Pambazuka News 777: One struggle, many fronts: Achieving African liberation

Pambazuka News 777: One struggle, many fronts: Achieving African liberation
Tim Gander

Inspired by the victories of the past, a new generation of freedom fighters is rising to carry on the struggle for liberation of the Pan-African world from the stranglehold of capitalism. A new rallying call is going out against the destruction of black lives. As the eminent Pan-Africanist Tajudeen Abdul Raheem used to say, there is always something to be done.


The problem in Mozambique is the winner-takes-all politics. If it is possible even to imagine that the president can be from the ruling party FRELIMO and the provincial governors from other parties and vice-versa; if it is accepted that national unity is not necessarily the same as national homogeneity; if the armed opposition RENAMO’s social base is allocated its share of national resources, and the situation of the majority of Mozambicans improves, the country’s conflict will be more


Kenya’s decision to close down refugee camps hosting hundreds of thousands of people from neighbouring countries is ill advised as it violates international law. What is more, the move will not solve the security challenge posed by Al Shabaab militants. Forcefully returning the refugees to Somalia will aid recruitment into terrorist ranks.

IB Times

What is required is a non-sectarian political party of the working class that could go beyond unionism to defend the aspirations of the entire social class, not only those few with full-time employment. So, the leftists ought to clearly distinguish between unionism and activism if the working class is going to become a class-for-itself.