Democratic Republic of Congo

After decades of violent conflict, dictatorship, a weak state and massive foreign interference, one could give up on DR Congo. But the country is on course to restoration. It will indeed become the centre of the sun’s radiance for Africa

The special issue on the DRC seeks to expose not only the realities of war that continue to have a traumatic and tragic impact on the lives of those directly affected, but also to address the complex realities and issues that the Congolese have faced in the past since the assassination of its valiant leader, Patrice Lumumba


The Lobito Corridor between Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo is a game-changer in the new scramble for Africa’s mineral riches.

The Obama administration is concerned with the prevention of mass atrocities mainly when it is in alignment with US interests. However, in the case of the deadliest conflict in the world where US allies are the aggressors, R2P is rarely if ever mentioned or invoked


The recent defeat of the M23 rebels by government forces in eastern DR Congo inspires hope that lasting peace can now be achieved in the region – although there are other rebel groups active there. Still, the expansionist ambitions of Rwanda and Uganda remain a big challenge to DRC