KPTJ says the cases collapsed as a result of contamination of evidence through systematic victim/witness interference and an orchestrated political and diplomatic campaign by the Kenyan government at the behest of suspects of international crimes to intimidate and discredit the Court.


It is not correct to say that racism is a problem affecting black people only. Regardless of whether or not they have the means and advantages of history to institutionalize racism, black people can be racist.


On the 31st March 2016 the Constitutional Court ruled that both the President and parliament had breached democratic principles by covering up and allowing public funds to be used for the private benefit of the President. Thus we support the call by the SA National Defence Force Union (Sandu) of 1st April 2016, for mass action to remove the President and the entire parliament from office.

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The assassination of community activists fighting against mining interests in rural communities is becoming an extremely worrying trend in South Africa.


On March 30th, Eva's extradition was confirmed. Lawyers tried to reverse the decision, but were not given enough time to stop the expulsion.