Pambazuka News 269: Ivory Coast: Dynamics of mediation

The leader of the rebel LRA, Joseph Kony, and his deputy, Vincent Otti, have moved out of their hideout in DR Congo's Garamba National Park and camped close to Rii-Kwangba assembling point, the Chief Mediator, Dr Riek Machar has said.

Angola`s Minister of Social Welfare João Baptista Kussumua has called on international donors and partners to redouble efforts for the success of the voluntary and organised repatriation of 15,000 out of the 20,000 Angolan refugees living in neighbouring Zambia.

A new Human Rights Watch Report documents how Libyan authorities have arbitrarily arrested undocumented foreigners, mistreated them in detention, and forcibly returned them to countries where they could face persecution or torture, such as Eritrea and Somalia.

Apainyassi is Senegalese. Yet, he says he plans to cast a vote in The Gambia's presidential elections later this month - in fact, he's already been issued with a voter card. Apainyassi, who doesn't want to give his full name, says he feels a greater affinity for his adoptive home and sees no reason why he shouldn't vote in the election.

The international working group charged with overseeing a United Nations blueprint for peace have recommended the power balance in war-divided Cote d’Ivoire be reassessed when that arrangement comes up for review later this month.