Two Nigerian human rights groups have called on the police and the federal authorities to take urgent steps to end the spate of extrajudicial killings being carried out across the country, 'The Guardian' Lagos daily reported on Friday.

The United States Secret Service has provided the Nigerian government with a list of secret foreign accounts operated by highly-placed officials, a report said Monday. The numbers of the accounts and names of the officials have been forwarded to the police and the presidency, the report by the News Agency of Nigeria said.

The website, a project of Journalists Against AIDS (JAAIDS) Nigeria, is designed to be the one-stop online resource centre to access up-to-date information on HIV/AIDS in Nigeria and all 16 countries of West Africa. On the website, visitors will find the latest statistics on HIV/AIDS in West African countries; over 200 HIV-related abstracts, research reports and presentations on HIV in the Nigerian/West African contexts; the entire versions of the recently-launched HIV/AIDS Emergency Action more

There is a new publication of Women's NGO Networks in Nigeria: "Providing Reproductive Health Information and Services; Promoting Reproductive Rights". This profile documents the significant contributions of women's NGO networks in Nigeria that provide reproductive health information and services and/or promote reproductive rights.

Garlic heals HIV infections in children; 20 years of AIDS: June 5, 1981-June 5, 2001; Measles cases increase by nearly 700 percent in Kano; UNICEF, northern states fight diseases.