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Global Campaign On Military Spending, GCOMS-Nigeria, welcomes the decision of the President Muhammad Buhari government to sack the country's Service Chiefs.

The Service Chiefs would not be forgotten for superintending over a State Army that was almost embarrassingly humiliated by the Boko Haram insurgents in spite of having unfettered access to humongous budgetary allocations.

The Global Campaign on Military Spending (GCOMS) is a global campaign whose main objective is to ask the world governments to reduce their military expenditures and move the money to support critical areas that are the backbone of human survival.

The purpose of GCOMS is to raise awareness of the huge and excessive amounts of public money spent on the military system all over the world and to build a community that can have some impact on the budget decisions made, especially at national level.

In order for the action to serve its full purpose, GCOMS Nigeria calls on government to set up a public enquiry to investigate the outsted Service Chiefs with regard to:

1. Possible complicity in the prosecution of the counter insurgency war;
2. The use of the resources available to the military for combating Boko Haram, including the $1 billion sourced by the Jonathan administration for the same purpose.

GCOMS Nigeria wishes to call for a reduction in military expenditure as this has failed to address critical issues about safety and security. Rather, more of the resources should be reallocated to:

1. The social welfare sector
2. Food production, education, healthcare, housing and water, employment and social security sectors in order to reduce the masses' frustration which gradually crystalizes into radicalization, conflicts and terrorist tendencies

We therefore urge government to listen to GCOMS's campaigns, especially as Nigeria would be hosting first African GCOMS conference in Abuja in April 2016

Convener/Regional Coordinator- GCOMS Nigeria/West Africa

Secretary General- GCOMS Africa Office, Nairobi, Kenya.

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