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    Today, 19th April 2016 is D - day for the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. In this Tuesday over one hundred political parties and social movements in over forty capital cities of the world are simultaneously demonstrating in solidarity with the Bolivarian socialist revolution that is threatened by US imperialism and their counterrevolutionary puppets inside Venezuela. 

KVFSC has organized this press conference in the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi, to join our comrades in Latin America and other countries of the world to express solidarity with the government of President Nicolas Maduro, socialist and communist parties of the country and the people of Venezuela who are fighting to defend the revolution and its gains which are well known.
    KVFSC follows very closely events concerning the Bolivarian Revolution inspired by the history of the liberator Simon Bolivar, triggered by the movement led by the great flamboyant revolutionary Hugo Chavez and now led by Nicolas Maduro. Kenyan revolutionary and progressive parties and movements have found great inspirations from the Bolivarian Revolution that has not only made a significant contribution to the struggle for socialism in Venezuela and Latin America but also to world social progress. We admire the commitment of the revolutionary leaders of Venezuela and their commitment to the freedom, liberation and welfare of their people - especially the masses - and also the poor, exploited and oppressed people of Latin America and the world. Today, the leadership of Venezuela led by President Maduro remains an example of leadership to follow by all those who desire genuine social and national liberation.
    We hail the Bolivarian revolutionary Government for using the natural resources of the country in the interest of all the people of Venezuela and for rejecting capitalism! We congratulate Maduro’s Government for the gains it has made in poverty alleviation, housing, health, education and in other sectors concerning the welfare of the working class. We recognize the progress the Bolivarian Government has made in consolidating and building democracy, peace, human rights, gender equality and women liberation, sustainable environment and progressive ideas! We are also proud of the socialist internationalism of the Bolivarian Government and leadership that has been felt in among other countries, Cuba, Western Sahara, Palestine, and always in international forums. We appreciate the friendship and solidarity of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela with Kenya and Africa and the material and moral supports it has made in this regard even while struggling with its own economic and social problems.
    Of course, KVFSC is also aware of the class struggles going on in Venezuela. The Bolivarian Revolution is a revolution, and no revolution in history has lacked its enemies. The Bolivarian revolution too is forced to remain vigilant and to defend its revolution from internal and external forces of reaction who use all evil means at their disposal to try to overthrow the revolution and revert the country to the dark past of capitalist and neocolonial domination of the country. Counting on the support of imperialism and the Government of the US that still dreams of restoring its neocolonial rule over Venezuela, the leaders and classes of exploiters and oppressors have escalated their counterrevolutionary activities. The US imperialism and its allies have imposed economic, financial and commercial blockade against Venezuela calculated to overthrow the legitimate democratically elected revolutionary Government of Venezuela. Imperialism has also imposed illegal and unjust travel and other sanctions against leaders of Venezuela in order to humiliate and isolate them from their people and the world. 
    Today just as we have done in the past, KVSFC declares our total solidarity with the Government and people of Venezuela that are today defending their popular revolution for their people and humanity. We demand that the US stops its hostility towards the Bolivarian Government and revolution with immediate effect. The people of Venezuela have chosen the socialist system and the US must accept this whether it likes it or not. It must cease its neo-colonial hegemony and counterrevolutionary activities against the democratically elected government of Venezuela. The US must stop sabotaging the economy of the country and imposing all sorts of threats and sanctions against its leaders. It must stop its dirty propaganda and interfering with the internal affairs of Venezuela.
To justify its hostile activities against the Bolivarian government in order to sabotage and isolate it from the international community and to continue supporting counterrevolution in the country, the Obama administration issued an Executive Order declaring that Venezuela is a threat to the United States. The executive order is not only a big lie and epitome of injustice to a United Nation fellow member country, but is also illogical and deliberate propaganda aimed against the progressive government of Maduro. KVFSC is full conscious of the fact that Venezuela is neither a threat to US nor can it be. It also does not serve Venezuela’s interests to cause any threats to the US or any other country. The only interest Venezuela has and that should not be a threat to the US is the demand of the recognition of Venezuela’s right to freedom, independence and national sovereignty. We therefore demand that Obama removes forthwith the hostile executive order against Venezuela.
    While expressing our solidarity with Venezuela, KVFSC is aware that US imperialism that has remained bitter about the anti-imperialist and progressive gains made by Latin America in recent history is now on the offensive in trying to destroy the gains and return the continent to the colonial and neocolonial era. We therefore take this opportunity to also express our solidarity with progressive governments of Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua, political parties and social movements in all countries of Latin America that are also fighting to defend themselves from the counterrevolutionary offensive of imperialists and their puppets inside the countries.
Long live the Bolivarian Republic and Revolution of Venezuela!
Long Live President Nicolas Maduro and the Government of Venezuela!
Long live revolutionary and progressive Governments, parties and movements of Latin America!
Long live anti-imperialist solidarity!
Long live socialism and socialist internationalism!
Mwandawiro Mghanga (Chairperson KVSFS)