at the Univesrity of Fort Hare  African States must demostrate their commitment to human rights and the objectives of the African Union by ratifying this important Protocol on the rights of Women in Africa.
Markos Nikolopoulos Greece   via SMS
Juana Kweitel Brazil Conectas Direitos Humanos   
Julie Littwin United States of America    
Laraine Lippe United States of America International Trachoma Initiative   
Suzi Faye Senegal Oxfam GB   
Nita Wink Netherlands PwC   
Filio Fouska Greece   via SMS
sasha greenspan United States of America    
Jesse Greenspan United States of America    
jennifer radloff South Africa   via SMS
Nguyen Hong Vu Vietnam   via SMS
Kostas Pavlou Greece   via SMS
kenya womens political caucus Kenya   via SMS
Sandra Pitchers South Africa IDRC   
Moira Faul United Kingdom    
John Dada Nigeria Fantsuam Foundation   
Ursulah van Rensburg South Africa    
Vivian mollel Tanzania   via SMS
Fatimata Seye Sylla Senegal   via SMS
Montse Claros Gimeno Spain   via SMS
g Kissell Luxembourg   via SMS
ChiChi Aniagolu Nigeria   via SMS
stuart Mcwilliam United Kingdom   via SMS
elizabeth kamau Kenya Abantu for Development East South Region  via SMS
Claudette Lowery United States of America    
faize bedirhan Kenya    
Angus Baden Martens Zimbabwe National Association For the Advancement of Mixed Race People  Good work & keep up the fight in Africa for women rights as we see an escalation of repression by African governments.Here in Zimbabwe I call women the 'Pillars of Strength'for they are strong in their determination to fight against brutal regimes(Mugabe)
Vali Qyrfyci Albania    
Jessica DiCamillo United States of America    
Aijalon Rios United States of America    
Nellie Kamau Kenya Young Women's Leadership Institute   
Ripple Patel United States of America    
celia michau United States of America    
Angel Carter United States of America    
Emma Reeve United States of America    
promise unwene United Kingdom ADVAD   
Rachel Mertz United States of America    
Dana Lowery United States of America    
Murhambo chirhalwirwa Congo, Dem. Rep. of  ( Zaire) Christian Aid   
Konjit Gifawossen Ethiopia    
Kathambi Kinoti Kenya Young Women's Leadership Institute   
David Ideele Nigeria Movement for the Survival Of The Ogoni People  All African leaders need to show commitment to creating better opportunity to African women in various arears of human endearvor
Dominique South Africa   via SMS
Mariam Nakisekka 2nd sms from me Uganda   via SMS
Chris Aziz United Kingdom Journalist  Good Luck! May Africa have its first female president soon - a compassionate, honest and strong woman....to lead the way..
Emily Rosdeitcher United States of America    
Terry Schaunaman United States of America self   
robinson rider United States of America girls soccer in kibera   
Claire Hamel Canada Missionary of Africa  I hope the whole world will realise the injustice which has been done to women for ages and will sign this petition to give them their rights
Jamie Balfour-Paul United Kingdom Oxfam GB   
Ahmed Malah Egypt Global Youth Partners (GYP) - Egypt   
Helen gilbert South Africa   via SMS
Peris Wakesho Kenya   via SMS
inez schade Netherlands    
Remmy Nweke Nigeria Champion Newspapers   
Takayama Lisa Philippines    
Beth Henry United States of America Axis of Logic.com   
Polly Ericksen United States of America    
Aminu Usman Nigeria   via SMS
Esther Ainyo Uganda   via SMS
Forum for Democracy and Good Governance National Assembly Nigeria Nigeria   via SMS
Mariam Nakisekka Uganda   via SMS
lavinia horton Spain   via SMS
The Rev Sam Fatoyinbo Nigeria   via SMS
Lindy Wright South Africa    
Franck KINNINVO Benin FoJeD/Jrnal Le Municipal   
Meqdes Mesfin United States of America    
E. Ndiaye Senegal    
Fatima Seedat South Africa Independent   
Hope Ogbeide Nigeria Society for Water & Public Health Protection (SWAPHEP)  This is a worthy course
Ana Carolina Mexico    
Ezekiel Pajibo Liberia Center for Democratic Empowerment  I support Women rights
Jennifer Lentfer Zimbabwe    
Eugenia Ameyaw-Gyarko South Africa Jireh development for youth &women  I fully support the protocol on human rights especially women. Women even after "liberation"/ " democracy are still the most oppressed.
Jama Abdullahi Somali Democratic Republic Somali Intellectual forum  I fully support this petition from Somalia
Mahadi Mopeli South Africa    
Tiisetso Mopeli South Africa    
Karl Miller United Kingdom Arms Reduction Coalition  RE AU Declaration on Gender Equality in Africa, Addis Ababa July 6-8 2004. wish I was a woman as I think this is a great opportunity to launch a group to assist / facilitate the implementation of this declaration as well as harangue the governments to ensure they keep their word.
Amanda Lugg United States of America    
Lyn Woods United Kingdom Work4Change   
Malaika Nelms United States of America Afrikan N'Fluence  Please keep me informed. I am an AFrican-American, who goal is advocate the liberty and justice of all those associated with the historical continent of Africa.
Aminu Usman Nigeria Development Pathways  Do endorse the right of women and hope that this charter will further the enhancement of the status of women. It should therefore be ratified.
Rita Kahurananga Tanzania World Vision  We always hear songs about Mama Africa, yet as a young and aspiring African woman, where is Mama Africa? Busy toiling in the sun, receiving meagre wages, suffering from full-blown Aids, is raped, tortured and harassed in every corner. Women of Africa need to join hands across country barriers, generational gaps and social stigma in our broken societies and mend the bridge to real peace and protection for the rights of Mama Africa - only then can she stand for who she really is.
Saidou Arji Niger Réseau des Journalistes pour les Droits de l'Homme   
Joy Gregory United Kingdom    
Taina Bien-Aime United States of America Equality Now   
Antonia Kirkland United States of America Equality Now   
Jacqueline Hunt United Kingdom Equality Now   
Bérangère Nzamba France   je soutiens la campagne pour la ratification du protocole pour les droits de la femme par l'ensemble des pays africains
Amanda Sullivan United States of America Equality Now   
Vladislav Povorozniuc Moldova    
Nkiru Obioha Nigeria   via SMS
Wariara Mbugua Kenya    
Sarah Maguire United Kingdom    
Mark Chadwick South Africa   via SMS
BWAMBALE.M.P. LOICE BIIRA Uganda Parliament of Uganda  am excited to get this mail. in uganda we are making our gervernment ratify the protocol we have held several meeting and written both to the Ministers of Gender, foriegn affairs and the Vice President to have the Government take action to ratify the protocol.Am a pan african parliament, mp from uganda i will take the appel to that level also.
TRAM THIEN THU Vietnam   via SMS
raphael ogali Nigeria centre for integrated development initiatives  Respect for human dignity,all african member states should hastened and ratify the Protocol immediately.
Zubeda omer unhcr Uganda   via SMS
brigitte nossek South Africa   via SMS
Joseph D Njau tz Tanzania   via SMS
Monica Mbaru Mwangi Kenya   via SMS
GRAEME ARENDSE South Africa   via SMS
Barbara NOST Italy   via SMS
Natalia Joller Switzerland    
Wimi Wittwer Kenya    
Anthonia Igwe Nigeria Gender Development Services (GDS)   
Frances Ogwo Nigeria HURILAWS   
Hannatu Hammajam Nigeria Oxfam GB   
Vicki Edwards United Kingdom    
Okechukwu Kalu Nigeria Presbyterian Community Services an Development  This exercise is long overdue.
rifqah roomaney South Africa   via SMS
Osaro Odemwingie Nigeria Media Rights Agenda   
Chongsi Ayeah Joseph Cameroon CENTRE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS AND PEACE ADVOCACY(CHRAPA)  My organization has taen up the campain to collect signatures in Cameroon so as to urge Cameroon Government to ratify the Protocol.Weshall give you the details about it. Please,stay in contact with me if possible for more information on the development of this campain.
Omowole Ifeyinwa Nigeria News agency of Nigeria  Am glad someone is taking the initiative we could not take, please keep it up and contact me if you need any help from Nigeria.
Nguyen Van Sang Vietnam   via SMS
CECILE YONG Mauritius   via SMS
Roger South Africa   via SMS
sarah marsden United Kingdom   I hope I can help the situation.
Yemisi Ransome-Kuti Nigeria Nigeria Network of NGOs (NNNGO)   
UDOGWU EZE AGU Nigeria IGBO WORLD FORUM  We should be proud of our women as their menfolk's equal partners in a free and equal world.
Ali Ibrahim Ghana Union for Development   
Oludare Odumuye Nigeria Alliance Rights,Nigeria  Great Initiative.We shall overcome.
Louwrika Vaandrager South Africa Amnesty International   
Cathy Scott Netherlands   Great idea! All the best in your efforts to improve women's rights and representation in Africa.
Bunmi Onanuga United Kingdom Adesemowo & Co Solicitors   
Kristina Stockwood Canada    
OLUBUNMI ADEYINKA United Kingdom CREDO - for freedom of expression & associated rights   
shelina begum United Kingdom adesemowo & co solicitors   
Kennedy Mukwindidza United States of America United Methodist   
Leila Dzaferovic Switzerland ACT International   
Melaku Kifle Switzerland World Council of Churches   
Wandia African leades Walk the talk on women s rights Ratify and implement Kenya   via SMS
Nguyen Thi Trang Dai Vietnam   via SMS
Sanja Gohre Switzerland   via SMS
MAGGIE NGAIZA Tanzania   via SMS
S A SADDIKH Ghana   via SMS
Hilda Mawanda Kenya Kenya   via SMS
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Victoria Maloka South Africa Centre for Conflict Resolution  via SMS
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Phuongpaula Vietnam   via SMS
kiaty Vietnam   via SMS
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Lieu Ich Sang Vietnam   via SMS
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Nguyen Tuan Anh Vietnam   via SMS
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Yaw Opoku North America   via SMS
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Fabrizio Achilli Italy   via SMS
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Signed Mumbi Kaigwa Kenya   via SMS
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Pagan amum okeich Kenya   via SMS
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Joseph YAV Katshung Congo, Dem. Rep. of ( Zaire)   via SMS
Augustine Lombe Zambia   via SMS
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anil naidoo South Africa   via SMS
moses kachima Botswana   via SMS
gerry SALOLE South Africa   via SMS
kizito mushizi Congo, Dem. Rep. of ( Zaire)   via SMS
lucy gilson South Africa   via SMS
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Nqaba Bucwa South Africa   via SMS
munirah osman South Africa   via SMS
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charley lewis South Africa   via SMS
annabel South Africa   via SMS
MARIA KANGONI Zimbabwe   via SMS
kafilat agboola United Kingdom   via SMS
michelle Kagari India   via SMS
AGNES NG ANGA Tanzania   via SMS
Sian Long South Africa   via SMS
Irungu houghton Kenya   via SMS
Barbara Schreiner South Africa   via SMS
jojo sand Mauritius   via SMS
Michelle Parlevliet South Africa   via SMS
ARJANNE RIETSEMA Netherlands   via SMS
judy oder United Kingdom   via SMS
Charlotte Allen Mozambique   via SMS
Emily Kroes Ghana   via SMS
noreen ramsden South Africa   via SMS
tom davies United Kingdom   via SMS
George Manyika Zimbabwe   via SMS
Jackie Dugard South Africa   via SMS
Tim Halvey South Africa   via SMS
Arlyne Jeannot France   via SMS
Tally palmer South Africa   via SMS
alexandre chan kive Mauritius   via SMS
Jahan Rohiman Mauritius   via SMS
nidimathieu Mauritius   via SMS
leilahurgobin Mauritius   via SMS
annabel meere South Africa   via SMS
yousouf nowrung Mauritius   via SMS
Albaz Khan Mauritius   via SMS
stephanie chimier Mauritius   via SMS
leavengta Mauritius   via SMS
Christian de Cazanove Mauritius   via SMS
kavish bhoonah Mauritius   via SMS
Jean marc JULIEN Mauritius   via SMS
Margaqet adolphe Mauritius   via SMS
thybuccus shah Mauritius   via SMS
emilie clair Mauritius   via SMS
amboka wameyo Tanzania world vision  via SMS
Jinty Jackson France private   
Jennifer Sharpe South Africa Landelahni   
Hélène Passtoors Belgium Veteran combatant and political prisoner South Africa  Congratulations to the AU for the Protocol and may all countries ratify the rights that all African women deserve and so many have fought for.
Asyia Sheik South Africa    
caroline fuseau United Kingdom Computer Aid International   
Theresa Chewe Zambia SACCORD   
Christine Atieno Kenya   Most of the African Governments should ratify this protocol as it will go a long way in assisting African Women in their quest for equality in all spheres of life.
Estelle Jobson South Africa Soul Beat Africa  I am proud to be a (white) African and to support women's rights in my country. Viva!
Idoye Zabala Spain University of Bask Country   
Elizabeth Kgwadi South Africa National Land Committee   
jim anderson South Africa wilberforce info networking  thanks for the initiative!
Bente Brandt Germany    
Rosemary Barber-Madden United States of America Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University   
Karissa Silver United States of America    
Dr Paul T.Sangija Tanzania TANZANIA DISABLED PERSONS MOVEMENT(TDPM)  The rights of women and girls in Africa are more critical for the continent development, to abuse these rights will stagnate this social,political and economic development to reach the millenium development goals
Abiodun Adekoya Shebiotimo United Kingdom CREDO   
Marie Chantal Mali Republic World Vision  No comments, just only to say that this petition call all of us particularly women and not only women but men also because we help each other.
Walter Omariba Canada University of Western Ontario   
Kristina Althoff United States of America Vermont Democratic Party   
Kerry-Ann McLean United States of America   I look forward to the day when every single African State will have signed and ratified the Protocol. That will be a day of celebration throughout the continent....
Hilde Bergsma Uganda VSO Uganda   
Nejat Nuru Ethiopia British Council  I am happy to sign this petition.
Agnes Kabajuni Uganda Human Rights Network, Uganda (HURINET (U))  HURINET (U) is a human rights network that is in full support of women's rights. We are appreciative of this initiative and we welcome all other advocacy initiative. Personally I have experienced women's rights abuses and challenges at the grass root where I worked before I joined HURINET (U) It our moral obligation as CSOs to advocade for the rights of women and such a protocal enhances our cause!
Gregory Reiser United States of America    
Stephanie Masker United States of America    
Jane Madden United States of America    
Bello kemi Nigeria    
Sarah Muzaki Uganda INOVU  The Struggle Continues!!!
Cindi Katz United States of America    
Meg Griffiths United States of America    
Aref Mohamed AREF Djibouti A.D.D.H.et Avocat international  Plus encore en Afrique qu'ailleurs et comme l'a si bien dit le poète "la Femme est l'avenir de l'Homme".
Yadankush Getinet United States of America    
Zoe Titus Namibia MISA   
Isobel Acquah United Kingdom   Good luck! Brilliant cause.
Nina Inamahoro United States of America    
Patsy Robertson United Kingdom   Patsy Robertson
Patsy Robertson United Kingdom Widows Rights International  The reform of inheritance rights in many countries in Africa is of vital importance to widows and their children .They face dispossession,homelessnessand sexual abuse . The lawa must be improved and upheld.
Catrina Pickering United Kingdom ARTICLE 19   
Sheila Muwanga Uganda Foundation for Human Rights Initiative  We are in full support.
Harmony Bobga-Mbuton Cameroon Human Rights Clinic and Education Center  Mother is Gold. Daughters are the greatest gift of life. THEIR RIGHTS MUST BE PROTECTED IN LAW
Jean-Paul Ameur Australia    
ifeoma nwokolo-onwunyi Nigeria Human Development And care centre[HDCC]   
Lesley Agams Nigeria Women's Crisis Center   
Catherine Miller United Kingdom C M Business Systems Limited   
Wanjiru Kamau United States of America African Immigrant & Refugee Foundation  No freedom is given. We have to demand it. Keep the good fight to the end.
Nerea Craviotto Belgium WIDE   
Seema Shah United States of America    
Belay Gebremedhin Ethiopia Ethiopia Global Development Learning Network Center  women's right should be respected. They are the corner stone of a society.
Chineme UGBOR Austria ASPR  It is no secret that without the well being and support of African women both at the national and international levels, there can be no real and sustainable developments in Africa. Womens rights are indeed human rights and the ratification for the Protocol on Women Rights in Africa is for the benefit of all.
Laurel Adams Kenya    
Othman Mahmoud United Kingdom Oxfam   
Victor Synott United Kingdom    
Matt Ginn United Kingdom    
Tess Finch-Lees United Kingdom The Global Effectiveness Group   
SHIVANJANI Naidu Fiji Islands Fiji Womens Rights Movement  All the best for this and my best wishes to u all!
Gregory Goldgof United States of America    
Andrew McVicar United Kingdom Oxfam   
Barbara Bonsu Ghana    
Barbara Bonsu Ghana    
Felix Edwards Liberia Oxfam-GB   
Ayesha Kajee South Africa   As African women, we need to ensure that our governments follow through on their promises. Too often have they paid lip service to concepts such as women's rights or anti-corruption initiatives, then failed to ratify the relevant instruments. Even worse they sign the documents but make little effort to implement them. In many countries, very few citizens are aware that their government has signed such documents, so there is little pressure to ensure compliance. Let us begin to hold our countries accountable to deliver on the promises they make.
Fiona Dodd Ireland    
Ade Shokoya United Kingdom    
Aleta Cooper Canada Mon Unity League  Please support and ensure the full participation and respect of the human rights of women and all people in Africa. Mon Unity League of Burma.
Addisu Ayalew Ethiopia Ministry of finance & economic development   
sonja zimmermann Switzerland    
Andrew October South Africa Private   
tony warner United Kingdom    
Craig Stuart Waggett United Kingdom    
Eric Friedman United States of America Physicians for Human Rights   
Tim White United Kingdom    
gertrud moser Austria    
Derrick Snelson United States of America    
Elizabeth Guillen United States of America NOW-Seattle,WA.  Please continue for the equality of all human beings, NOW.
Ainehi edoro Nigeria English student at Morgan State University, Baltimore  i am always encouraged by sincere efforts to improve the plight of women in Africa. i do not know why national leaders refuse to sign the protocol on the rights of women. i would have thought that they would eagerly take an active role in woman issues.
Adrian Buchan United Kingdom    
Dorothy Hodgson United States of America Rutgers University   
Zebene Ayele Ethiopia pvt.  Knowing exactly for what my brave sisters are capabele of.
Anne Turner Rwandese Republic ADAR   
Tureti Martha Kenya M.A.Student, Univ. of Nairobi-Kenya  Women have been kicked left and right and unless committed advocates lobby for tha ratification of their rights by AU then forever the statistics of African Women whose rights have been violeted will continue going up. Bravo for the initiative.
Frank Harrison United Kingdom    
Steve Vosloo South Africa Molotech  This is great - keep it up!
chantal SIX France    
Philippa Steward United Kingdom    
Maeve Fryday United Kingdom    
Marianne Lena Faye Senegal Bibliothèque Centrale - Universite Cheikh Anta Diop   
Chris Tierney United Kingdom    
Myrtle Looby Antigua Professional Association for Women in Antigua/Barbuda (POWA)  I whole heartedly support you. Women's Rights are Human Rights!
Gisèle Yonli Burkina Faso    
Geeorge-Hill Anthony Nigeria Commonwealth of Niger Delta Youths  I was invited as one of the Youth(s) Representative, to The Plenary Debate on the Draft Statute of The Economic ,Cultural and Social Council (ECOSOCC) of the African Union-AU.I was oppurtuned to be given all conventions and International Protocol and it's standing/ratifications by African Government.It is saddenning that African Government sings the songs of NEPAD and AU,but not willing to follow the Part of Conventions which would emancipate Africans.The time is ripe for all Africans to use Constructive Civil Society Engagement towards Africa emancipation.
Jennifer Wagman Uganda Rakai Health Sciences Program   
Diane Crocombe Kenya Oxfam GB   
Muyoyeta Simui Zambia University of Zambia Library  This is a good initiative for a just cause. ICTs should be used to better people's lives.
Mark Waite Tanzania Oxfam GB   
Shukria Dini Canada York University  Promoting and protecting the rights of African women is the only way which Africa can escape from its predicaments
Jing-ting Chan Australia    
Paula Tavrow United States of America UCLA School of Public Health  What a wonderful effort! I am happy to participate.
KANE Thierno Senegal   Ci Kanam !
Emma Naylor Uganda Oxfam GB   
Selina Ade-Williams Sierra Leone Oxfam GB  This is a noble venture and I am sure we will achieve our objective
beatrice Shellukindo Tanzania E.A. Legislatiive Assem.   
Daranijio temitayo United Kingdom student   
Emmanuelle RAVAT France Les Sciences potiches se rebellent   
Mariam DEM Senegal OXFAM GB  If we want justice and development, this Protocol should be ratified.
BA Aminata Kenya Oxfam GB   
Danse salifu-samson Ghana Oxfam GB  We all are human beings and dignity to women is dignity to all
Tandia Aliou Mauritania Oxfam GB   
Susan Wangeshi Musembi Kenya Oxfam GB  You are doing good work.Please keep it up.
Phoebe Kung'u Kenya OXFAM GB   
FESTUS FESTY Nigeria YOUTH EMANCIPATION CRUSADER  may i have a copy of this subject? i do not mind e-version being mailed to me.thank u.
Fatou Jagne-Senghore United Kingdom ARTICLe19   
Gladys Nyabundi Kenya   Good job! Keep it up! We are behind you.
Lilian Nyangaya Kenya    
Charles Deya Kenya The East African Human Rights Institute   
Peter Kuthan Austria Austria-Zimbabwe Friendship Association  keep up the good work - pamberi !
Alais morindat Tanzania MS Training Centre for Development Cooperation   
Boryana Lilova Bulgaria Books for Peace   
Thioye Abdoul aziz Burundi Search For common ground   
Zainab Bangura Sierra Leone National Accountability Froup  The battle continues
Florence Auma Apuri Uganda ActionAid International Uganda   
Ocheng Ocen Uganda Gulu University  I do support what has been brought forwards to the AU Head of States.
Elma Doeleman Netherlands NiZA   
Anthony Tukai United States of America    
Miranda Johnson United States of America    
Bronwen Thomas United Kingdom    
IKUMA Nelly Congo, Dem. Rep. of  ( Zaire) Centre Africain d'Echange Culturel(CAFEC)   
Glenda Johnson United States of America    
festus festy Nigeria Youth Emancipation Crusader  I wish that the rights of youths can be defined and protected.youths are victims of circumstances about which they have no involvement in the decision making.pls,as another petition author, let brainstorm on this. African youths must be protected.we are not born to suffer.we are human.thank oyu.
Linda Radecki United States of America    
Prisca Mellilei Kenya Oxfam GB  It is the Just thing to do - Ratify !
emilia ADRIANO Mozambique swaa- Moz   
Stef Wilson Ethiopia    
khalil abdelhamed Egypt faculty of social work   
Louis Nuyens United States of America (individual)   
Kimberly Lowe United States of America    
Becky Faith United Kingdom Fahamu   
Joseph M. Lamb United States of America    
Kodonney Idjessi ODAH Togolese Republic WiLDAF/FeDDAF-Afrique de l'ouest   
Charley Lewis South Africa NEHAWU / Wits University   
Isabelle Dupuis Canada Fédération des femmes du Québec en Montérégie   
Amelia Kendall United States of America    
Lata Narayanaswamy United Kingdom    
Mary Tumaini Tanzania Planning and Privatization  ratification of the Protocol on the African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights on the Rights of Women in Africa by member states of the African will prove that our governments are willing to fulfill their promises on making sure that women issues are taken care
Wendy C Hamblet Canada    
Tania Kisserli Algeria individual  As a young Anglo/Algerian woman, I am all too aware of the great divide which still exists between women's rights in most African countries and in the so called "developed world", the latter still being far from perfect. We need to be proactive and demande change. It is not a cultural issue, nor a religious issue, it is a human rights issue.
Cristiana Scoppa Italy AIDOS   
Monique Buckner South Africa none  Women deserve equal rights and better opportunities than what they currently experience. We need to improve society and how it functions by respecting the human rights of all who compose society.
Signe Arnfred Sweden The Nordic Africa Institute   
Karen Stefiszyn South Africa    
Baibonn Sangid Philippines Moro Care for Women and Children, Young Moro Professionals Network, Inc.  Men and women are born equal! Women whereever they are whatever situation they may be must be given equal opportunity [education, economic and employment] as that of men. Women are men's partner in procreation, therefore they must be partner in nation building and economic creation. Women must be empowered [politically, economically] because in their womb lies the future of the nation. Please act now.
George Abang Tawoh Cameroon Association for the Protection of Women's and Children's Rights in Cameroon (APWCR)  We the Limbe Based human rights organisation "Association for the Protection of Women's and Children's Rights in Cameroon (APWCR)" Strongly urge your execellencies the Head of States of Africa Union to considered it your top on agenda to ratify the protocol on the Rights of Women in Africa in the present summit of Africa head of States. Sincerely George Abang Tawoh Founder/General Commissioner APWCR p.o.box 576 Limbe,Cameroon
Diana Stauffer United States of America El Dorado Peace and Justice Community   
Lise Engel United States of America    
Amanda Gliedman United States of America    
Sally Fisher United States of America INTERSECT-Worldwide  The Rights of Women must be woven into the very fabric of All societies. In Africa these right are critical if there is to be hope of stemming the tide of the AIDS pandemic since ending Physical, sexual, social and economic Violence Against Women and Girls is the clearest way to interrupt the transmission cycle.
Nish Matenjwa United Kingdom ABANTU International   
Cheryl -Frances Sanchez United Kingdom Yenza  If African leadres continue to spend money on arms, men and bank money in Switzerland, there will be no development. The message is, spend money on maternity servicesm rural studies, land studies, women and children and All African antions will develop,e specially if Pan-Africanism is taught, belived and practised and exported all over the continent.
Simon Collery United Kingdom None   
Stephen Campbell United Kingdom Computer Aid International   
Mrs Juli Ngozi Okeke Nigeria Rural Women Empowerment Initiative  For any country to develop,the inclusion of women in decision making is very neccessary.I believe African will in the very near future come to understand that the women folk can never never be isolated in any decision making.We are coming up gradually.
Natalie Leon South Africa Private   
Liam Campling Seychelles Republic University of Manchester Twinning Programme, Seychelles Polytechnic   
OTTO JAMES Uganda HUMAN RIGHTS FOCUS (HURIFO)  Recognition of non negotiable equality between man and woman has been there since the biblical man.What are their Excellencies dilly dallying about? Please Your Excellencies, please ACT NOW.
Deborah Sharp Japan Japan Center for Conflict Prevention  Women's rights are human rights and require urgent action if we are to collectively improve the lives of all on the African continent.
Peter Merckx Belgium VVOB  Since a long time I have been working as an education advisor in Africa.I know the problems of girls education in this part of the world that is why I sign this petition.
Joy Olivier South Africa bridges.org/ Ikamva Lisezandleni Zethu   
JENNIFER OPIYO Kenya ECONOMIC & DEVELOPMENT CENTRE (ECODEV)  If only men and boys knew what girls and women go thru in terms of violations, and enjoyment of rights, they would be active in making this world a better place for the two
simla Nulliah-Swami Mauritius SOS Femmes   
josephe clotilde ngo innack Cameroon   Pour la cause des femmes
Armand Amelie France    
Vanessa von Struensee Tanzania International Women's Human Rights Law Clinic Georgetown Law Center   
Denise Combaz France    
Emilie Combaz France    
Ezekiel Mwenzwa Kenya University of Nairobi  the need to uphold african women human rights is now or never, but we have at all costs got to win the war, even if it means fighting our culture for the sake of our mothers, sisters and daughters
Kenneth Chaplin Canada AfricaFiles.org   
Maren Coniglione United States of America Columbia University   
cecile diguet France    
BAEZA Cecilia France Les Sciences Potiches se Rebellent/Collectif Féministes pour l'Egalité   
Debos Marielle France Sciences Potiches Se Rebellent   
ACHIM CHIAJI Kenya CHRISTIAN PARTNERS DEVELOPMENT AGENCY  Governments must put their money where their mouth is. their failure not to reject the protocal amounts to notheing untill they commit themselves to be held accountable for its violation. Ope my signature doesnt come in too late
TEREZA KYEYUNE Uganda WUCED  It is important to recognise the rights of the African Woman, and respect them at all times.This is the most important way to develop Africa!
Abu Rayhan Al-Beeroonee Bangladesh Shelter For The Poor  I would like to request all the activist and human rights organization to support this protocol and alos, I request to all the countries within and out of Africa to support,Sign and Implement the said Protocol !! I would like to say "AWA- Africa Wins Again"!!!!!!!!!!!
Laura Grattan United States of America graduate student, Duke University   
Bernd Eckhardt Germany UNDP   
Baglo Gabriel Senegal International Federation of Journalists- Africa Office  We trust the new leadership of the AU and we hope this advocacy will help have the petition signed and ratified by all African heads of states
Mame Seyni LABOU Senegal COFISC  La société civile est une réalité vivante. Elle peut bien aider des populations en souffrance.
Nicole Spencer United States of America    
Chiedza Kimberly Zimbabwe Act Now!  enough is enough. as an african women, i refuse to be a victim of human rights violation. as much as amn should be respected and listend to, so should I. i dont want to be ignored because i am a woman, after all, what men can do so can we.
charlotte wezi mesikano Malawi women lawyers association of malawi  It is vital for african leaders to show their committment to advancing womens rights through ratification of this protocol , this will also reflect on the attitude of each country towards womens issues in general , especially in a continent were oppression of women is at a large scale .
Carluccio Giannini Spain Caritas Española   
AYO SANDIUS Nigeria NIGERIA NETWORK OG NGOS  information is power, so our girls/women need to be educated to properly empowered.
Charlotte Utting United States of America Nat'l. Peace Corps Assoc.  I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in both Senegal and Cameroun and have also made 5 privately funded voyages around the continent, with which I have fallen in love and feel that I have come to know fairly well. These travels have taken me to 30 of the 54 countries, including a crossing of the Sahara and also a ten month sojourn using public transport. Having lived in villages without electricity or running water, I have seen how much harder women work than men, how their educational needs are ignored, and how their rights are ignored in comparison witih those of men.
Francesco Njagi kaburu Italy    
Sarah Martin United States of America Refugees International   
MARIETOU MAKALOU-BERTHE Mali Republic Ministry of Civil service, Labor, State Reform and Governemnt Relations with State Institutions   
Lien De Brouckere United States of America    
Morissanda KOUYATE Guinea SG CPTAFE  Yes I support protocol Director of Operations IAC
Louis Buckley United Kingdom   i hope this will help
Gugu Mdlalose South Africa CPP   
Harmony Africa United Kingdom harmonyafrica  we CAN emancipate ourselves from mental slavery
Tracey Ross United States of America    
Dominique Raffin France    
Bokani Moyo United Kingdom Southern African Women's Peace Forum   
Khedija ARFAOUI Tunisia AFTURD   
Julie Kingsland United Kingdom    
Soraya BELGHAZI Belgium    
caroline van Dullemen Netherlands WorldGranny   
Jessica Horn United Kingdom RAINBO/ Amanitare   
Marguerite Mosso Togolese Republic WILDAF   
Deborah Flapan United States of America editor   
Malcolm Barrett United States of America The Universe   
Amanda El-Khoury United States of America    
Patricia Davies United States of America The Public Good  For the improvement of ALL the lives in Africa, Africa must consider the human and civil rights of their female citizens as equivalent to those of males.
Katherine Gould-Martin United States of America    
lumumba Shabaka United States of America    
Katherine Salahi United Kingdom Bellagio Publishing Network   
Angelique Shofar United States of America Africa Meets Africa  Give us our rights back!!!
Emmanuelle YABANDA Central African Republic Présidente du Réseau Centrafricain au leadership des jeunes femmes en Afrique Francophone"RCLJFAF"  Merci pour cette bonne initiative en faveur des femmes vu tous les abus et les dangers que nous subissons quotidiennement dans notre vie de chaque jour surtout les violences faites aux femmes dans des conflits armées en afrique et des viols qui nous exposent directement au VIH/SIDA et d'autres maladies et à la non scolarité des jeunes filles
Hafwen Kaill South Africa    
Eugenia Date-Bah Switzerland ILO   
Elisabeth Piefke Belgium European Women's Lobby   
Duncan White United Kingdom    
Cécile Gréboval France    
URSULA OWUSU Ghana Women in Law and Development In Africa WILDAF(GHANA):International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) Ghana  our governments must exhibit their commitment to the full ptomotion and protection of the rights of our women by ratifying this all important protocol and going the full hog by ammending or passing the relevant domestic legislation to give effect to the Protocol. We are tired of empty rhetoric and sloganeering and want to see some concrete action now.
Helen Olatunji United Kingdom LONDEC   
Dani DANI Congo, Dem. Rep. of ( Zaire) NAD-UNIKIN  Veuillez m’envoyer regulièrement les nouvelles concernant le genre et les différents résaux existants à travers le monde.
Sarah Cullen United States of America    
Fiona Pettitt United Kingdom The International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS   
Lethea Erz New Zealand   I strongly support the ratification of this agreement on the rights of women. Just imagine if it were necessary to have such a petition to assure the rights of MEN?!
Freddy NKURIKIYE Switzerland InterAfrica   
Benedicte Walter France    
Peggy Sower Knoepfle United States of America Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Mary Wood branch  Keep up the good work!
james lee Ireland none   
Janah Ncube Zimbabwe Women inPolitics Support Unit  It is a shame that we have to campaign and sign petitions for women of Africa to be seen as the Peoples of Africa - A shame Heads of States in Africa!!
Judith Hoch United States of America Artist   
Aisha Yousafzai United Kingdom    
Sandra De Moura Canada Parliamentary Centre   
Rose INNACK France    
Eno Deborah Nigeria Nigerian Conservation Foundation  Involvement of women in developmental processes is the big step forward for African development. Ratifying this protocol is a must for African leaders.
Laurel Baldwin-Ragaven United States of America Trinity College  Women on the African continent are suffering. As state leaders you have an obligation to ratify this protocol without delay.
ESTHER KANDUZA Swaziland INDEPENDENT  I belive women's human rights for women should be respected and therefore it is important that states ratify this important protocal.
Birgit Michaelis Germany amnesty international   
Tim Symonds United Kingdom Project Parity  We men have waited long enough - millennia - for women's equality and the opportunity to build a far far better world through an equal and fulfilling sharing of power. Africa - the beautiful continent where I took my first job as a farm assistant manager back in 1954, in Kenya - deserves a far better fate than it endures under the control of a few, mostly corrupt male leaders who persistently talk about women's rights and simply do nothing about enforcing them. No wonder Africa is the only continent going backwards, economically, socially, politically, in education, in health, in hope. Africa's women are Africa's best (and perhaps obly) hope.
Cécile Meta Kasanda Congo, Dem. Rep. of ( Zaire) Association des femmes avocates de la RDC AFEAC  Je pense qu'il est grand temps que nos dirigeants et nos parlements puissent prendre des lois d'application pour que les instruments internationaux qui sont ratifiés par nos Etats soient applicables. Nos constitutions doivent rendre obligatoire le respect des droits de la femme et consacrer l'égalité des droits et des chances dans les constitutions.
Thomas Baumann Switzerland    
zainab mwatawala Tanzania TANZANIA MEDIA WOMEN ASSOCIATION (TAMWA)  We women of Africa are the ones whose human rights are the most abused. In solidarity, we shall excel. Ratification of this protocal is vital to our cause! and Survival!
Lori Michau Uganda Raising Voices   
OKE TOKUNBO United Kingdom Socialist Workers Party   
Siyabonga Ndabezitha South Africa    
anthony lemon United Kingdom oxford university, uk   
Maria Romero Guatemala    
Patrick Bond South Africa    
Denise Kenny Canada    
Vicki Vogel United States of America    
Beatrice Parwatikar United States of America Incite Women of Color Against Violence   
BRIGITTE TENGAME TENKAME Congo, Dem. Rep. of ( Zaire) CENTRE AFRICAIN D²ECHANGE CULTUREL  En signant cette petition, je demande a toutes les femmes du monde de reserver une pensee pour toutes les femmes congolaises violees et massacrees durant les 6 ans des conflits armes en Republique Democratique du Congo.
David Mozer United States of America Washington State Africa Network   
Valeda Mackey United States of America    
Ezra Mbogori Zimbabwe MWENGO   
Mabel Simwanda Zambia Human Rights Commission   
DIENGO NZUZI FELLY Congo, Dem. Rep. of ( Zaire) Association Africaine de Défense des Droits de l'Homme (ASADHO)   
Malaika Kambon United States of America Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network   
Daniel Rezene Mekonnen South Africa AJN, Eritrea  The initiative of petitioning African Heads of States on the occassion of the AU July Summit, for the advancement of women's rights, is truly commendable. Keep it up!
kapinga ntumba Zimbabwe jrs   
Ingrid Koopman-Tufvesson Australia Australian Critical Race And Whiteness Studies Association  Whilst I am completing my doctorate at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, I am a Black South African born woman with a commitment to participating in the upliftment of the women in the communities from which I come. I support your initiative with passion! Keep up the good work and awareness is at your disposal! Best Ingrid
John Bhend United States of America    
Rosalind Hackett United States of America University of Tennessee   
Kaj Dorstenia Denmark Amnesty Internationel   
Kevn Hickey United States of America ACP  The backbone of Africa deserves ratification and passage of the Protocol on the African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights on the Rights of Women in Africa
Chiara Lombardi Italy    
Althea Anderson United States of America    
Marie-Sofie Villeneuve Canada Étudiante   
Arsène METINHOUE Benin    
Anne Kawuki Switzerland    
Saskia Bakker Netherlands Humanist Committee on Human Rights   
Bernadette Yadi Sukho-Filatriau Mali Republic Bank of Africa Mali   
Mary Wahito Kenya Equality Now   
Margot Albert Kenya Equality Now   
Wanjiku Mwangi Kenya PSF-CI   
Janice Ogonji Kenya The CRADLE   
Moire O'Sullivan Kenya The CRADLE   
Claudia Cochina Canada McGill University   
Loan Ngo Thanh Canada Université de Montréal   
María Verónica Arteaga Molina Ecuador Fundación Familia Integral  La globalización nos obliga a ser ciudadanos del mundo y no solamente de nuestro propio país. América es mi hogar, tanto como ?frica y el resto del mundo.
Marina Quindiagan Netherlands Princess Urduja, National Organization of Filipino Women in the Netherlands   
Ms. Seblewongel Deneke Ethiopia   It is about time countries put their commitments in place. How long shall women wait.
Sekhou Camara United Kingdom Ntive Planet  I think it is time to take into account the voice of our "mothers" who are the backbones of our societies. It's time for development agencies to get women involved in any of their development policy. In so doing they could empower women.
Barbara Murray Zimbabwe    
Gichuhi Loise Kenya SMET CONSULTANTS. Girls intiative.r   
Inga-Lena Alvsaker Norway    
Raashied Galant South Africa Gender Advocacy Programme   
phosile tracy sichinga Zambia   in my country we say uwu mpanfiwe e ulwa ne chibi meaning the person who is more concerned is the one who fights to open the door. so we women must rise and take up the challenge.
Tessa Alexander United Kingdom   Please stand up for the human rights of all African citezens. As a female who has lived and worked with many priveleges and opportunities, I wish to speak up for my sisters whose voices which may be muffled.
finoa neville Ireland    
Minke Valk Netherlands KIT   
Ashley Dunlop Canada University of Toronto   
Anna Miller Canada Parliamentary Centre, Africa Program   
Cheryl Boon Canada    
Vinodh Jaichand Ireland Irish Centre for Human Rights  Do the right thing. Ratify.
Alex Edgar South Africa    
Mieke Peters Netherlands COS   
charles otieno Kenya koinonia  I am very interested in women issues. keep up the good work firhting for women rights
Anneke van Luijken Netherlands IRENE   
charlene ingrid Austria IAEA  Women's rights is an integral part of human rights which cannot and should never be separated. It is hoped that this Protocol will bring that home to all.
Caitriona Lee Ireland    
Meena Jagannath Guatemala NISGUA   
Bubelwa Kaiza Tanzania Concern for Development Initiatives in Africa (ForDIA)  We strongly support this petititon
Andrea Loi Chile    
Saranga Jain United States of America    
Suad Ibrahim Somali Democratic Republic Nagaad Umbrella Organization  Well done Equality Now and others. We are with you and need your support here in Somalialnd as we feel disconnected from the rest of the continent at the moment!
Faiza Mohamed Kenya Equality Now  I am proud to be part of this initiative!
Tina R-T France   Liberate women
Raheemat Momodu Nigeria Gender & Development Initiatives, Nigeria  The African leaders should use this golden opportunity to braze the trail by not just rafitying but also ensuring the strict implementation of the charter in all member states. It is more than clear that women's rights should be at the centre of human's rights and human rights at the centre of sunstainable development of any society. Africa, lead the way on this.
Nadir Haji Kenya   We call on all men in Africa (and elsewhere) to support this petition. Only when women are free can we realise our own freedoms!
Duncan Drury United Kingdom    
Kerry Rochester United Kingdom N/A   
Moses Chege Kenya Independent Medico Legal Unit  There is an urgent need of our leaders to appreciate the critical role that women play in the society,by signing ratifying this treaty will be a way forward in improving the welfare of not only the women but the entire population in Africa
Brooke Schoepf United States of America Harvard Medical School   
Gail Taylor Canada Independent researcher  A guarantee of women's rights in Africa is urgent. Ratification of this Protocol will enhance not only the social, political, and economic well-being of women in countries involved, benefitting entire populations, but in the process will provide an important model for the protection of women's rights in other countries. Please muster the will and vision to rush this Protocol through.
Andrew Allimadi Ethiopia Economic Commission for Africa  EQUALITY NOW!
Patricia Fourie South Africa    
Joseph Msafiri Tanzania vodacom   
Grenville Ivan United Kingdom Smith   
Romy Mathys Switzerland IPAS   
Colleen McFadden Canada    
Waweru Mugo Kenya East AFRICAN STANDARD  Giving women their due share in society-that is respect and respect of their rights is a step in the right direction. It is a sign we respect our own dignity too and value ourselves. After all, wome are our daughters, oour mothers and our sisters. C'mon leaders sign up to this protocal, it is the wisest thing you can do!!
vaughan melzer United Kingdom    
CH Mwandingi Namibia Ministry of Health   
Mohamed Osma Somali Democratic Republic Young Digital Pioneers  I strongly support and ratify this protocol as long as it serves the concept of gender equality, though I am not a female
Kersty McCourt United Kingdom Fahamu   
Charity Wakaba Kenya Parliamentary Centre   
Matilda Moyo Zimbabwe MWENGO   
Christine Bode Canada Goodmans LLP   
Agatha Thompson Liberia Informer Newspaper   
Margherite Williams United States of America   The African States have the opportunity to demonstrate world leadership by ratifying and maintaining the rights of women.
Robyn Skube Canada Strategic Access Solutions   
Esperancie Karwera Senegal FAMEDEV  Cette iniative est nouable et nous l'encourageons.
Amie Joof-Cole Senegal FAMEDEV-Inter -Africa Network for Women, Media, Gender Equality and Development  This petition is crucial to Africa's development.
ABDULLAH IDDRISU Ghana SIF  Women's rights in Africa must be ensured.
Julie Koretz United Kingdom none   
Alexandra Massam United Kingdom    
Hilda Mawanda Kenya Coalition on Violence Against Women - Kenya  Governments should sign this protocal as a show of thier solid commitment to promote womens human rights and not plain lip service!
Akwe Amosu Ethiopia UNECA   
Issa SADOU Niger SNV - Niger  je pense et crois fermement que la prise en compte des droits de la femme aura des repercussions positives sur le processus de développement de l'Afrique toute entière. Dès lors nous devons tous et toutes oeuvrer dans ce sens;
Jose Maria Dimaandal Philippines Center for Asia Pacific Women in Politics   
Gihan Hassanein Belgium KULeuven   
Maria Victoria Whittingham United States of America    
Rachel Iscove Canada    
Anne Bithorel Canada étudiante, stagiaire chez Droits et Démocratie Montréal   
Faris Sabeti Switzerland SoftVidion SA   
Joanne Frazer United States of America    
Zakia N/A Canada Université de Montréal  It is about time the protocol is written. It should be enforced by community based organizatiions (CBOs), Non government organizations (NGOs) and any progressive movements that promote the dignity of women as human beings!
Mary DeSilva United States of America Center for International Health and Development, Boston University School of Public Health   
Olga Garrido Switzerland    
Roberta Silvin Switzerland University for Peace   
Marianne Szulyovszky Germany    
Charmaine Wendy South Africa   The protection of the rights of women is crucial to the development and upliftment of the majority of African people, as is key to the protection of the African environment - another key African issue!
Hanlie Pretorius South Africa    
Morgan Mitchell South Africa Rape Crisis Trust   
Paulette Kennedy Switzerland Ramsar Convention on Wetlands   
Joseph Aiello United States of America    
Taddese Asmellash Denmark    
Akouété Akakpo-Vidah Canada Rights& Democracy   
Polly Davison United Kingdom    
darrell wilks United States of America    
Suzanne Ouellet Canada   L'existence même du Protocole est une victoire importante pour la reconnaissance des droits des femmes africaines et je lève mon chapeau à ces dernières pour leur travail acharné. Maintenant, la lutte doit continuer pour la ratification et le suivi...
Miles Litvinoff United Kingdom OneWorld   
Kadidia SIDIBE Aoudou Mali Republic AMSOPT  J'adhère activement au protocole additionnel et espère que nous aurons une suite favorable pour la promotion des droits des femmes
Lauryn Oates Canada Rights & Democracy   
Chris McGlone United States of America    
Michèle Ollivier Canada Université d'Ottawa   
Karin Andersson Sweden    
S. Elizabeth Dill United States of America Marquette Law School, American Bar Association Student Liaison - Criminal Justice Council   
Colleen Cameron Canada    
Silke Weinlich Germany Bremen University   
Robin Nunn United States of America    
Ghislaine Alleyne Canada Canadian Women's Health Network   
Tinu Odugbemi Nigeria Head High International  I am surprised that as at the time I am signing on behalf of our orgn., only 166 people have so far signed this! The issues covered in the Charter are crucial and to move The women of Africa in particular and the continent in general forward, so much more in terms of advocacy and pressure need to be done. We work with Widows a lot and we see the grave cruelty heaped on them in the guise of tradtional rites. Such can be removed with the help of this Charter.
Abena Dadze-Arthur United Kingdom Centre for Economic & Social Inclusion   
Gancho Slavov Bulgaria    
Sara Thorpe United Kingdom    
Eva Vergles Slovenia    
Nana Odoi Germany    
Jehan Jarrar Palestinian Settlements Addameer Prisoner support and Human Rights Association   
Hasaan Bakri Sudan Invironmentalists society   
Mahdi Saudatu Nigeria Women's Rights Advancement and Protection Aternative (WRAPA)  The good intentions of the AU governments in the adopting the Protocol in Maputo should be consolidated by its wide ratification and domestication as a local law. Those countries that have already domesticated the African Charter should expedite ratification domestic legisltive dialogue to bring to effect the beautififul provisions of the Protocol to complement any local or international legislation in force in their countries. African women deserve this.
Deborah Gomes Canada CIDA  It is time to back up vebal commitments with action and formally recognize the equal rights to participation and decision-making, etc. of women with men.
Elise Domingues United States of America    
Prabha Khosla Canada Toronto Women's Call to Action   
Deqa Ibrahim Musa Somali Democratic Republic UNICEF   
Angela Nyamu Somali Democratic Republic Galkayo Education Center for Peace and Development   
Sandrine Ricci Canada Centre des Femmes de l'UQÀM   
Vicky Hollenbeck United States of America    
Ana Teresa Santos Pereira Portugal ESTIGMA  I would like to be informed about this issue, and I really would like to become a member of your organization pambazuka.org
Margaret Richardson United States of America    
David Moisl Germany    
Paule Kekeh Belgium European Commission   
Chipo Nyambuya United States of America    
Monica Mazariegos Spain Universidad Carlos III de Madrid   
Kafui ADJAMAGBO-JOHNSON Togolese Republic WiLDAF/FeDDAF-Afrique de l'ouest   
Tola Olujuwon Nigeria Central Educational Service  The ratification of the protocol will aid development in Africa.There can never be any meaningful development without women's rights.Let us mobilise now to actualise this initaitive.
sally clarke United Kingdom TBWA GGT   
Cynthia Karlton Canada   The future of Africa lies in rights granted to women and children.
Hannah Forster Gambia African Centre for Democracy and Human Rights Studies (ACDHRS)  The respect and observance of the rights of women is key to the development of Africa. The Protocol does make some progressive provisions and together the men and women of Africa will take the bold step forward. It is high time we own and implement the Protocol but not before States ratify. As partners in development we urge States to ratify as soon as possible to confirm their commitment to the cause for the development of Africa.
Terna Tilley-Gyado United Kingdom    
Isabelle Hachette Canada Centre Marie-Anne Gaboury   
Karim Bakhit Germany    
Kelly Foster United Kingdom    
Gloria Ogunbadejo United Kingdom Akina Mama wa Afrika   
Colette Lelièvre Canada    
Vicky Wilkins United Kingdom    
Matt Brown United Kingdom    
Caroline Nenguke Zambia OneWorld Africa  It is amazing that just the ratification of a protocal on women's rights should take so long. Why are we wasting time on such important issues?
Pat van Rensburg South Africa individual  Congratulations to the authors of the petition. Women in Africa need the protocol to be ratified as a further step towards their political and social liberation.
Iram Haider Pakistan Fazaldad Human Rights Institute   
Sheila Mbiru Kenya KEFRI   
Elaine Hooper Canada KAIROS  African women deserve the same human rights that may of us elswhere in the world take for granted.
George Richards Canada Teardrop Crafts  Human Rights are not divisable by gender. We must, but shouldn't have to, defend women's rights separate from mens'. Equality is also a right.
Juan Pensamiento Guatemala    
Vivian Lopez Guatemala    
Brian Ormston United Kingdom Individual   
Vanessa Castro Guatemala Universidad Rafael Landivar   
Byron Loker South Africa MBendi Information Services   
Dina Badri Sudan Ahfad univerity for women  We must work hard and united to support and protect the rights of the African woman
Nellie Oduor Kenya    
Patrick Mpedzisi Kenya African Youth Parliament   
Michael Williams United Kingdom    
Anne Gathumbi Kenya COVAW   
María Begoña De Agustín Spain Asamblea de Mujeres de Vizcaya   
Myrfi Gonzalez Philippines Ateneo Human Rights Center   
Odemira Helena Fonseca United States of America   Excellent.
Oluwatoyin A Ibrahim-Igbo United Kingdom AD Europe (Lagos Chapter)   
Esteban Manteca Mexico   The whole world must get united to protect not only women but every person's rights. Every step taken to achieve the full recognition and development of Human Rights must be applauded and respected. Mexico is with all these efforts. So am I
Alice Macharia Kenya    
Stacey Mitchell United States of America college studen   
Peter Caborn United States of America    
Marise Josefina R. A. Fonseca Spain N/A  All for women's human rights!!!
Alex Dove Bangura Sierra Leone Freelance translator; poet  A woman's RIGHTS are not to be brandied about as a cause...in this day and age! No sir! God made us different for a purpose and that is surely not for inequality... Every human being alive today was the fruit of a woman's womb! What more RIGHTS must she have to fight for...? Shame on the world of men for not seeing that it equally a world of WOMEN too!
Dorota Ryzy Poland OSCE ODIHR   
Doreen Horan United Kingdom    
Nezir Akyesilmen Turkey   Women rights are human rights. and Human rights are for ll.
Brenda Burrell Zimbabwe Kubatana.net   
Ransom Mahaka Zimbabwe Leo Burnett Zimbabwe   
Carlos Cordourier-Real Mexico    
Rebecca Rickard United Kingdom    
Lydia Grigoreva Uzbekistan OSCE ODIHR   
Judith Charlton United Kingdom Fahamu   
Irene Sattarzadeh Canada student   
Helen Ralph United Kingdom    
Jenny Weinkopf Germany undergrad. student   
Nicole Gvalda United Kingdom    
Nicki Mockridge United Kingdom    
Jennifer Geen United Kingdom Bar Human Rights Committee of England and Wales   
Victoria Kennedy-MacFoy Sierra Leone Personal  Thanks for letting me participate in this very important and long overdue rights for the African woman. Bravo!
Bandana Shrestha Nepal UNICEF   
Cristina Santillan Idoate Spain Genera   
Gail Lewis United Kingdom AUT  I want to sign
Des Gordon United Kingdom   "Liberty is always dangerous, but it is the safest thing we have" (Harry Emerson Fosdick)
Riccardo Clerici Italy    
Derek Michael United Kingdom    
selma alrasheed United Kingdom RAINBO   
Anne Muhlethaler United Kingdom   As a feminist and someone who believes in change for the new century, I want to encourage developping African countries in bringing a better life, hope and importunities for woman across their continent. I urge politicians of all these countries to sign and ratify the protocol as soon as possible. Without it, they will never be credible as forward thinking countries on an international level.
Cyrus MacFoy United States of America Consultant   
Wendy Gichuru Canada    
Alhassan Bah Sierra Leone Leocem  Mankind in general should recognise women as partners and not sub humans.
Amany Abouzeid United Kingdom RAINBO   
Sara Maclagan Belgium Council of the European Union   
serena dankwa United Kingdom SOAS   
Mukami Rimberia United Kingdom RAINBO   
Lisa Anderson United Kingdom RAINBO   
madeleine kennedy-macfoy United Kingdom RAINBO/Amanitare   
Amanitare, the African Partnership for the Sexual An Initiative of RAINBO United Kingdom    
Graca Machel Mozambique The Foundation of Community Development  I urge the heads of states to ratify the protocol
Muchimba Sikumba-Dils Mozambique The Foundation for Community Development  I join fellow activists on the continent pressing for the ratification of the protoco.
Rose Nyawira Kenya Miss Koch  Women Rights are human Rights they should not be treated as outcast in the community we need to respect and protect their right to have a community free from human Rights violation.
Arabi Beshir Sudan SEC   
jenny francis Canada    
Monica Gil Bolivia UNIFEM   
Olga Bayon Venezuela UNIFEM   
Lisa Pharoah Canada The Jane Goodall Institute   
Ellen Alem Ethiopia EWLA  I hope that the Ethiopian government will do more to live up to its commitment. Heads of states, it is in your hands to make the protocol a reality!
Nyambura Maina Kenya    
Namusisi Josephine Uganda Action for Development (ACFODE)   
Godfrey Odongo South Africa Community Law Centre, University of the Western Cape  This is a remarkable on your part regarding the much needed advocacy for the formal commitment of states to the protection of the African woman's rights.
Lanre Obafemi Nigeria   Thanks for your insistence that issues such as this remain in the public domain and consciousness, and for providing a vehicle for those who want to express what they feel about them.
Mary Grant United Kingdom Accenture   
patricia NOLAND United Kingdom    
Jennifer Hole United Kingdom    
Modikoe Thomas South Africa CIVICUS   
Bernedette Muthien South Africa Engender   
Fareea Dangor South Africa CIVICUS   
Roberto Wohlgemuth South Africa CIVICUS   
Mauro Guarinieri Italy European AIDS Treatment Group   
Mahsa Shekarloo Iran Women's Cultural Center   
Sharon Sichilongo Zambia Kepa Zambia  Failure to ratify the protocol amounts to a great waste of resources. African governments cannot continue to spend money on conferences which yield no positive results for the people. Let us demand that all African Union member states ratify and domesticate the protocol to ensure women's rights are protected at national level.
GLORIA OKEMUO Nigeria   Indeed,African women has suffered long enough, oppression, suppression, repression and discrimination. We need an urgent action to put a final stop to all that, but we need to have some mechanisms for facilitation. The protocol is a very welcomed development and its ratification will be a good stepping stone towards the eradication of violation of the rights of African Women. Congratulations to The women of Ethiopia! We hope all the other African countries will follow suite. "Denial of women's rights, hampers development".
Veronica Fynn Canada Africa Awareness @ UBC  As a young African Feminist I strongly feel it is high time women be given their rightful place in African Politics, Agricutural Development, Economic Growth, to name a few. I beseech all stakeholders involve to make this petition a reality in order to guarantee a better Africa.
Tsholofelo Khalema Canada ubc african planning   
Mary Ormston United Kingdom    
Kerrie Thornhill Canada WUSC  Women's Rights!!!! Now!
Yvonne Brown Canada University of BC   
Elizabeth Barad United States of America Association of the Bar of the City of New York--Committee on African Affairs  Having studied the Protocol and the rights of women in several African countries, the ratification and advocacy of the Protocol is absolutely vital to African women's rights.
Ruth Ormston United Kingdom    
Andre du Toit South Africa Tree Top Missions   
Sanjay Basu United States of America Yale University   
Nicole Venter South Africa The Southern Health & Ecology Institute  Thankyou for helping us work together to build a peaceful world
Toby Bloom United States of America    
Ali Askouri United Kingdom Hamadab Dam Affected People Leadership Office  I fully support the points raised in this petition
maria del mar correa garcia Ecuador UNIFEM   
Jennifer Dreher United States of America    
Adedoyin Onasanya Nigeria    
Andrea Purdon Canada    
Zophie Landahl Sweden    
Nicola Irvine United Kingdom    
Jo Trelfa United Kingdom The College of St Mark & St John, Plymouth  I have been actively involved in womens rights in the UK as the Caribbean and South America. Securing womens rights support communties, familes and societies - what argument can there be for not doing this?
Hilary Isaac United Kingdom Fahamu   
Licinio Antonio M. BRANCO East Timor Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste  Congratulations for this great idea, hopefully African Contries will put this into their domistic law.
Alpana Patel United States of America    
Erin Kelly Canada Canadian And African Business Women's Alliance   
Emma Bell United Kingdom International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS   
Rosita Scarborough Kenya Private citizen   
Michelle Crincoli United States of America Incite Change Network   
Alice Welbourn United Kingdom International Community of Women living with HIV/AIDS (ICW)   
LYDIA MUNGHERERA Uganda NATIONAL FORUM PEOPLE LIVING WITH HIV/AIDS  We as women are long overdue for this We are the most vulnerable and many women in the developing countries dont even know their rights!
Charley Lewis South Africa LINK Centre   
LUGEDE CHIUMYA Malawi OXFAM  My feeling is that there are many women (and even men) out there who would love to sign in on this petition, advise on how to send it to them?
Carole AGENG'O Kenya EQUALITY nOW   
Paula Fairbanks United Kingdom Individual   
Monde Zaza Zambia Individual   
Rosemary Ekosso Tanzania    
Sheila Hanna Canada KAIROS   
Ceri Hayes United Kingdom WOMANKIND Worldwide   
Sharonann Lynch United States of America Health GAP   
Mary Wall Canada Kairos   
C. Manion Canada independent   
Catherine García Peru National Legal Network Coodinator - Peruvian Section of Amnesty International   
Jamie Everett United Kingdom    
Adekunle AKintayo Nigeria   Please do this, we all know that it is the right thing to do.
Christine Johnston Canada Unitarians for Social Justice   
Lou Clifton United Kingdom    
Owen Davies United Kingdom    
ann bown South Africa Charisma Communications  Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this important event - it has dragged on for too long.
Mica Lindsey United Kingdom Recently graduated   
Hossam Bahgat Egypt Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights   
anno mitchell United Kingdom individual   
Nano Johanna South Africa Individual  Thank you for your efforts and I know we shall conquer.
Catherine Barber United Kingdom Oxford University   
Gavin Lockhart-Mirams United Kingdom Accenture   
Catherine Vignon United Kingdom    
Muge Dolun Austria    
Anna Lindley United Kingdom Graduate Student   
Rutendo Kambarami Zimbabwe MWENGO   
Mae Gracey Canada Kairos  Women need to be recognized as human beings with full human rights being rightfully theirs.
Jaynie Stevenson Canada    
Tom Davies United Kingdom Fahamu   
Jeanine Tsobgny-Naoussi United Kingdom Valoris  The protocol stands as a legal framework for the protection of women's rights across the continent and failure to ratify the protocol shows lack of desire to uphold women's rights.
Clifford Singer United Kingdom    
Songul Arslan Netherlands   Neglecting, oppressing, dishonouring and disrespecting women is equal to neglecting, oppressing, dishonouring and disrespecting a human being that is valuable. How can we forget and not react!
Wanjiku Gachugi United States of America graduate student   
Asmara Sium United States of America N/A   
Karem Roitman United Kingdom    
Jane Drapkin United Kingdom    
Anne Ogbigbo United Kingdom   To all African heads of states. If you love your mother, ratify the protocole on the rights of women in Africa.
Nahid Toubia United Kingdom RAINBO   
Christina Clark United Kingdom    
marlene martin South Africa s&s social resp tourism  We would like to see meaningful change to women's position in South Africa. Currently we have the highest rate in the world of women killed by their spouse. Star 7June, despite the most up to date human rights based constitution.
Kathryn McCormick Canada    
Bridget Ubochi Canada CompassCan Inc  I commend women around the globe working to make a difference in our lives for a better tomorrow for our families and friends.This is a test of the maturity of Africa's male Leaders. Are they going to allow the Ego to shrink Africa's growth or is Humility and Divine Love going to have a chance to expand consciousness for the good of the whole?
patrick mulvey Canada D&P KAIROS   
Susan Grace Canada Multifaith Initiative for Justice and Peace  In solidarity with the women of Africa, I urge Africa's mostly male leaders to reconsider all cultural traditions that repress the human rights of women. Only when full equality and opportunity for men and women become the norm will the world move towards justice and peace.
Obiagali Adaure Nigeria student  The Protocol is beyond doubt the missing link in the Charter's protection of women.Its adoption not only anchors into African soil the message and recognition that the injustices plaguing African women will no longer be tolerated, but it also affirms that human rights are women's rights too. Although it is a document of great conceptual wealth, without the co-operation, political will, and commitment required from the members of the AU, its ambition to "ensure that the rights of women are promoted, realised and protected in order to enable them to enjoy fully all their human rights" will never come to fruitition. It will be nothing more than a piece of paper with writing.I thank the pioneers of this initiative, for their efforts on behalf of the larger half of humanity, from (in God we trust) saving the Protocol from such a miserable fate.
Richard Buckner United Kingdom    
Vuyiswa Keyi Canada Canadian and African Business Women's Alliance  Thank you for taking this initiative. It is one of the most critical elements in the future viability of all of Africa. Without the recognition of the rights of all especially women and children, Africa is relegating itself to the graveyard of civilization.
Annabel Meere South Africa    
Adejoke Babington-Ashaye United Kingdom CREDO   
Patrick Burnett South Africa Fahamu   
Kim Bird Ghana    
Karen Sihra Canada    
linda parsons Canada Trinity United Church   
Eileen Wttewaall Canada   This Protocol is a positive step towards equality of human rights, as we work together for our common good. Our survival as humans on this planet depends on it.
Flora MacDonald Canada    
andrea finkelman United States of America    
David Melville Canada    
amaka enetanya United States of America napturalglory.com  women need to have the freedom to choose. women need to be able to choose to be educated, support themselves, choose the number of kids we want to bear, and so much more. women are an important aspect of any fully functioning community.
Greg Regaignon United States of America    
Robert Varekamp Netherlands Christian Prison Ministries (THe Netherlands)   
Momo Kanneh Canada    
Dzodzi Tsikata Ghana Network for Women's Rights in Ghana   
Cinke Njora Kenya Cicumela  Great strategy
Sarah Shiundu United States of America Graduate Student  Women need to be empowered. Women need to be free once and for all.
jean-yves violette Kenya UNION POUR LE PROGRES   
Godfrey Tweve Tanzania Concern Tanzania   
GLORIA OKEMUO Nigeria WEMOREC for Women and Children's Rights.  It's really necessary to get them moving - African women have suffered a lot, and is high time we had a respite! Thanks for organising this campaign!
Amisha Parbhoo South Africa    
Virginia Muwanigwa Zimbabwe Self  Keep up the good work
Martha Lyimo Tanzania Arusha Women Legal Aid and Human Rights Centre (AWLAHURIC)   
Fateye Aderonke Nigeria Peculiar People Foundation  Women should not be neglected or put aside, African women are going through a lot and it is important that our A.U. Heads of States ratify the Protol on the Rights of Women in Africa.Women should not be overlooked as without us humanity is not complete. We are not here to compete with our men but we are here to make this world worth living. The Rights of African Women should be the pride of not only the African men but a pride to the African government.African Women are RARE GEM,Our Rights is all we ask.
Cornelius Hamadziripi Zimbabwe SAfAIDS   
Annick Nzambimana Canada   African Heads of States need to show genuine commitment to equal treatment of all their citizens, and the ratification of the Protocol will ceratinly prove such commitment.
Jennifer Georgeson United Kingdom Centre for International Child Health   
Lithur Nana Oye Ghana Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative  We urge member states of the African Union to sign, ratify and inco-operate the protocol into their national laws and ensure women's rights are protected at the national level.
Jennifer Herron Australia   women are the backbone of Africa, growing the food, caring for families and they are the keepers of culture
YAV KATSHUNG JOSEPH Congo, Dem. Rep. of ( Zaire) CERDH (Centre d`Etudes et de Recherche en Droits de l`Homme et Democratie)  Je supporte cette action et m`engage a mener une campagne pour sensibiliser les autorites de mon pays.
Esther Wangui Kenya Women Educational Researchers of Kenya   
Vidyaratha Kissoon Guyana Help & Shelter   
Philip Costa United States of America    
NDI JOHNSON United States of America UMASS LOWELL   
MAWULI DAKE United States of America WOMEN'S INITIATIVE FOR SELF EMPOWERMENT  I tottaly support the petition and call on all responsible men of Africa to be equally committed to join in this effort to ensure the recognition, protection and promotion of the rights of all. We all have a role.
Ajira Darch-Sharp United States of America   Its about time that women were granted full rights, protection and recognition by our African brothers.
Hajhamad alhajhamad Sudan SAHDCg  So many docs have already enshrined women rights.Let us hope that a low enforcing mecahism will be in place .
Ulf Halldin Sweden SAK Halmstad   
Virginia Velez United States of America    

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