PAMBAZUKA NEWS 201: Zimbabwe: Elections, despondency and civil society's responsibility

"Make every mother and child count" is the slogan of World Health Day 2005. This year's World Health Report calls for a new momentum to address and improve maternal, neonatal and child health. Every year 10 million children die, 4 million of these in the first four weeks of life (the neonatal period). Yet, simple cost-effective interventions exist which could save up to 3 million of these newborns. These interventions are explored in a new Key Issues page on maternal, newborn and child more

A brilliant journal for serious thinkers. I heartily salute all who contribute to this magnificent journal. We must all do whatever we can to sustain this marvellous journal of discussion, debate, reflection and action.

We are a Somali local organization called Somali Human Rights Action working in a central zone of Somalia. As a human rights organization for the last three years, we feel the need to say so much thanks for your continued support in knowledge and all that you have been to us. You have been so helpful to our growth, we express our heart-felt gratitude to you all. I also take the opportunity to all who have made us grow through you.

Pambazuka News has received a number of responses to recent articles that we have carried about Zimbabwe. Two of these are reproduced here and below them are responses from two of the authors of recent articles.

Anti-Mugabe, pro-white supremacy
Simon Hinds, London

Why did so many liberals forge an alliance with imperialists when faced with black self-determination in Zimbabwe? Even liberal 'ownership' of human rights was a weapon of attack when black people said 'we want more

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