Pambazuka News 269: Ivory Coast: Dynamics of mediation

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation this week announced it will partner with the Rockefeller Foundation to combat poverty, beginning with a combined $150 million donation to improve agricultural schemes in Africa. The announcement comes as part of a proposed "green revolution" for Africa similar to the one funded by the Rockefeller and Ford foundations in Latin America and Asia beginning in the 1940s.

China had plans to finance the construction of a third hydro-electric dam, said the Guinean energy minister. Thierno Habib Diallo said that the 500mW hydro-electric dam with an estimated price tag of $609mn would be built at Soapil, on a Konkour River tributary, in the Lower Guinea Kindia Prefecture. Diallo said a Chinese team would shortly arrive in Conakry to look into the feasibility studies of the project.

Follow the link for a message in solidarity with communities in the Niger Delta region, submitted at a public forum organised by ERA in collaboration with TWN Africa.

The State of the Right to Education Worldwide / Free or Fee: 2006 Global Report
This report recently published and written by Katarina Tomasevski will "make you angry" says the author. "It reveals how ill fares the right to education today. Globally, it is denied despite pretty United Nations’ rhetoric on human rights mainstreaming and rights-based development.

The second Gender and Media summit closed in Johannesburg Friday (September 9) with a call for greater media diversity in all areas - ownership, content and audiences. Held under the theme "Media Diversity: Good for Democracy, good for business" the summit highlighted a number of ways in which the media is failing in one of its core functions - giving voice to the voiceless.