Pambazuka News 351: International Women's Day: African women speak out Akatsa-Bukachi, executive director of the Eastern African sub Regional Support Initiative for Advancement of Women (EASSI), Solome Nakaweesi-Kimbugwe, executive director of Akina Mama wa Afrika and Patricia Munabi Babiiha, executive director of the Forum for Women in Democracy (FOWODE) speak to Firoze Manji more

This isssue of Pambazuka News has been compiled with the assistance of Muthoni Murithi on behalf of the pan African coalition Solidarity for African Women's Rights (SOAWR) to mark International Women's Day.

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The East African sub-regional women's collective calls for a comprehensive peace plan that is cognizant of how violence affects women.

We, members of the regional women’s voices for peace initiative from Burundi, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Somalia, Tanzania and Uganda gathered here in Nairobi on the 15th February 2008 bring women’s voices and solidarity messages to the people of Kenya. We take cognizance of the exceptional suffering that has been meted out on the most vulnerable more

The recently concluded SOAWR pre-summit meeting reflects on the achievements to date and charts a way forward

The SOAWR Review and Agenda Setting Meeting was held at the United Nations Conference Centre, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on 22 - 24 January 2008 on the theme: Building an Accountable African Union: Perspectives of the African Women’s Movement. The meeting reflected on the national and continental campaign experiences on the rights more

Una Kumba Thompson talks about the special challenges facing Liberian women and calls for greater solidarity amongst African women.

For over two years Africa and the world has seen and witnessed the rise and fall of Liberia. Starting from the 1800s with the arrival of free slaves to the shores of West Africa, leading to the declaration and independence of Liberia in July 26, 1847.
Since that time, Liberia has served as a beacon of hope for Africa, until 1980 when this “ more