From the more than 1000 workers in the factory, clinical examination suspected possible presence of lung silicosis in 450 of them, prompting around 300 workers to strike for ten days last year


‘Emerging regional powers’ in the South have produced powerful finance capitalists such as the Egyptian firm, Citadel Capital that is buying land, rights to water and precious metals. Allied with global governance institutions, such finance capitalists represent greater control over vital resources and distribution routes for private wealth accumulation


On 15 July 2013 Samir Amin was interviewed by Beifang, China. He expressed his views that the action of the army was not a coup d’etat as well as the tasks facing the popular movement in Egypt


Egypt appears to be following the bloody path of Algeria in the early 1990s. The leaderless revolution of 2011 has been coopted by the military yet requires the demise of the terrorizing capitalist world system that encourages both military regimes and authoritarian populisms

Movement condemns the release of Mubarak from prison, massacre of civilians and wants Al-Sisi to be arrested and tried for crimes against humanity