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Ensuring Kenya gets a new constitution

The Katiba Sasa! Campaign is a civil society initiative aimed at ensuring that Kenya gets a new constitution. The National Civil Society Congress (NCSC) declares 2010 the Year of Transformation. The campaign was launched to ensure that Kenyans enact a new constitution to begin the process of transformation.

As different groups align themselves with either the Yes or the No vote on the Proposed Constitution of Kenya (PCK), the Campaign has noted distortions and lies being told about the Proposed Constitution.

The campaign’s brochure [PDF] corrects distortions on provisions on land, abortion, the disciplined/armed forces and the right to demonstrate/picket, representation and devolution, to enable Kenyans make the right choice. Through this information, Katiba Sasa! Campaign puts the facts right and begins preparing Kenyans to vote Yes for the Proposed Constitution of Kenya.


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