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The Pan-Africanism Working Group in Germany expresses solidarity with the people of Burkina Faso following the successful revolt against Blaise Compaore.

The Pan-Africanism Working Group welcomes the determination of the women, the youth, of committed people, of the political opposition, who have forced the 27-year-old dictatorial regime to step back during the past four days.

Hundreds of thousands took the streets in the cities throughout the country and have asserted their will to the downfall of the regime.

After having been in power for 27 years, the head of government, Blaise Compaore, had intended to alter the constitution in order to stay in power in 2015.

The people’s victory after the four days long revolution resulted in the president being deposed and forced to go into exile in Ivory Coast.

A transitional government is currently building under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Isaac Yacouba Zida.

Hopefully, the transitional government will soon be replaced by a democratically elected government.

The Pan-africanism Working Group Pan-africanism hopes that this upheaval serves as an example to other countries in Africa to end existing dictatorships.

We hope that Blaise Compoare has to account for the murder according to international law concerning his predecessors, the journalist Norbert Zongo and Thomas Sankara.

The Pan-africanism Working Group regrets the high number of injured people and casualties in the cause of the uprisings in Burkina Faso and appeals for donations to be passed on to the civil organisation “Balai Citoyen” in Ouagdougou for the medical care of the injured people.