* Comment and Analysis: The Rise, Fall and Insurrection of Nationalism in Africa
* Conflict and Emergencies: Questions over Kgame’s role in genocide
* Human Rights: UN rights commission told to adapt or die
* Refugees and Forced Migration: African refugee working group set up
* Women and Gender: News on International Women’s Day
* Elections and Governance: Campaign for Democratic Angola launched
South Africa: (Un) more

The Argument

We have become so used to the rhetoric of the “global village” that talking about African nationalism sounds anachronistic and outdated. But that is exactly what I wish to address. In this paper, I will explore the “National Question” in Africa and its erstwhile expression, nationalism, in three sections. First, I will discuss the rise of post-Second World War nationalism and its true essence, if you like. Then, I will address the debunking of nationalism in the post-cold more

The 20th March 2004 will mark a year since the United States of America and its allies declared war on Iraq. Hundreds of thousands of people all over the world will be demonstrating on this day against the continued exploitation and harassment of peoples by the United States of America and big corporations, in whose interests the USA works. In Johannesburg, the Anti-War Coalition (AWC) will be joining masses of people across the world by holding a march against wars and occupations and a " more

Dear sisters,
Happy International Women's Day to you. The 8th of March is meant to be a day to celebrate how far we have come as women worldwide. But for us North of your border, we have no cause to celebrate. I am writing this letter to talk to you, woman to woman. I believe in other women. I don't buy into the now oft heard refrain that "women don't support one another". I celebrate your presence in the highest offices of your land, and I want to continue to have faith in other more

When the World Social Forum took place in India during January, Kenyan activists who attended the event pledged to highlight their country's housing crisis. This issue has hit the headlines again now, with the planned demolition of buildings in one of Nairobi's poorest areas. Since last December, authorities have been pulling down structures built along railway and power lines, on the grounds that this property was illegally allocated for development. Some of the first structures to go were more