Egyptians must know that the teargas, bullets, water cannons, the fighter jets, tanks, attack helicopters and all the weapons of mass intimidation being used against them by the military and police have been paid for with American tax-payers’ money


In order for Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Turkey to move forward there must be a revolution led by the people and not controlled by the military which represents in Egypt the interests of the national bourgeoisie in league with US imperialism


Egypt is in the midst of a neocolonial reality in which the army is co-opting the 25 January revolution. Liberals, the Brotherhood and the generals are vying for power but power must lie with the people to advance the revolution


This phase of the revolution will require clarity from those who understand that the future of Egypt depends on the conscious and organized action of the people to avoid open warfare. The agents of militarism are ready to use the excuse of violence and security to hijack the will of the people


In essence, what we had witnessed on 30 June 2013 in Egypt was the ordinary people’s revolution against the Islamists governance that had dismantled their lives for the interests of the West