PAMBAZUKA NEWS 201: Zimbabwe: Elections, despondency and civil society's responsibility

Zanu PF swept to victory in the March 31 Zimbabwe elections, consolidating the power of long-term president Robert Mugabe with a two-thirds majority that will enable him to change the constitution. Amidst allegations of vote-rigging and debates over the free and fair nature of the poll, Patrick Bond and David Moore explain what happened and why it matters, while at the same time spelling out the terrain for future solidarity efforts.

The official results of Zimbabwe's March 31 more

Available by clicking the weblink below, you can find the following
1. Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights report on the elections
2. Idasa statement on the elections
3. Zimbabwe Election Support Network statement on the elections
4. Sokwanele comment: What happened on Thursday?
5. A petition for Lovemore Madhuku & Lovemore Matombo
6. Sokwanele comment: Military crackdown
7. Links to websites on Zimbabwe

‘You are not African because you are born in Africa but you are an African because Africa is born in you”


The African Union made history on the 29th of March 2005 as it launched the interim Economic, Social and Cultural Council (ECOSOCC) in Addis Abba, Ethiopia. ECOSOCC is an advisory organ of the Union consisting of a variety of civil society groups from member states; these included professional groups, non-governmental organization, social groups, community more

Pope John Paul II was much loved in Africa and traveled widely on the continent. But the outpouring of grief at his death should not eclipse the way in which the Catholic Church dealt with the genocide in Rwanda and its position on the the use of condoms in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

"He stood for truth and promoted respect for human dignity by speaking against social injustice in the world," wrote a contributor from Zambia. "He always said nothing but the truth and he was fighting more

'I am glad they have banned it.' So said a colleague who walked into my office the day after the news of the play’s banning by the Media Council.

‘Why?’ I asked her very quietly.

‘Because now we can clearly see what we are up against. How dare you women celebrate your womanhood, condemn sexual oppression, and the abuse of women’s bodies. And you not only dare to do this, but in public also? What? You look at it from their point of view. Don’t you know that your vaginas are more