Pambazuka News 269: Ivory Coast: Dynamics of mediation

This Oxfam briefing argues that the world's emergency response to food crises requires an overhaul in order to deliver prompt, equitable, and effective assistance to people suffering from lack of food. It also argues that governments need to tackle the root causes of hunger, which include poverty, agricultural mismanagement, conflict, unfair trade rules, and the unprecedented problems of HIV/AIDS and climate change.

Aimed at policy-makers, this paper tackles the issue of Dutch Disease - that is, the theory that aid flows will lead to an appreciation of the real exchange rate which can slow the growth of a country's exports- and that aid increases might thereby harm a country's long-term growth prospects.

Position available with Mango Tree, a private business and non-profit organization based in Uganda. Duties: Leadership, strategic direction and planning for the business with a 3-4 year outlook; promoting and developing senior client relationships; fiscal sustainability; building a culture of excellence. Qualifications: MBA or equivalent experience, degree, 5+ years in senior management role, 2+ years of overseas development experience, preferably in East Africa.

The South African National Editors' Forum (Sanef) is planning public protests to stop the controversial Film and Publications Amendment Bill from going ahead. "It's the bill that should be banned, not the media," said Sanef chairperson Ferial Haffajee in a statement released after the organisation met in Grahamstown.

Lesotho, the tiny mountain kingdom, punches above its weight. This is not reflected in a bossy attitude; rather it has done what is seldom expected of relatively weak African states — it has tackled corruption in the multibillion rand Lesotho Highlands Water Scheme head on, prosecuting corrupt officials and bribe-paying corporations.