Okachikwu Dibia

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For Nigeria's All Progressives Congress party to survive after Mohammadu Buhari's presidency, they might as well consider presenting an Igbo presidential candidate in 2023 elections. 

For reasons best known to the Nigerian police, it has refused to accept that a person is innocent until a court of competent jurisdiction has declared them guilty. To the Nigerian police, an accused person is guilty and could be maltreated and/or killed before prosecution.

To succeed as president, Muhammadu Buhari needs to quickly engage in deep and critical introspection to enable him re-align his personal strengths with the exogenous political, social and economic forces that invisibly rule presidential behavior in Nigeria.

Nigerian elections are always marred by logistical problems, poor policing and episodes of violence. But by far the biggest failure is that of the police. Future election planning should exclude the police and instead deploy the defence forces.

Over the decades, the Nigerian authorities have shown themselves to be unwilling to protect the lives and property of the people. The current crisis of the Islamist group Boko Haram fits in this pattern. No words should be spared to question the government and to demand action

The level of indiscipline in the Nigerian military, as revealed by this sad episode, is truly appalling. Soldiers should be professional at all times and respect the citizens who pay their salaries and whom the armed forces are created to protect

The decision by the Jonathan administration to grant amnesty to Boko Haram does not inspire much hope, given that similar steps have not solved the problem of militant groups in the past. A national congress on the future of Nigeria is needed

Upon the death of an artist society loses sorely. But their works provide a continuing reflection on how to refine ourselves

Research on Ikwerre origin does not suggest they are Igbo. But a long lopsided relationship with Igbo led to the loss of Ikwerre identity. They have suffered all kinds of humiliation and marginalization within the Federal Republic of Nigeria


Nigerian authorities have handled the Boko Haram crisis badly, resulting in more bloodshed. The key to resolving sectarian agitations is dialogue and not the use of force.