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Oloiseer Mbattiany

Oloiseer Mbattiany provides a detailed account of the ongoing eviction and harassment of pastoralist Maasai communities in Tanzania by the police, with the assistance of a private company.

The eviction of pastoralists from their homes which was conducted by Tanzania police (field force unit) with assistance of private guards, the anti-poaching unit and the Ottello Business Cooperation (OBC) from 14th July to date. The eviction become a source of income for police, those who are conducting the operation and those at Loliondo headquarters.

Communities are still suffering, violation of human rights is still going on, Maasai bomas and houses are still burning, sticking of innocent people, communities began to become poorer because of the loss of their livestock/cattle due to lack of water and pasture, the woman who was raped, and her husband are worried of their lives, this is because the have been told by the government people to never testify if they want to survive. Two days ago, the woman refused to tell me anything, saying “tung’wayioki mayieu madamu, kayiew altau lai, emeekure akata ayie oltungani laitadamu, netero orkiyioi, Niache sitaki kukumbuka, nataka niishi, sitaki mtu yoyote tena aniulise, akaanza kulia” (“leave me alone, I don’t want to remember, Ineed to survive, i don’t need any person to asked me ever,” then she started crying)

Since mid August, the eviction of pastoralists has taken a new form where one to two people are taken every day and locked up. You can only get released by the police or told no case to answer if you give money to them, most people are giving money to police not because they have done anything wrong but because they fear for their safety.

Two people were arrested while walking but released after paying 70,000 to police.
The numbers of people arrested from 11th August to 17th August are twenty-seven, as follows:

On August 11th, 2009 at Olorien/Magaiduru village seven people arrested, 5 of them jailed for six months and one released and one fined 50.000
1.Leken Olosereka
2.Simat Parkisuaa
3.Kiaro Senet
4.Tiambati Mbario
5.Saitoti Morise (all five sentenced to six months but after several weeks of prison they got a legal help from Legal and Human Right Center to appeal and they won the case.)
6.Mosongo Orminis (released)
7.shaangwa Lilash (charged and fined of Tsh 50,000)

On 16th August 2009, at Olorien/ Magaiduru eleven people arrested and charged was as follows:

1.Oldapash Merika
2.Leng'oone Oliaripu
3.Looseli Ledidi
4.Otumoi Morinde
5.Oloomu Seneti
6.Oloomoni Ngoile
7.Ritei Parshuku
8.Mosolwa Kokoi
9.Meikang'a mbeyo (all released at Loliondo police station after paying money)

10.Lemao Morise
11. Ole Koipa (the case adjourned)

On 17th August 2009 at Soitsambu village nine people were arrested.

1. Kinyanjui Kimeriai
2. Noonyuat Soit
3.Oloning'o Sung'e
4.Nengoone Piando
5.Lemama Yaile
6.Seretui Olorkijape
7.Tumate Rotiken
8..Ngoriaki Kaura
9.Nooliat Koipa ( all nine released by police after two-day lock up, they paid the police 600,000 to avoid court and/or jail.

The number of people arrested for first week of September (1st -8th September) is eleven, as follows:

On 1st September 2009 two people arrested at Arash village. The case postponed and they are attending court
1.Loeku Moti
2.Ngoitorito Ngelea

On 4th September, 2009 four people arrested at Ololosokwan village, The police release them after giving money.
1.Kerimas Siololo
2.Sanaet Rotiken
3.Ngidash Parmwat
4.Mangoe Rotiken.

On 6th September, 2009 three people courted at Soitsambu village, they are still attending the court.
1.Munga Rotiken
2.Lengai/Sayadi Mbusia
3.Meipuki Rotiken

On 8th September 2009, two people arrested at Soitsambu village and they are still in police custody since 8th to 10th morning.
1. Karatina Mbusia- a 70yr-old man. He was walking home when arrested.
2. Ole Kaigil – a young boy.

A 7 year-old boy from Olesadera ran away and hid in the bush for two days on August 8th.