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Thanks Mary Ndlovu for such a . I would like to add a third false assumption to the two you have stated- the delusion that Tsvangirai’s election will be “finishing the task of liberation” of Zimbabweans.

Truly finishing the task of liberation will be liberating Zimbabwe from the illegitimate Mugabe regime, from the obnoxious interventions (and sanctions) of the West, and from those who operate as agents of western imperialism. It will be when Zimbabweans are finally able to form an independent and legitimate movement/government that is driven and controlled by the people. We may all have opinions as non-Zimbabweans, but our ultimate responsibility is our unconditional solidarity with Zimbabweans. They have the ultimate say and choice.

And that is why no one (especially not Mugabe) should be allowed to deny Zimbabweans the right and the opportunity to make that choice. The terror, burning, rape, systematic violation of basic rights and killings must stop. We must continue to urge our leaders to break their silence and false solidarity with Mugabe. We must continue to expose and resist those who want to take advantage of the crisis and impose their agenda over the wills of Zimbabweans.

And we must continue to support our brothers and sisters who are at the frontline of the struggle for freedom in Zimbabwe. It will be sad if SADC and the AU fail to take advantage of Tsvangirai’s offer for a Transitional Authority. They can if they choose to. They should at least try. But we can no longer tolerate their inaction on Zimbabwe. In solidarity.