South Sudan

Justice Africa calls for support for civil society engagement in transformation processes in South Sudan

The groups say open and free dialogue that yield a mutually accepted agreement reached through the informed opinion of all the concerned parties, are the only way to resolve the current political differences

Sudan Solidarity Network calls for immediate end of the fighting that has killed hundreds of people and displaced thousands of others in the world’s newest nation


The crisis in South Sudan is the outcome of a deadly cocktail of personal ambition, state failure, high level corruption and neglect of service delivery to the people, political manipulation of negative ethnicity and failure to transform a revered liberation movement into an accountable ruling party. To start with, the Sudanese People’s Liberation Movement should be dissolved


South Sudan is at a crossroads. The government might have to swallow its pride and reward Riek Machar‘s unconstitutional and deadly political actions. Any attempt to punish him could backfire terribly. But this option has its own dangers as well