PAMBAZUKA NEWS 209: IMF - New tool for bag of tricks

Are you enthusiastic, energetic and capable of innovative and creative thinking around the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs)? Fahamu is looking for a recruit to work on our use of SMS and other new technologies to support social justice campaigns in the Africa region.

Answering to the News and Information Coordinator, you will:

- Liaise with campaign partners;
- Develop a database of mobile phone numbers;
- Assist in managing an SMS alert more

Join the call for debt cancellation! SMS ‘No to Debt' with your name and surname to

+27 82 904 3425

Your message will be used to demonstrate overwhelming support for debt cancellation.

You can also subscribe to a free SMS alert service on the GCAP campaign by sending a message with the word ‘subscribe’ and ‘your name and surname’ to:

+27 82 904 3425

Or, sending an email to [email protected] with ' more

One of the things that the disability movement has done successfully in the UK and in many other countries has been to put an end to the patronising, paternalistic approach that presents them as victims and objects of pity. On one disability rights website, I came across the wonderful slogan ‘Never about us Without us’. That should be the rallying cry of the African mobilisation for the Global Call to Action against Poverty (GCAP- Africa) that was launched recently at a meeting attended by more

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In the sugar-dominated economy of Mauritius, workers demanded from their bosses that they be allowed to plant vegetables in between rows of sugar cane, the beginning of a broader campaign to convert land under sugar to land for food production and thus develop an alternative economic system. In the context of rampant neo-liberalism, how can alternatives be constructed and what are the strategies and methods that can be adopted? A recent conference entitled ‘Economic Alternatives to more