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The recent violent repression of peaceful protests following the removal of fuel subsidy leading to a high coast of living showed a brutal government that has little regard for the lives and rights of its own people. State violence is still going on

Sudan is witnessing a new escalation of lethal violence, which is resulting, on a daily basis, in scores of protesters and activists being killed or seriously wounded. To insist on pursuing selfish interests at the expense of the people and to deploy state security agents to crush growing popular uprisings is to trample on highly treasured and cherished precepts of democracy – freedom of peaceful association and freedom of expression. This inevitably promotes more widespread violence throughout the country.

The Sudan Solidarity Network (SSN), troubled by the on-going brutal and inhumane events taking place in the Sudan, hereby call on President Omar Al Bashir and his ruling Islamist regime of the National Congress Party (the NCP) and the rest of the Sudanese regime’s leadership to take, with immediate effect, decisive steps to end the state of lawlessness currently prevailing in the Sudan.

The SSN hereby issues this Emergency Motion and Statement of Solidarity with all the people of the Sudan as they are being indiscriminately killed, maimed and/or being forcibly displaced, internally and externally, as the nation is being pillaged and looted by some self serving people who care only about themselves and holding onto power despite the clear and unambiguous wishes of the people that they should vacate their seats of power.

As such, the SSN NOTES WITH CONCERN, the following violations against the people’s fundamental and inalienable human rights:

• The random and indiscriminate firing of live ammunition at civilians’ heads and chests as they exercise their constitutional rights, resulting in death and serious injury.

• The prevention of students and youths from attending academic institutions as they are closed and they are hunted down by the regime’s military forces and police.

• The denial of access to humanitarian aid by the affected people and the embargo on humanitarian assistance being made accessible to those most vulnerable and in need.

• The corrupt maladministration of the regime and the economic suffocation of the people.

• The rounding up and detaining of more than 1000 people, since the start of the protests to date, including journalists who are now at risk of persecution, by arrest and interrogation, as a result of a media blackout.

• The violent break up of protests by state agents, through the use of lethal force, against the peacefully demonstrating protesters.

• The forced disappearances of activists at the hands of the intelligence and other state and non state actors working in cahoots with government departments and the NCP.

• The ever increasing numbers of Sudanese men, women and children who continue to be killed, forcibly displaced, and calculatingly starved by President Omar Al Bashir and the NCP regime.

In light of the above referred concerns the SSN therefore DEMANDS as follows:

• An immediate secession of violence against the people.

• President Omar Al Bashir and his NCP to, without further ado, respect the Sudanese people’s wishes to be governed responsibly, and without undue intimidation and torture.

• The entire NCP leadership to, forthwith, concede to the legitimate demands of the people, for them to vacate the seats of power.

• That the African Union and African Presidents and Heads of State stop all support to Al Bashir and all others indicted by the International Criminal Court and allow the indictment to be executed without hindrance.


• To stand by and support the people of the Sudan and their cause and shall, in that regard, use any and all means and ways at its disposal to ensure success.

• To stand with the Sudanese people who are protesting the ending of subsidies on essential goods, including fuel, which has placed an unbearable economic burden on the lives of the people. This is untenable, excessive and unreasonable against those who are already impoverished.

• To stand with the Sudanese people who are protesting the denial to accessing humanitarian assistance that they deserve, as the NCP government is deliberately failing in its responsibility to deliver such services.

• To stand with the Sudanese youths and young people who are protesting against the closure of academic institutions.

As the Sudan Solidarity Network remembers and honours Martyr’s Friday, it expresses unequivocal and uncompromising support and solidarity with the people who are protesting, including the activists and journalists who are being persecuted simply for standing their ground against consciously planned and executed state repression. The people’s demands against a state that is obviously failing to protect, promote and uphold the fundamental rights of its own citizens are just and progressive.

Finally the SSN calls upon the whole of humanity, in the Sudan and outside, to join forces and raise a resounding denunciation of the current violations of the human rights of civilians, including women and children. The SSN also appeals for support in working for a peaceful and democratic Sudan.

Despite the attempted news blackout, let the world hear, know and act decisively to stop this insanity, now.



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