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Petition to Global Pan African Movement, African Union (AUu), East Africa Community (EAC) and the Government of Burundi on extra-judicial killings, rampant hate speech and refugees

The political crisis in Burundi remains unresolved and appears to deepen with each passing day. The government, regional leaders and the international community need to act before it is too late.

We, the members of Pan African Movement – Kenyan Chapter, together with all peace loving Africans, wish to indicate that, despite blatant violations of Burundians’ rights, there seems to be a see-no-evil attitude adopted by the regime and lip service by the regional community.

As Afrikans who believe and pursue African solutions to African problems, and guided by the Panafrican spirit of “Afrika Moja, Afrika Huru” (One Africa, Free Africa) we empathize with the innocent civilians caught in this grave mess and urge our brother, Comrade President Pierre Nkurunziza, to look beyond transitory political interests; move in haste and do the necessary to stop the ongoing extra-judicial killings, restore ethnic cohesion and assure refugees of their safety back at home.

It is in the interest of Burundi and its people that we formally lodge this petition concerning an escalating politically instigated situation which, if not responsibly and swiftly addressed, could plunge Burundi back into a civil war.

We humbly draw the attention of the Global PAM, African Union, EAC and Burundi government to the following:

1. That more than 240 citizens have been killed and bodies dumped on the streets since April.
2. That tens of thousands have fled Burundi for neighboring countries.
3. That the regime headed by President Pierre Nkurunziza’s is complicit and condoning extra-judicial killings for political reasons.
4. That the politicians on both sides are inflaming the citizenry by fanning hate speech and ethnic incitement.
5. That the regional Head of States, patrons to respective national PAM Chapters, have deserted Burundians in their time of need.

THEREFORE your humble petitioners DEMAND that:

1. The Government of Burundi makes effort to stop police brutality, torture, arbitrary arrest and extra judicial killings of its people immediately
2. The Burundian Politicians stop hate speech and inciting the masses along ethnic lines.
3. The African Union Commission takes an active role and urgently convenes an Extra-Ordinary Meeting to discuss the Burundi situation.
4. The East African Community to be more actively involved in restoring normalcy, and the neighboring countries ie Rwanda, Tanzania and DR Congo to open their borders and help the fleeing refugees.
5. The Global PanAfrican Movement, through its East Africa national chapters, mobilizes members and wananchi (citizens) around a solidarity campaign.

Dated the 19th November 2015.

Mc’Olonde Charles - Chair
PAM-KE Secretariat & Governing Council
(On behalf of Pan African Movement – Kenyan Chapter)