Pambazuka News 273: Wole Soyinka speaks out on Darfur

In this second podcast in our series on trade justice, Pambazuka News spoke to environmental activist Marcelo Calazans in Brazil on the day a Quilombola community reclaimed land from a destructive monoculture eucalyptus plantation. The Quilombolas are the descendants of slaves brought by the Portuguese from Angola and Congo. For more information on monoculture eucalyptus and Quilombolas check the Alert Against the Green Desert Movement website

This week, Tajudeen Adbul-Raheem explains his many reasons for giving up smoking. This is a podcast of Tajudeen's popular article published in Pambazuka News.

50th Anniversary of the First International Congress of Black Writers and Artists MOTION ON THE DARFUR CRISIS Presented by Professor Wole Soyinka, President of the Communauté Africaine de culture

We deplore and condemn in the strongest terms the conduct of the Janjaweed units of sectarian terrorism against the African indigenes of Darfur and demand international intervention through the authority of the United Nations without delay.

We welcome the decision of the Africa Union more

FEATURE: Wole Soyinka sounds an urgent warning bell against criminal silence on Darfur
- Assis Malaquias suggests that it is premature to suggest that positive peace is a reality in Cabinda
- Manuel Paulo points out that for a successful consolidation of long-term sustainable peace to exist in Angola, the economy would need to be diversified first.
- Kwanisai Mafa and Netfa Freeman caution that all Africans at home and in the diaspora must unite more

This article is a response to an article (entitled “The Anatomy of Zimbabwe’s Problems ( by Maggie Makanza that we published last month. Kwanisai Mafa and Netfa Freeman caution “…all Africans at home and in the Diaspora are to unite against real live enemies and beware of any diagnoses with a psychosis of denial that neglects the most pertinent aspects our anatomical problems.” more