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The Liberator at Markato
what is his motto?
The Liberator,
who wore camouflage
in lieu of Dr.'s gown
has put a red hat on.

That Liberator
rules at night
as Leninist.
The godless,
boorish but clever,
works day and night
sitting at the Addis Palace.
Effervescent and unflagging
he is finishing
the task
assigned by Isayas.
That Liberator,
who fought without
understanding liberty;
that dreamer
wanted the palace for eternity.

That Liberator
who is godless
knows how to govern,
and silence
with the barrel
of a gun.
That Liberator
now like a mad dog
roams town,
his mouth foaming
with the blood of the young.

* This poem is dedicated to Judge Birtukan Mideksa and the ‘36 unarmed people killed’ by the Ethiopian Regime in Mercato on 8 June and 31 October 2005.
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