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For Al-flea-ks

am using my ammu-diction
to kill your lexicography…

For Al-flea-ks

am using my ammu-diction
to kill your lexicography
poetry is not for braggarts
so don't go gaga and brag-a
you cease to be a poet
but just a brag-art
you brag-a a tete
don't go brag-a
be cautious pal
before you meet my poetic dagger
chop you with my rime-ricks
that leaves you with flea-ks
and if your flea-ks kick about in your cerebrum
compose them into sputum
and let your handkerchief lick them

bragging is for unwise flea-ks
poetry is for thinkers
and not brag-arts
pBitek did not brag
neither is Mazisi Kunene
nor Dennis Brutus
poets are just people
from their justice we get poetic justice
a Che t-shirt doesn't make you a poet
study the revolutionaries
start with the Mau Mau
and learn the poetricks
of words and verse
poetry is a serious profession
and not apart time hobby
it is for the anointed natural ones
and talented in the art of syntax-diction
be a poet for reason and caution
not a poet for a season who ceases to reason
ask Tony Mochama
real poets make mullah outta shit
and them no copycats


* A diss-cursing verse to one Alflicks Asiago who was challenging my verse.
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