The Zambian government needs to heed the paradigm of a smaller and more efficient government, eliminate waste, corruption and ensure effective use of material and human resources. Strategies to implement this are necessary as well as assistance from the international community

The economy of Zambia is in bad shape under the helm of President Michael Sata. Sata’s liability is not in the fact that he is too old, or some of his ministers are ancient, his deficiency is in the fact that he lacks an economic vision for the country

Zambia is not over-populated. On the contrary its small population is an economic disadvantage. A sensible population policy should let the country’s population grow to about 20 million people, after which the government can institute appropriate population control measures

Since March a combination of factors, including the fall in popularity of Zambia's ruling party PF, has led to a hate campaign against LGBT people in the country

The Adilisha Program will be holding a movement building boot camp for activists’ from social justice movements and organisations in Lesotho, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi.The boot camp being held in Lusaka ,Zambia from May 12 -17, 2013 will facilitate activists' consciousness of their context from a deep analysis and connect what they are doing to the bigger picture or vision of social change they seek to achieve.

Participants will critically analyse their organising more