Speaking truth to power: Rwanda, Congo, Ethiopia and South Africa

Speaking truth to power: Rwanda, Congo, Ethiopia and South Africa

People of goodwill throughout the world should support the Congolese people to demand that President Kabila ceases attacks against the people and respects the Congolese constitution. The world has watched the Kabila regime jail innocent youth, drive others into exile, violently repress dissent and undertake a military build up to go to war against the unarmed population as he clings to power.


About two weeks ago, there were dramatic scenes of joy and relief in Nigeria when the government handed over 21 schoolgirls to their parents after their captors, the militant group Boko Haram, released them. Chika Ezeanya-Esiobu reconstructs the event in this piece of fiction.

Rob Pinney

Many young people from Africa are risking their lives making perilous journeys to the West in search of greener pastures. The cause of this is to be found in the failure of African governments to offer opportunities to young people to realize their dreams. Africa is not poor; its children do not need to die in international waters looking for a better life.


A government edict under the current state of emergency prohibits the dissemination through internet, text message, or social media any message deemed to "incite violence." Communication with "foreign elements" or watching the diaspora-based TV stations Oromo Media Network and Ethiopia Satellite Television is also prohibited.