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Urge Good Vibrations to drop their support of Clitoraid

It is possible to address the negative effects of female circumcision without denigrating African women. African women who have undergone circumcision also deserve integrity and respect! Please this petition urging Good Vibrations to drop their support of Clitoraid. Clitoraid's humiliating campaign urges supporters adopt African women's clitorises.

Good Vibrations should instead support any of the numerous African women's organizations who have been mobilizing around the issue for generations. Supporting a cult is not the same as supporting African women's own initiatives!

According to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, Clitoraid has successfully mobilized over U.S.$120,000 from U.S. supporters alone in support for their humiliating clitoris adoptions. They have raised even more in countries like France and Australia where they are also active in their demeaning campaign.

Surprisingly they have gained support from Good Vibrations, one of the most allegedly progressive feminist businesses in the U.S.

Clitoraid is a project of the Raelian movement ( A UFO religion that believes that all life on Earth was created in scientific labs by a species of extraterrestrials. Their previous venture, Clonaid was met with a kind of skepticism that Clitoraid has not.

Feminists Challenging Clitoraid is a group mobilizing a vocal challenge to the humiliating and racist exploitation of the issue of Female Circumcision for dubious fundraising purposes and we could really use your support. In response to Good Vibration's recent dismissal of our challenge ( we are calling for reinforcements and we need you to lend your voice in pushing back.

This petition is not to encourage the continuation of Female Circumcision! It calls for all of us to respect African women when addressing this important issue.

Write to Good Vibrations urging them to cease their support of Clitoraid for their humiliation of African women!
Send emails to:[email protected], [email protected] [email protected], and [email protected]

Are you in North America? Call Good Vibrations and communicate your concern about their support of Clitoraid's humiliating African women's clitoris adoptions:
Camilla Lombard, Events and Publicity Manager voice: (415) 974-8985 ext. 201

Thank you for your support of African women's right to respect and dignity!
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