Pambazuka News 288: World Social Forum 2007

We had hoped to send out several issues of Pambazuka News during the World Social Forum. However, it turned out that this was more ambitous than we had imagined, both because of the difficulties of getting access to the internet and because of Pambazuka News staff were tied up with producing podcasts. To make matters worse, there were problems with internet connections during the day yesterday in Cape Town as well as in Nairobi, so we have to apologise for the late delivery of this weeks more

Mandisi Majavu, who has been Pambazuka News Online News Editor for the last six months, has won a scholarship to study a two-year Masters Degree in Psychology starting from next year February. This is an opportunity of a life-time for Mandisi, and it was with reluctance that he resigned from his position. We are delighted to inform you that Sokari Ekine has taken over as Online News Editor as of this week. Sokari will be known to many of you both as the founder of the award-winning Black more

Africa’s Foreign Ministers meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, are today expected to agree on a draft charter setting out new benchmarks on democracy, good governance and respect for fundamental rights and freedoms. The draft charter outlines measures required to entrench these values and hence foster democracy and the rule of law in Africa. The charter sets out a new threshold against which Africa’s governments can be judged through existing mechanisms which regularly audit their performance more

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The World Social Forum, which took place in Nairobi, Kenya for the first time in Africa, was supposed to be a forum for the voices of the grassroots. But Firoze Manji writes that, despite the diversity of voices at the event, not everyone was equally represented.

As one would expect, WSF was highly heterogeneous. There was a lot going on. At one level no one can deny the diversity of people from all parts of the world. WSF seemingly reflected the heterogeneity of civil society more