Tunisians are concerned that the uprising that overthrew the Ben Ali dictatorship has failed to bear any meaningful result. The ruling coalition is only interested in its own survival and national institutions are very weak

The current struggles in Egypt and Tunisia must take into account the historical lessons of imperialist intervention and destabilization to create the conditions for genuine political and economic independence


Although their top leaders were recently feted internationally, Tunisians are restive due to high unemployment and insecurity. Many feel life was better under President Ben Ali prior to the 2011 Arab Spring

Police and soldiers have deployed in large numbers in the Tunisian capital after deadly clashes with radical Islamists during the night, according to the interior ministry. The deployment came a day after Tunisia's state news agency said one protester was killed and three security officers injured in clashes near Tunis. Wielding sharp tools and swords, the protesters went on the attack in the Tunis suburb of Manouba after police arrested a Salafist suspected of assaulting the head of the subu...read more

A Tunisian court ordered blogger and anti-Islamist activist Sofiane Chourabi to pay a 104 dinar (52 euro/$67) fine for drunkenness and indecency during Ramadan, he said. Chourabi has accused the Islamist-led government of orchestrating the case against him and, denying any wrongdoing, said he would appeal the decision.