Pambazuka News 396: Darfur, the ICC and the new humanitarian order

Hommage à Muhammad Ali - Quel panafricanisme demain is organizing a workshop for writers of inspirational material, however broadly this can be defined. We know there are many of you with powerful, life-changing experiences to share, but may need the structure and know-how we can provide to get the story down. These stories must be presented in an more

The Centre for Rights Education and Awareness (CREAW) is a non-governmental, non-partisan, membership organization whose Mission is to transform society by empowering women and expanding new frontiers for women’s rights and freedoms. Our Vision is to realise a just and free society in which women and men have, exercise and enjoy equal and full rights and opportunities. We are seeking the services of a researcher. Appliction deadline: 26 September 2008.

EU foreign ministers decided on Monday (15 September) to maintain sanctions against Zimbabwe in place, despite Robert Mugabe, the country's president for almost three decades, agreeing to share power with his political rivals. According to EU foreign ministers' statement, the EU "will study the details of the agreement and will be attentive to its implementation, which will mean immediate cessation of all forms of intimidation and violence." in Uganda, whose contribution to global warming has been minuscule, are feeling the impacts of climate change first and worst. On the one hand there is more erratic rainfall in the March to June rainy season, bringing drought and reductions in crop yields and plant varieties; on more