Samir Amin

Steve Pope/Getty

Trump’s victory signals the inevitable implosion of the liberal order. This will pave the way for construction of the alternative, which comprises: at the national level, the abandonment of liberal economic management for the benefit of sovereign projects, giving rise to social progress; and at the international level, the construction of a system of polycentric globalization.


The defence of national sovereignty, like its critique, leads to serious misunderstandings once one detaches it from the social class content of the strategy in which it is embedded. The leading social bloc in capitalist societies always conceives sovereignty as a necessary instrument for the promotion of its own interests based on both capitalist exploitation of labour and the consolidation of its international positions.

Western powers and their media clergy have no right to give lessons of democracy to China. They should first correct their ugly behavior in the places they control.


Rwanda, a military dictatorship, plays a key destabilising role in the Great Lakes region to benefit its imperialist partners, US and UK, whose primary interest is the mineral wealth in Eastern DR Congo. Democratic forces should work had to expose imperialist agendas and weaken Western influence in the region

Russia’s policy to resist the project of colonisation of Ukraine by western powers should be supported. The target of constructing a Euro-Asian community, independent of the Triad and its European subordinate partners, is a positive initiative


The project to which we wish to contribute is that of a creative utopia. If one were to give that future, that vision, a name, one could call it ‘value-based development,’ in other words development based on a body of moral, ethical and social values that integrate democracy, liberty and equality, solidarity, etc. To my mind, this is called ‘communism,’ as envisaged by Marx.


On 15 July 2013 Samir Amin was interviewed by Beifang, China. He expressed his views that the action of the army was not a coup d’etat as well as the tasks facing the popular movement in Egypt


Until now, China has resisted continuous pressure to put an end to manipulation of the Yuan. This resistance has allowed China to continuously record the strongest growth rates in the world. There is no reason whatsoever for flexible exchange to encourage foreign trade growth. So why does HSBC Bank insist on this?


Sixteen million Egyptians demonstrated against the government of President Morsi that led to his downfall. Western powers, Israel and the Gulf countries hate the perspective of a democratic, socially progressive, independent Egypt

‘The death of Chávez is a great tragedy that saddens the Venezuelan people and all those who are fighting around the world for the same cause as what inspired the Bolivarian revolution'