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On the 31st March 2016 the Constitutional Court ruled that both the President and parliament had breached democratic principles by covering up and allowing public funds to be used for the private benefit of the President. Thus we support the call by the SA National Defence Force Union (Sandu) of 1st April 2016, for mass action to remove the President and the entire parliament from office.

The basic democratic principle here is the right of instant recall by the masses of delegates that claim to speak on their behalf.

Who will dissolve parliament and what should be in its place?

There are 3 major problems with parliament that hamper a full democratic functioning:

  1. The delegates are chosen by the party and not directly by the constituency. The delegates are beholden to the tiny clique who controls the leadership of the parties, who are totally removed from direct control of the masses.
  2. Where there is limited constituency representation, like in the local government elections, the weight of the upper middle class and capitalist areas are increased relative to the working class. This is because the geographical areas of the upper middle class and the capitalist class have less people while the wards in the working class areas have much more people. Thus the rich have a bigger say than their actual numbers.
  3. The Codesa talks placed a limit on what the Constitution could or could not say; for example, it dictated beforehand that there should be a clause protecting private property relations. Here we are not discussing the property of the worker or the middle class but the property of the rich, the capitalists, the large commercial farmer, the monopolists, that was attained through plunder and theft. Thus the inequality that existed before 1994 was entrenched by the Constitution, indeed, undemocratically so.

Thus, even though the Constitution says that a two-thirds majority is required to recall the President or to dissolve parliament itself, the delegates themselves are beholden to the tiny cliques that control the parties in parliament. Presdient Zuma and his clique controls the ANC delegates. Thus even though the masses have no faith in Zuma and his clique, and even the Constitutional Court judges rule that he has breached the Constitution, parliament is incapable of recalling the President. Will a band of crooks declare that their leader is a crook?

For a new, unfettered Constituent Assembly to replace parliament

What we need is direct democracy; we need the right of instant recall by the masses. Thus what is required at every workplace, every mine, every factory, every farm, every school, every university, every army barracks, every community, we need the election of workers’ committees, of committees of worker, parent, youth at the universities and schools, with councils of such delegates gathered by street, block, local, region, province, and linking up nationally. The task of the rank and file committees of soldiers should be to link up with these  committees and to help with the task of self-defence of these direct democracy organs. The task is firstly a plan of mass action to remove the President and parliament from office. The second task would be to set up a new Constituent Assembly that is based on direct democracy from workplace and residential constituencies, subject to instant recall, in direct proportion to the numbers in each constituency, with the proviso that each delegate does not earn more than the wage of an average skilled worker. There should be no pre-conditions on what type of Constitution and what laws are possible, especially, there should be no protection of the property of the rich, the capitalists, the imperialists.

Dissolve parliament now!

For the setting up of workers-youth-soldier committees!

For the convening of a new, unfettered Constituent Assembly!


Issued on 3rd April 2016

By Workers International Vanguard League/Party

41 Salt River rd, Salt River, 7925

ph/sms/whatsApp +27 822020617

Email [email protected]