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The second thematic session of the Leadership for Change initiative started today [March 17] in Gaborone Botswana, with 12 participants selected from South Africa, Mauritius, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Lesotho.

The five-day workshop which ends on March 21, 2014 is designed by the Southern Africa Trust to enhance the capability of civil society leaders in southern Africa to engage policy makers and leaders in other sectors of society. It is intended to be an ongoing programme that provides civil society leaders with a platform to reflect on experiences of leadership in pro-poor policy development and implementation in the region. Participants engage with a range of leadership theories, applications and practices within global, continental and regional civil society, and in particular leadership geared to achieving pro-poor development outcomes.


The Leadership for Change initiative was launched in September 2011 and is run through four thematic sessions covered over a two year period. The first cycle which ended in March 2013 produced 15 graduates. This second cycle was launched in September 2013, in Mauritius with the current participants.

For this particular thematic session, participants will be exposed to thought leadership on the challenges and opportunities of globalization and on models of regional integration for southern Africa. This will be achieved through presentations by researchers and practitioners of regional integration and followed by debate and discussion. The objective is to show the effects of globalization on developing countries and how civil society leaders should deal with critical issues such as aid effectiveness, trade liberalization, investment flows, the social dimensions and social costs of regional integration, models of regional integration and pro-poor growth and development.

This session will also enable the participants to understand how the SADC Secretariat operates, the focus areas of the various units and how the Leadership for Change Fellows can contribute to the work being done by the secretariat.

Resource persons include:

• Kijala Shako, Programme Manager: Civil Society Capabilities, Southern Africa Trust
• Dr Themba Mhlongo, Executive Secretary: Regional Integration, SADC Secretariat
• Ram Nookadee, Secretary, Mauritius Council of Social Service
• Dr Eduardo Mondlane, Director of Policy Planning and Resource Mobilisation, SADC Secretariat
• Abie Ditlhake, Executive Director, SADC Council of NGOs

Successful participants completing all four thematic sessions will be given a certificate of participation.

To learn more about Leadership for Change, visit:
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Katiana Ramsamy
Southern Africa Trust
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