Pambazuka News 372: Seeing Zimbabwe in context

Mawuli has just hit the nail on the head in his article . I'm a TV talk show hostess billed to discuss women involvement in this year's elections on my talk shows, but I'm very heart broken. Heart broken because our men are just fighting to get the few women in parliament out. The parties are now on their primaries and eliminating those few women (about 22). How can we progress as a nation with this behaviour? God help our nation!

Regarding : please create a petition on one of the popular petition sites to facilitate a louder voice than a few emails; This issue applies to many civil war torn countries and should be made public to the widest public to get the support it deserves.

is one of the best articles. This is reality and should be considered as it is very informative. Thanks to the author!

It seems, SACP did not yet get corrupted by power, could resist stalinification and never got subjugated . Correct historical analysis (like this article) does not get supressed. The deputy general secretary of SAPC speakes out against ZANUfication of South Africa and pulls its hypocrite and powerfull protectors into focus. YCL and COSATU seem to be the South African hope for democracy and solidatity. I salute to all these people of sincerity and human dignity. that Mugabe has been "talking left" while "walking right" Grace Kwinjeh analyses Zimbabwe through regional, African and global capitalism.

The post election crisis in Zimbabwe and the SADC region is a manifestation of much deeper, complex issues to do with global capitalism more