The initiator of this performance is Danish sculptor Jens Galschiot. For the time being his chief project is a world wide art manifestation titled The Pillar of Shame. Within a decade, 10 sculptures, 8 metres in height will be set up to mark severe infringements against human rights. The first three sculptures have been mounted in Hong Kong (1997), Mexico (1999) and Brazil (2000). The aim is to highlight the ethical basis of our civilization to ensure the survival of the Planet. This is also more

Welcome to this very special experience of Africa, and join a 4-hour journey that spans thousands of years in the Valley of the Ancient Voices. Rock art, relics and artefacts give clues to the myriad of animals and people that have crossed through this place – using it as a place of refuge, or a home, or of spiritual significance. Follow the same paths that they did, paths as ancient as the rocky outcrops into which they have been worn.

In recent years, social change activists of all stripes have increasingly incorporated visual art as a component of their strategies for building grassroots political movements. From the radical cheerleaders and the marching turtles of the anti-WTO protests held in Seattle in November of 1999, to the "puppetistas" imprisoned during last year's Republican national convention, this movement of "art from below" is changing the face of political protest and direct action.

Indigenous leaders from around the world are gathered this week in the Panamanian capital, where they have launched a global appeal to defend their traditions against the imposition of mass culture they contend is inherent in the globalisation process.

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