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Movement condemns the release of Mubarak from prison, massacre of civilians and wants Al-Sisi to be arrested and tried for crimes against humanity

FREETOWN, 26TH AUGUST 2013: The Pan-Afrikan Community Movement (PACM) is a grassroots Pan-Africanist, community based movement of youths, students, women, employed and unemployed workers in urban and rural Sierra Leone. We stand for the self-emancipation and self determination of the oppressed and exploited Afrikan masses at home and abroad. We are opposed to privatisation, racism, sexism, neo-colonialism, and imperialist proxy wars in Africa.

On the situation in Egypt

We note that the year reign of the Muslim Brotherhood led by Mohamed Morsi, represents no progressive and real change for of the majority Egyptian people

We also note that Mohamed Morsi’s regime made undemocratic attempts of imposing an Islamist agenda on the Egyptian people and engaged in power grab rather than progress for the Egyptian people in the January 2011 revolution that ousted the thirty years rule of the western backed dictator -Hosni Mubarak.

We support the people’s demand for dignity, freedom, economic emancipation and full democratic rights, including freedom of association and right to protest. We believe that the military coup by Gen. Al-sisi is an attempt to usurp power and derail the democratic revolution which the people fought and died for in the now famous Tahrir square..

Gen Al-sisi and his allies are only interested in returning Egypt to the Mubarak era evidence by his release from prison and to put the army at the service of imperialist and Zionist control. This is evident by the fact that, the Egyptian military receives 1.3 billion in “Aid” annually from the US and the decision to release Mubarak from jail is also a glaring pointer to the fact. Also, the re-imposition of state of emergency is also an attempt by Gen. Alsisi and his clique.

We believe that one of major goals of the revolution was and remains – dignity, freedom, democracy, and social justice. We therefore condemn an attempt by the military to ban the Muslim brotherhood and stifle democracy, freedom speech and right to peaceful protests.

PACM, in the strongest terms condemns the military use of violence against peaceful protests and call on progressive forces in Egypt, Africa and the world to call for the immediate arrest and trial of Gen Al-sisi and all those who are responsible for crimes against humanity for the killing of over 500 civilians in Nasr city and all other massacres since the military coup in early July. We also condemn the release of Hosni Mubarak from prison.

We call on all Sierra Leoneans and Africans who support peace and democracy to vehemently and out rightly oppose the military coup and all acts of violence against peaceful protesters and support unequivocally the Egyptian people and the Egyptian democratic revolution.

The January 2011 democratic revolution and the July 2013 uprising were a true demonstration of peoples’ power and a genuine attempt by the people to show their dissatisfaction of Mubarak and l Morsi’s neoliberal economic agenda and to demand full political and economic rights. On both occasions the US-backed military had used these uprisings as pretexts to stage a coup in order to reverse the gains of the Jan 2011 and July 2013 democratic revolutions.

We condemn the double standard of the U.S, the UN Western governments, evident by their shameless insistence not to call Alsis’s action “a coup”.

We are in solidarity with the democratic and progressive forces in Egypt for their resilience and struggle against the military and western imperialism. In particular we recognize the contributions of the Revolutionary Socialists in Egypt.

Revolution until victory against Capitalism, Imperialism and Zionism.

We believe that the uprising for democracy in Egypt is part of the rising consciousness in Africa and the world against global capitalism and imperialism – The New African Awakening! The African masses determination for better conditions of living, for dignity and progress for all cannot be suppressed by false claims of “a rising continent”, “ an African Renaissance” and so-called “Agenda for Prosperity”. Like the struggle against classical colonialism, the situation in Egypt also shows that the people are the real makers of history and revolution and that fundamental progress comes only through people’s action and struggles on the streets.

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