Drawing on the power of creative and entertaining arts to communicate messages, the 'Creative Arts for Youth HIV/AIDS Prevention – Music and Comics in Chamanculo', project is designed to promote HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, as well as inspire youth to know their HIV status. Community Media for Development (CMFD) will be working with the residents of Chamanculo, a peri-urban community of Maputo, to create music and illustrated comic stories. The music will be the focus of a concert in more

Some remain sceptical of what a massive gas find will mean for Mozambique's 23 million people, reports the UK Guardian. They question whether the government will direct enough of its new revenue towards infrastructure, which is still sorely lacking, and improving agricultural productivity – the biggest single tool for reducing poverty. Erik Charas, director of @Verdade (the Truth), Mozambique's biggest circulation newspaper, warned: 'There is a lack of transparency in these deals. They're more

The Financial Times reports on how Portuguese people are fleeing their homeland in search of economic opportunities in Mozambique. The paper estimates that there are 20,000 Portuguese people in Maputo with the number of people registering at the Portuguese consulate up by 10 per cent in recent years.

The country’s Ministry for Coordination of Environmental Affairs (MICOA), has canceled 146 investment projects in various economic activities because they failed to meet the requirements of the country’s environmental laws. The canceled proposals include the activities of some major Western firms. Permanent Secretary Samuel Xirinda told journalists that the 146 projects canceled because of environmental legislation strictures constituted a third of the 437 projects audited by the government more

At the same time that we increasingly see the advance of new technologies which facilitate communication and information, such as smartphones, tablets, Twitter and Facebook, in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, the People's Wall has emerged: an extensive outer wall of the newspaper [email protected], where the population can write letters and direct reflections to the governing leaders. It is an original form of communication, whose effectiveness and more