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Sudan Solidarity Network calls for immediate end of the fighting that has killed hundreds of people and displaced thousands of others in the world’s newest nation

The Sudan Solidarity Network (SSN), extremely anxious and concerned by the on-going fighting and killings taking place in South Sudan, hereby expresses anxiety and sorrow over the loss of lives and displacement of innocent civilians. Advocate Sabelo Sibanda, the Secretary General of the SSN, said "the SSN would like to extend its deepest felt condolences to the families, relatives and friends of all the people who have lost their lives as a result of the ongoing violence".

It is imperative that efforts be made for transparent and democratic dialogue to take place, for the benefit of the people of South Sudan and the advancement of the interests of the newest nation in the world. In calling for a ceasefire, the SSN is categorically clear that what is currently taking place is definitely not what the SPLM and other freedom fighters sacrificed and fought for. "In as much as Dr John Garang and other gallant sons and daughters of the Sudan did not lay their lives down for brothers and sisters to now point the gun at each other and kill each other we can not afford to be dejected and despondent. Africa cannot continue to sabotage and destabilize itself, this mindlessness has to stop immediately", added Sibanda.

In what seems like the advancement of the self-serving interests of certain individuals and/or entities (local and foreign alike), innocent men, women and children are being haphazardly slaughtered, maimed and/or forcibly displaced.

Under the circumstances, therefore, the SSN, in seeking for an immediate ceasefire in South Sudan, hereby demands the following:

- immediate end of all fighting and violence against the people

- all and any relevant and responsible State and non-State parties to take necessary, decisive, steps to end the state of lawlessness and mindless killings currently prevailing in South Sudan.

- a strict implementation of ceasefire

- all and any parties to immediately engage upon selfless, impartial, transparent and democratic dialogue for the benefit of the people of South Sudan.

- all and any leaders who are pursuing selfish interests to immediately stop using the people as pawns.

- all dialogue to be conducted in a manner that prioritizes and fully respects the principle of the non-violation of the people’s fundamental and inalienable human rights.

- all parties to engage upon the dialogue as a political process leading to peace and sustainable just and good democratic governance systems

Finally the SSN calls upon the whole of peace loving humanity, in South Sudan and outside, to join forces and raise a resounding denunciation of the current fighting and agitate, in whatever way possible, for an immediate ceasefire and transparent and democratic dialogue

The SSN also appeals for support in working for a peaceful and democratic Sudan.

For more information contact the Secretary General at [email][email protected]