Buhari has the potential to make history: to be remembered as the leader who restored sanity to Nigerian politics; the leader who tamed unbridled corruption; gave the youth a reason to hope and the transformational figure who raised the leadership bar in Africa. But he may also end up as a ridiculous figure: just another politician who was all talk and failed woefully when Nigerians gave him the opportunity.

The planned increase is cruel and inconsiderate of the daily economic hardships faced by Nigerians. Any increase in electricity tariff will aggravate the living conditions of masses in every sector of the Nigerian economy.

Due to a lack of faith in the state’s justice system, an angry mob set four innocent-until-proven-guilty young men on fire three years ago. That same judicial system is living up to the mob’s reasoning by its inability to secure speedy justice for the victims.


One cannot purport to condemn colonialism while enjoying the benefits of colonialism. Germany’s keeping of the looted Benin artefacts despite demands for return is the surest sign of lack of respect and an obvious demonstration of continuing centuries-old contempt of westerners for Africa and its peoples.

All well-meaning Nigerians at home and in the Diaspora must now rise up and join to return looted wealth that is stashed away abroad, and to fight grand corruption at home. It is time bring back decency in government and restore human dignity to the people.