South Africa

An intelligence document has surfaced claiming that the white establishment through the private sector has a huge influence in the running of the National Treasury and that the history of this influence dates back to the early 1990s when the ANC and the white, apartheid-founding National Party were in negotiations. The white establishment felt it was too risky to leave the running of the government solely in the hands of the ANC.

The deafening silence of political, traditional and cultural leaders, who have in the past positioned themselves as the guardians of African culture, on the atrocities arising from circumcision, is surprising.


Although apartheid is a crime against humanity under international law, no one has been prosecuted for it. That means criminals who perpetrated this evil system are still free. It is a problem that South Africa – and the world - needs to address, according to a new book.

South Africa is failing, as a direct result of the neoliberalism embraced by the ruling Black elite working in cahoots with the white class since the formal end of apartheid 20 years ago. A true transition of power to the people is need.

Glebelands with its neatly constructed family units is one of the very few hostels that the government proudly parades as proof of its commitment to the eradication of apartheid’s social engineering. It is therefore shameful that this same government has permitted the persistent and excessive violence which has left over 30 people dead.