The prolonged civil war changed everything for Somali youth. Hopeless, they became prey to a host of unscrupulous warlords, politicians and religious fanatics. Hundreds of young Somalis are today languishing in jails all overall the world

The principal drivers of the Somali crisis are identifiable foreign powers exploiting the vulnerabilities of the Somali people rooted in clan rivalry, poverty, religion and selfish ambitious personalities

More international talks on Somalia are lined up; international financial institutions are ready for business with the recovering nation...All this portends good for Somalia and Somalis should not squander this chance to restore their nation to peace and prosperity

The Sierra Leonean army will be doing the biding of America’s proxy-war in Africa as mercenaries. This is a case of Africans paid to kill other Africans.

Somalia is on the road to recovery after more than two decades of collapse. Now is the time for all the citizens to help the government achieve its goals by being patient and tolerant.