Pambazuka News 269: Ivory Coast: Dynamics of mediation

Ivory Coast's government has resigned after toxic waste dumped around the main city Abidjan killed three people, made 1,500 ill and triggered street protests. Interim Prime Minister Charles Konan Banny offered the resignation of his cabinet to President Laurent Gbagbo during an emergency meeting in the political capital Yamoussoukro which had been meant to work out a response to the crisis.

The International Rescue Committee seeks a Health Coordinator for its Cote d’Ivoire program, based 50% in Tabou and 50% in Man. The Health Coordinator will be initially based in Tabou and will be responsible to conduct the fazing out strategy put in place by his/her predecessor for Tabou.

The Transition Generation summit will bring together students and young professionals from across the world. The workshops will examine unique responsibilities of the "transition generation" and the opportunities for young leaders to fulfill these responsibilities through innovative global leadership and social entrepreneurship.

The Congress regularly attracts over 750 participants from 55 countries worldwide, and with more than 45% of attendees holding senior-level positions at CEO/Director level, the opportunity for peer-to-peer networking is unparalleled.

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development Report for 2006 urges countries of the South to implement more autonomous policies, and to further strengthen the global partnership for development to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). In proposing discussion of proactive industrial policies and government support for some economic sectors, "we are not recommending any anti-trade stands," said UNCTAD officials.